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  1. If we censor everything we say, to keep from offending others, we will reach a point where there will no longer be conversation, healthy debate, sharing of ideas, thoughts, concepts, etc. That will create a lonely planet, not a safe one.
  2. I just cancelled my Seller Plus subscription today. I've completed almost 900 orders in the time I've been here but the program did not increase either my impressions or sales. However, I did learn a great deal working with a Success Sales Manager who helped me look at the way my gigs were written and presented in a different way. He helped me fine tune them and essentially clean them up to look and sound more professional. That made the Seller Plus program very valuable to me. Otherwise, since there is probably the greatest competition in my Fiverr category (content writing) I'm just buried under everyone else and just don't stand out. I need to acquire new, unique skills in another field that may get me some business. If you are still new, Seller Plus may be a huge benefit to you.
  3. After several weeks in the Seller Plus program and not seeing an increase in impressions (averaging less than ten per day), or orders (maybe one a month), I've decided to take a time out from the program. There is no one, or nothing to blame. My Fiverr skills just happen to be probably the most common ones found on the platform (content writing) and I just don't stand out, regardless of what I do to try to improve that. With that said, I still believe the Seller Plus program has value, but not for me at this time. I'll still check in every so often on the forum, so I'll still be around, just not so much. Until next time...
  4. I've had two Zoom meetings and exchanged two emails with my Seller Plus Success Manager. Each time, I've learned something new and have followed the suggestions on optimizing my gigs. I've changed keywords, thumbnails, gig descriptions, pricing, etc. I'm still seeing less than 20 impressions daily on any of my gigs. Usually they don't get past double digits. I'm using logic here, if your gig is virtually invisable, you aren't going to get many (if any) orders. Oh, well.
  5. Yah, since joining the Seller Plus program, I get additional analytics that show performance stats. Essentially, it breaks down daily impressions and daily clicks. It shows trends and stuff like that. I am like you, I'll check my numbers daily where as before I joined SP, it didn't seem to matter as I wasn't trying to get steady business here as I was busy with other sources.
  6. So... I have optimized my gigs. I've added some new ones. I've tweaked keywords and other stuff. While I'm still seeing barely any impressions (ranging from 5 to 20 per gig, per day) I am getting a lot of clicks. Still not seeing the conversions, but I'm encouraged by the high percentage of clicks (18 out of 1,013 impressions over the last 7 day period). For me, those are good stats compared to what I've been getting in the past. Are you seeing an increase in impressions, clicks, and conversions over the past few months?
  7. Aside from two regular clients, I see nothing and it's been like this for months. I get probably two or three orders in a good month now. It used to be 20+ per month.
  8. Thanks for catching that! I plan to do some tweaking later today. That gig was going to be one of them. I appreciate your observation. Thanks, again!
  9. I've optimized my gigs. I've created new gigs. I'm just not seeing impressions. When I do see impressions, they rarely get into the double digits. I do get quite a few clicks, but no conversions. I've lowered my prices TWICE thinking that may do the trick and still I'm not getting anything. Is Fiverr oversaturated to the point where Level Two Sellers are not going to see much success now? I'm frustrated. I used to have to go "out of office" because of the work volume.
  10. You are far from alone. I've completed almost 900 jobs on Fiverr over the past several years and I'm lucky if I get a job once or twice a month now. That's just the way things are for a lot of us on this platform. Keep promoting your services and don't quit your day job as it may be the best job you've ever had, even if it doesn't seem that way today. Good luck.
  11. Like I said, great fodder for a resume. Good for you, regardless of what I think.
  12. Trick question. I treat EVERY one of my clients as if they were the most famous, best client in the world. Even the bad ones. I think (and I come from the retail world) when you start to categorize clients related to their fame or fortune, you start to forget why you are in business. You are supposed to provide a service and treat every customer fairly with respect so that they walk away feeling as if they had the best experience in their lives. Doing this generates new business (people talk), repeat business (they like you and want more), and loyalty. So...I don't care who is my most famous or richest client is. I just want to make them happy, even if they are cranky or a pain in the butt. Just my take on the situation. It is cool that you've worked with some big labels. That's good stuff for a resume, but that's about it.
  13. looseink


    I spent most of the several years I've been on Fiverr at Level Two. I got sick and eventually dropped down to New Seller (a cancellation added to that drop). I'm now about to get back to Level Two this week. I'm not too concerned about it. Sure, it sucks, but it is the system Fiverr has designed and when you consider the access to buyers that you get here for virtually free (not counting the commission Fiverr earns off of each of us), having to put up with level drops is really not that big a deal. It's the way the platform is designed and either you accept it or you don't. It's their rules and I think they're fair.
  14. Hmmm. I've completed almost 900 jobs here on Fiverr over several years. I got sick and stepped away for a couple of years and had steady off-platform work coming to me via my web content writing business I launched 9 years ago. With AI, I have seen a painful dip in business but it seems to be coming back slowly. I hope to re-build my Fiverr career to "fill in the gaps" between my other writing contracts. In other words, Fiverr is one of many streams of income for me and I see it as nothing more than a part-time opportunity. When I combine that with my other "part-time opportunities" it adds up nicely.
  15. I'm about to return to being a Level 2 Seller, a position I held for many years here on Fiverr. I'm just curious, do you think that a Level 1 Seller would get more impressions than a New Seller? If so, that would mean that a Level 2 Seller should see more impressions than a Level 1 Seller, right? The same train of thought would say that a TRS would see more impressions than a Level 2 Seller. I'm just thinking aloud here that although my impression/click numbers have gone up on average from where they were when I was still at the New Seller level two months ago (I had a couple of cancellations that bumped me down the ladder) I would imagine that trend to continue and improve when I hit Level 2 status this week. My thinking is that the Fiverr algorithm would promote higher level sellers a bit more than those that are either New Sellers or Level One. Does that seem logical?
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