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  1. I think it’s a good thing as it affects only for the next 60 days, not indefinitely (if it were, that’d be really bad!)
  2. As said previously by others it’s based on the last 60 days. So need to consider the last 60 days for the calculation: (no. of orders within last 60 days - no. of orders cancelled within last 60 days) / (no. of orders within last 60 days) x 100 The fluctuating percentage is due to the number of orders changing due to time period. Also, not getting new orders will cause the fluctuation. In your case: total no. of orders = 10 (10-1)/10 x 100 = 90% The fluctuation is because: If no new orders, no. of orders will be 9 after the time period of 60 days passes from your first order. Hence, total no. of orders = 9 (9-1)/9 x 100 = 88.9 = 89% Similarly, no. of orders = 7 (7-1)/7 x 100 = 85.7 = 86% Hope this helps
  3. Yes, the math figures. Thanks for simplifying it. However, it is correct based on orders completed. Hence this metric is quite significant to gig placement as hypothesized. It has more value than I previously thought. If there are number of orders on queue this metric does not take it into consideration and it is always dependent on a particular time frame.
  4. If you wanted to show what your stats are for a particular date (orders, impressions, clicks, conversion %) we could check the calc for those if you wanted. This is the app view and I was particularly concerned about this.
  5. Okay. I was talking about the conversion rate on the app. Maybe it’s a mean of all the gig conversion on a weekly basis? Yes, as you said when I click the graph view there are days with zeros so it adds up based on zero values. When based on no. of impressions there is a variance but it is still not too much off. It maybe the time factor taken into account is not the particular date as I see from the graph.
  6. I have never seen this metrics in analytics or gigs section? 😮 So it’s partly based on impressions, not clicks. And I wonder what ‘that time’ means? Because I have yet to see a conversion rate of 0 and according to this formula if the nr of orders at “that time” is zero, conversion rate will also be 0?
  7. It's based on clicks! So for example if you have 100 clicks and 1 order, your conversion rate would be 1%. Are you sure this is the right formula for conversion rate calculation? When I use the one mentioned it doesn’t add up in my metrics. Thanks for the link to Frank’s insightful opinion, I have read it a hundred times and it has helped me to figure things out a bit. I think the same author mentioned about conversion rate affecting gig placement.. I get your logic about getting clicks and not getting orders. My conversion rate is really poor and I got worried a bit though at the moment it hasn’t affected much from a “getting new orders” perspective.
  8. Yes. Any specifics of how it is calculated? Is it based on impressions or clicks? I have tried to figure out the math but couldn’t.. And I have read on the forum that conversion rate affects our gig placement for potential buyers in the new algo?
  9. Hi Rahela. I faced the same issue. I think it took a day or two to get things sorted. After three failed attempts my account got restricted and I contacted CS. They gave me additional two tries and it failed. After the third try it went through for me. I made sure the picture quality was good (all the letters in your document must be clear and readable). All in all it took I think less than two days. Some of my gigs stats got affected and it took a hit but over time it got okay. I know you must be terribly worried but if all your documents are in order, you will definitely get your account back. How many attempts CS already gave you and what is the reason it shows for your docs not getting verified?
  10. Any idea how conversion rate is calculated? How to increase it?
  11. Yes those are longer than usual. 😂Yes, though I have done a few times. They are free diving actually without the usual scuba gear. It’s like snorkeling 🤿 but you go deeper and longer without the oxygen tank used for scuba diving. And those are called tiger sharks. Since you mentioned tigers couldn’t resist sharing it 😅
  12. Yes, it is tropical. This is as scary as it gets 🙌
  13. Maldives — tiny islands surrounded by the ocean. 😅 Even they are quite friendly here, including the sharks 🦈
  14. Other than fish 🐠 encounters, like an occasional sting ray or a shark, or an octopus 🐙, we don’t get scary animal encounters. In fact, where I live there are no wildlife animals other than few species of birds 🦅 and cats 🐈‍⬛.
  15. Driving license is accepted for US. And to answer OP’s question, one of the ways of knowing the available options is during the verification process. It will show all the possible methods available depending on the country.
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