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Hidden Feedback?



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After the buyer accepts your delivery they are prompted to leave a review. This is the review that gets shown on your profile and gig pages. However a short time later, Fiverr will also ask the buyer for more feedback. This feedback is private. Neither you, or other buyers can see this information.

Perhaps a buyer will have feelings about the service that they didn't want to mention on a public review and so Fiverr wants to try and understand this information.

Nobody knows for sure how this private review affects your account but it is safe to assume that an order with a 5* Public review and a negative private review will be seen as less favourable than an order with a 5* public review and a positive private review.

So how can you improve this? Provide great service and create work that your buyers love! Do NOT ask your buyers to leave you a good review, or even hint about it. Because you can not see this review, there really isn't much point worrying about it anymore than your public reviews.

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