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  1. Delivering great work in timely manner will give you best SS. remember patience is the main ingredient on fiverr. keep giving the best work!
  2. Hi Dave, many of us do receive such and the best way of dealing it to simply report them. fiverr don't allow outside communication or any handling to make a fair platform for everyone to help and share. It also protect you and your work to work on the fiverr rather to communicate outside. I suggest you to block or report those users and if matter continuous just drop a ticket on fiverr support to resolve the matter. I hope this will help.
  3. here is a cool topic I think we all need to address. On fiverr buyers, there is a option to save later the gig of sellers or they can make it favourite. how cool you guys think is this for gig ranking. how muvh it affects algos? does it really helpful for buyers to save now for later use? how it can be improved for better reach and outcomes. share your thoughts. Regards
  4. keep delivering the best. make the algo notice you with performance
  5. If it doesn't matter then why they are here. I think fiverr should improve this by make it more practical and specific with more good practicing approach that will make client to see the really good talent around.
  6. well! communication is a key. fiverr do provide Zoom meeting options on fiverr to do calls with client. normally I see a lot of non technical clients so If we update our client every week and show him the progress even 5% out of 100 our client will definately be satisfied and more over be confident. lastly, before accepting order and drafting milestones for client this is very important to update client what they will get in each one or else you will face a major conflict on final milestone delviery. Open for suggestions. regards
  7. share as much as you can. post badges add on different blogging sites your share gig social sharing will impact great on marketing your profile. keep spreading best of luck!
  8. appreciated guys @mehboobahmed6821 @timerivers @amzvideopro
  9. strange! please guide guy @Lena@Kesha
  10. Hi guys, I hope all is doing great within their expertise to make a solid community. I have recently came across a feature on fiverr says Briefs. I feel it something new and exciting. can anybody guide me on it. since I am trying to active on the platform. how active we can get the briefs from the buyers. how I get access to it. right now I got no brief but I am very hoping for it to get it asap. anything if I am missing please guide. regards
  11. Have you tried with online status in the preferences ?
  12. I am learning to get the answers of how much does it worth to pass fiverr tests? frankly speaking I tried one and due to non practice just dropped on 50%. so I want to know how to go with it and how much we have to spend time on this to show case our skills and efficiency. Open for suggestions/Improvements
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