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  1. The Order Completion rate that is shown on your dashboard is the rate over the course of the past 60 days. So if you don’t complete an order then this will have an impact on the average over the next 60 days.
  2. Nobody knows for sure exactly how it is measured but it is safe to assume that every potential buyer who clicks on your gig in the search result will add a click to your stats. If your click-through rate is low compared to your impressions then buyers are likely not interested in your gig compared to others they see in the search results. A low click rate isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. I have a relatively low click rate but a very high conversion rate from clicks to sales. It could mean that your gig is in a specific niche or price point that most buyers are not interested in. All that aside though, i really think people should stop putting so much importance on the statistics, especially as nobody knows for certain how to “beat the algorithm”. The most important thing is the quality of your gigs and the services you provide.
  3. If you have everything you need you can deliver the project. Then if they request revisions when they come back on Tuesday you can request an extension if there is no time. But as far as I’m aware, as long as the actual delivery was on time then it is okay.
  4. On the right side of the order page it will say the following: Click on this and put a request for an extension through. Bear in mind the extension is from the time that you request it, not from when it is accepted. So a 3 day extension that I request today but is accepted in 2 days will mean that I still have 3 days from today.
  5. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but it seems like your account got suspended for talking outside of Fiverr. That’s against TOS, and also likely means you have already been given warnings for breaking TOS before. I don’t see how that’s unfair. If you feel like you were unfairly suspended or banned then contact CS politely asking for clarification on the issue and see if you can resolve it.
  6. I always get these buyers. Is there any possible manner that I can share my portfolio ? without violating TOS I think there is a list of approved sites that you can link to in the TOS but I prefer to keep everything on the Fiverr site just to be sure. So I created a small PDF document with some of my recent work that I send to buyers if they want to see my portfolio
  7. I think the main thing it comes down to is buyers who trust me and are fair. Buyers who communicate in a polite manner but at the same time will give direct and pragmatic feedback are great. I find it much easier to work with buyers who are honest with their feelings on a project instead of being wishy-washy and unsure. The best buyers are those who understand and see the value in my work and trust my expertise. Fortunately I’m lucky in that the vast majority of my clients have been great.
  8. Nobody can say for sure, but conversion rate may well be a factor that is considered by Fiverr’s algorithms. That being said in the long run, it is still better to refuse work from bad buyers in my opinion.
  9. That doesn’t sound like a massively complicated request but for something like that, I would personally clarify further with the buyer to understand exactly what they are looking for and if it is something I can do for them. If I couldn’t work out the style they were looking for then I would probably ask the buyer for some reference images to show the exact style and avoid misunderstandings.
  10. Oh you gotta love those. I usually respond to that saying “yes it is easy for me because it took me 10 years to get to a point where I can finish the job in 10 minutes, so you are paying for my skills.” In most cases they work but sometimes not. Block them and move on! 😅 Yep its really difficult to work with a buyer who perceives the value of the work so differently to you. If they massively lowball me I just politely decline and suggest they look for somebody cheaper.
  11. A lot of sellers come to the forum with problems and the situations are often due to bad buyers. I am by no means an expert seller but through Fiverr and clients offline I have noticed there are some different red flags and buyers you should avoid. Some of these are more relevant to my field of graphic design or business outside of Fiverr but all of it should help you generally. The TOS Breaker This one is specific to Fiverr and should be obvious. If a buyer suggests talking off the platform, paying outside of Fiverr, or paying after the work is done then stop… I know new sellers can be eager to get sales, but another buyer will come. Just report them, block and move on. The Discount Asker Generally I recommend avoiding buyers who ask for a discount. I think negotiating a price and coming to an agreement is fine, but if a buyer repeatedly or rudely asks to lower your prices then they are saying your work isn’t worth what you price it at. I rarely give discounts and only for loyal customers, buyers purchasing multiple projects or items, or for projects I’m personally very interested in. For example one of my repeat clients outside of Fiverr receives a discount because they’ve been a stable and loyal client for over a year now. That relationship, the guarantee of multiple projects a month and paying for multiple projects at a time is worth the discounted rate for me. They didn’t ask for the discount. The Rude Buyer If they are rude, insult you or insult your work then avoid them. There is a big difference between criticism and insults. If they use phrases such as “are you serious”, “this sucks”, “your work is terrible”, “you aren’t creative” etc. then don’t work with them if possible. That being said, if you are working with a rude client, don’t bring yourself down to their level; reply clearly and kindly even though you may feel otherwise on the inside. The Bad Communicator If a buyer’s language skills aren’t good enough or they can’t effectively explain their brief in a manner that you can understand then it’s probably best to avoid them. These buyers can be more difficult in the long run if you decide to work with them and it takes multiple revisions to get what they want. The Doubter / Prove Yourself Buyer These buyers will question the quality of your work before ordering or question your abilities. Even if they aren’t rude it is probably best to avoid. If a buyer doesn’t think my work is good quality then even if I put 100% into the project then there is a high chance they won’t be satisfied, wasting the time of both of us. This can be even worse with the “prove yourself” buyer. These people will ask you to prove your skills or quality, often asking for free samples or extras. Avoid these buyers. That being said, it’s completely fine for a buyer to ask to see a portfolio. Asking for unlimited revisions This is more relevant on Fiverr. If a buyer asks for unlimited revisions that is an immediate red flag. You will have no leg to stand on if the buyer wastes your time and keeps requesting revisions. The "Expert" This buyer is one of my most disliked. In the graphic design field it seems like these are common. These buyers will state how much of an expert they are and how easy the job is. They might say “this job is super easy, why do you charge so much?” or “why is it taking so long, I know how long this work takes…”. They can often become micromanagers for the project. If a buyer says that the job is “very easy” then I am often cautious about it. The Price Analyst This is less common on Fiverr but can still be a frustrating experience. These buyers might ask you to break down your price or ask how many hours it will take you to determine your hourly rate. I’ve had buyers ask how many hours a logo project would take as they didn’t want to pay somebody more than $15 an hour. I told them that they would be punishing experts and efficient workers who could deliver better quality work in less time. These buyers will often try and get you to lower your prices. Normally I flat out refuse to tell buyers my hourly rate as that’s not how I work. Fortunately this is rare on Fiverr. (Note this is different to buyers asking how long it will take to complete the project, I’m specifically talking about customers who want to break down the price) The Unreasonable Buyer These buyers are anyone who doesn’t respect your boundaries, your input or has unreasonable expectations from you. For example: “I need this done in 2 days” for a 2 week project or “I have a budget of $25” for a project that is worth over $400 The Exposure Buyer These buyers will promise exposure or future work in order to get you to provide a discount or extras. I avoid any buyer who promises me that the work I do will give me amazing exposure to other businesses and future sales. Similarly if they promise to return back for future work be cautious. These are just some situations and of course there is always nuance. You should try to be positive and make sales, but also don’t be afraid to stand your ground or to say NO to a bad buyer. I’d love to hear if there are any other buyers or red flags that you guys have experienced.
  12. Have you created any other accounts? if you haven’t and you haven’t received any warnings then just wait for CS to review your account.
  13. Don’t create a new account, Fiverr’s TOS states that you shouldn’t have multiple accounts. Secondly as catwriter rightly said: There are a few reasons I can see why your gig might not be performing as you want it to. Firstly your main gig images are super bright yellow, maybe this is personal preference but I don’t think it looks great and its not easy on the eyes. Similarly your descriptions are very intense. Lots of icons, bold, highlighted text. it makes it harder for customers to quickly see what you offer and what the gig is about. There are also spelling and grammar issues. Then you have your other gig images that don’t really show any good examples of your work. For example on your Woocommerce Wordpress gig you use pictures of a website template, not designed by you that is sold on this site. I could understand if you were showing that you can customise templates for your customers but this is a template designed for Shopify so its not even the correct type for your gig. Just creating a new account and hoping that things will be better is not the correct thing to do here. You need to be the one actively trying to improve your gigs, your service and your skills. At the end of the day, your success comes down to you. Try to improve your gig and good luck!
  14. Nope, I’m a level 2 seller with gigs across a few different categories and there are still times when I don’t get buyer requests or only get a few for some categories. Even when I have 100s of visible buyer requests, I rarely find any that are a good match for me. Like I said above, it can be useful, but you shouldn’t rely on it completely.
  15. No, and as a new seller you are unlikely to get many buyer requests show. Just check the page occasionally throughout the day. Even though Buyer Requests can be a great tool to get sales for new sellers you shouldn’t rely on it completely.
  16. You have just 8 minutes of read time on the forums. Try searching through the forums first before posting as there are hundreds of posts giving you tips. Check out this category for some good posts. Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community Forum There is also the free course on Fiverr learn you can take to learn more about the platform and improve your gigs. Be aware that as well as the good information there is also a lot of “advice” on the forums that is false. See this post for more.
  17. There is nothing anyone on the forum here can do. This is your third warning so you should have already known you were breaking TOS. All you can do know is wait and see if Fiverr will update your account. But from other posts on the forum it seems like if you’ve broken the rules this many times you account gets disabled.
  18. This is a community forum so we can’t help you with your withdrawal but I recommend first checking through the relevant articles on the fiverr help centre and if you still feel there is a problem then contact customer support.
  19. I don’t think there is any way to partially cancel an order. So at this point, I’d go to Fiverr support and see if they can help you.
  20. This means your gig didn’t meet the requirements. You can see the requirements mentioned on the fiverr help centre page here: Fiverr Help and Education Center Edit: To add, my gig was made unavailable for promotion last week, after a few days it became eligible again. I’m assuming it is due to the additional quality metrics Fiverr uses as a reason.
  21. Then it is probably a bug or hasn’t updated for the day. Mine are showing the same today but sometimes it doesn’t update straight away. See if it still says the same tomorrow.
  22. You only have an hour read time on the forums so you can probably get the best advice by looking through the top post instead of posting this post twice. As for your gig there are a few things that could be improved. Firstly your first image is literally just the image of a template available online. I’m not going to say you can’t use templates but at least change the images and customise it to show your skills. GoogleSearch763×665 199 KBSecondly I would change the title and descriptions as there are a few grammar mistakes and odd usage of bold, italics, highlighting and capitalisation. Finally you should definitely remove the unlimited revisions. It’s asking for trouble and there is no way a reasonable buyer would need more than a few for graphic designs.
  23. This is the community forum and as such you shouldn’t be looking for sellers here. But you have a couple of options on the main site. You can search for “Apex Thumbnails” in the search bar to find sellers or you can post a buyer request explaining what work you are looking for and sellers can send you offers.
  24. I’m pretty sure it will just derank you from level 2 to level 1. From there if you don’t meet your requirements the following month it will go back down to showing no rank.
  25. Buyer requests aren’t shown to everyone and sometimes they are only shown at certain times. For me, I didn’t see any buyer requests until I had completed a couple of orders. It is different for everyone and we don’t have any control over it. Just check the buyer requests page occasionally. Also you say you are a new seller so please look through the forums to learn more about the platform and get some useful tips. Currently you only have 3 minutes of read time. You can also check out the free course on Fiverr learn that will teach you the basics of Fiverr and give you some useful advice.
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