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  1. @ajiramadhan13, just in case: are you aware that the buyer can report you for being rude to them, and that you can get an account warning for that? The reason I mention it is this: I understand from your screenshot that you're rich and that Fiverr is just a hobby for you. However, for a bunch of sellers it's their only source of income. If Fiverr bans you for talking to the buyer the way you did, I guess it won't be a big problem for you, but it would be a big problem for many sellers, which is why it's not a good idea to advise them to talk to buyers the way you did, no matter the reason.
  2. That's how Fiverr is designed to work. Buyers can place orders directly whenever they like, they don't have to ask for a custom offer or your permission. The only way to prevent that buyer from ordering again is to block them. You might also want to read Fiverr's Terms of Service and articles in the help section to learn how Fiverr actually works.
  3. And that's why it's pointless to obsess about clicks and impressions, like so many sellers do.
  4. I'd suggest waiting a bit more for the response from the relevant team. Of course, the decision is yours. I think I remember some cases when sellers were reimbursed months after the cancellation. Just keep in mind that every business suffers losses from dishonest clients from time to time; it's not unique to Fiverr. It's the weekend, it's possible that the representative talking to you didn't get a response from whoever she asked, so she can't answer your question yet.
  5. @mariashtelle1knows what it means, she is trying to teach the OP that "knock" is the wrong word to use.
  6. Then it's possible that they've managed to convince CS that the work wasn't done properly, or that it was incomplete.
  7. More orders are never guaranteed. And the OP is talking about not getting orders for 25 days, it's not like they can go back in time to offer an even better service to their old buyers. They're asking what they can do now, while not getting orders. Good luck!
  8. It is normal, yes, but showing that anger doesn't help. When that happened, did you check the client's profile? Were they still on Fiverr? It can say that the order was cancelled by CS when it was actually a chargeback (and when that happens, the buyer's profile gets banned).
  9. If you mean to message old buyers and ask them for work, that's not allowed.
  10. Some sellers got their money from Fiverr even after the client cancelled the order, if the work was properly done. Threatening that you will stop working on Fiverr is unlikely to accomplish anything, though. The CS representative you were talking to can't do anything on their own; they have sent the info to the relevant team, and it's possible that the team doesn't work on weekends.
  11. Has the client placed the order? If yes, and if you deliver work on the order page via the Deliver button, then yes, you'll get paid. However, if the client haven't placed the order, and has just messaged you instead, then you've done the work for free.
  12. How many orders did you get by being online?
  13. Yes, though it's a good idea to ensure that that seller wants you to recommend them. No, it won't.
  14. I get most of my orders when I'm offline. I got my first order when I was offline, too. Being online only matters if the buyer needs something done urgently, so they're looking for sellers who can respond and start working on it immediately. Being online might also matter if you're offering something that way too many sellers are already offering, like background removal or data entry, because in that case, if a buyer sends messages to several sellers, whoever responds first might get the job (as long as their response makes sense and isn't just something like yes i do gret job ordr pliz). Auto refresher can get you in trouble.
  15. A confetti icon, perhaps? That one is cute and fun and shows friendliness.
  16. It's in Tips for Buyers, so perhaps the OP is trying to find out what buyers hate in order not to do it?
  17. Unfortunately, on the new forum, I've seen posts being quickly removed...and then they're back, perhaps on another part of the forum, but the plagiarized content is still there. Which is why I no longer bother to report it.
  18. In addition to what @jonbaas said, you can politely inform the client that Fiverr strongly recommends that sellers never start working until the order is placed.
  19. Most buyers don't even notice whether you did any skill tests.
  20. That would be begging. And unprofessional. And if the buyer reports you, you could get an account warning (not to mention that begging for tips is likely to ensure that that buyer never hires you again, and possibly warns their friends never to hire you, either).
  21. Just copy the link and paste it in the post. Like this: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/374409
  22. The source should be the first one that was published, not every other place where it later appeared. For future reference, if you're going to copy something from the internet, always cite the source within the same post.
  23. This, I think: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/374409 @sonyteam, if you don't cite your source, what you're doing is plagiarism (and nobody in their right mind who sees you doing it will ever order anything from you, because they'd think you'd just sell them stolen goods).
  24. Or, if you don't want to risk that buyer purchasing some other gig of yours, you can put yourself in Out of Office mode until you block them.
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