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  1. Why would you want to lie that you're available to respond quickly when you're actually sleeping?
  2. When your gig was denied, didn't you receive a message telling you what you did wrong? The usual reasons are offering services that are not allowed, or plagiarism.
  3. I find it difficult to imagine that that kind of service could possibly be legal.
  4. Have you tried looking in Community Rules and Guidelines? 😛 Here:
  5. @newsmike, have you clicked on the link? Their profile description is really... Well, something. (And their self-assessed English level is Fluent...)
  6. Yes, after 90 days. Unless Fiverr decides that they got their funds by dishonest means, and in that case, they won't be allowed to withdraw them. I'd like to know that, too.
  7. You don't have gig videos. On any of your gigs.
  8. That's how Fiverr is designed to work. Buyers can place orders directly whenever they like, they don't have to ask for a custom offer or your permission. The only way to prevent that buyer from ordering again is to block them. You might also want to read Fiverr's Terms of Service and articles in the help section to learn how Fiverr actually works.
  9. And that's why it's pointless to obsess about clicks and impressions, like so many sellers do.
  10. I'd suggest waiting a bit more for the response from the relevant team. Of course, the decision is yours. I think I remember some cases when sellers were reimbursed months after the cancellation. Just keep in mind that every business suffers losses from dishonest clients from time to time; it's not unique to Fiverr. It's the weekend, it's possible that the representative talking to you didn't get a response from whoever she asked, so she can't answer your question yet.
  11. @mariashtelle1knows what it means, she is trying to teach the OP that "knock" is the wrong word to use.
  12. Then it's possible that they've managed to convince CS that the work wasn't done properly, or that it was incomplete.
  13. More orders are never guaranteed. And the OP is talking about not getting orders for 25 days, it's not like they can go back in time to offer an even better service to their old buyers. They're asking what they can do now, while not getting orders. Good luck!
  14. It is normal, yes, but showing that anger doesn't help. When that happened, did you check the client's profile? Were they still on Fiverr? It can say that the order was cancelled by CS when it was actually a chargeback (and when that happens, the buyer's profile gets banned).
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