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  1. I got that too for any page on the site. It is now working for me although uploading my work was slow to load.
  2. She told me to call and write letters to Paypal and also Fiverr and ask why I got 1099s from each one. I have a bad feeling about this. I can imagine going to tax court actually over it. Time to look for a tax lawyer. We need fiver to give us a letter which states all our payments from fiverr went to Paypal. Otherwise we are in for problems.
  3. My accountant has been doing this for 40 years and has never seen this happen before, where we have two 1099s for the same income. I expect to have a lot of explaining to do if I don’t want double the taxes. Plus penalties.
  4. Minors work, pay taxes, and have social security numbers.
  5. Hi GG, hoping to not get audited haha. They would probably send a letter asking for lots of extra money.
  6. New update from CS about your 1099s: Hi again, I’m back with an update. The 1099 form will be issued directly from our Finance department to you as a user by the end of this month. This is only if you earned over $20,000. So this raises a question I have: We get a 1099 from Paypal and a 1099 from fiverr but this is for the same income. But to the IRS it looks like we have two separate incomes.
  7. So the IRS will get a 1099 from fiverr and a 1099 from Paypal. But we will only get one from Paypal. (If we have over 200 withdrawals etc.) Something doesn’t make sense. I will consult my accountant.
  8. I got a response from CS: Fiverr does not issue any 1099 forms directly to its sellers. Fiverr uses two payment processing companies to pay its sellers: PayPal and Payoneer. US individual sellers should receive their 1099-K form directly from PayPal or Payoneer, respectively, for withdrawals that exceed $20,000 and more than 200 transactions per year. This leaves a big gap because anyone who does not have withdrawals that exceed $20,000, or more than 200 transactions, would not be getting a 1099, from anyone.
  9. Form 1099 is used to report certain types of non-employment income to the IRS, and there are many different types. The IRS matches 1099s with your tax return; if you fail to report one, it will pursue you for taxes owed. The deadline to mail 1099s to taxpayers is Jan. 31. You are responsible for paying the taxes you owe even if you don’t get the form from a payer, so make sure to include those earnings in your tax return. If you receive an incorrect 1099 form and the payer has already sent it the IRS, ask them to send in a corrected form.
  10. You may want to take a look at the link I posted in my first post. If fiverr sends a 1099 to the US tax authorities they will give us a copy to file with our taxes. edit: apparently fiverr does not send us a 1099. It’s confusing because they said they were sending one out to the IRS for all sellers and I thought they had to send a copy to us but maybe not.
  11. If you decide to Submit a Request maybe post the answer here. I will although I’m not sure CS would have that answer but I sent a request.
  12. There is a Submit a Request at the bottom of the article if you require further help. Thank you. I posted this here thinking it would be of help to not just me but to everyone. I and others now have to wait to file our taxes until we get our 1099s. So I was wondering if anyone knew of the date or timing of getting them.
  13. Thank you. This was the only thing I saw relating to my question: Are the 1099s going to start from the date we sign the W-9s, or at the start of 2020? Forms will be sent in 2021 for the entire 2020 tax year. I just want to know when we will get the 1099s.
  14. Yes that is true but many of us get 1099s. The amount must be over $400 to have to pay taxes as I recall. I made more than that.
  15. We will be getting one according to what we were told earlier by fiverr. Being a freelancer does not mean we don’t get 1099s. I get them from another online company I do freelance work for. Tax laws in usa change every year so you might not be aware of the more recent changes. We are allowed to ask questions here and this is an important one. Your posts are misleading in the fact that we were told we were getting 1099s this year and that was the reason we filled out W-9 forms. I hope you understand that this was for people in usa, and meant to be helpful to all of us.
  16. I could add more. Those do not say when we will be getting our 1099s. Please understand what I am asking. They should be coming along any time now. I just wanted to know when to expect it. If you know when we will get them let me know please?
  17. I’m asking here, thank you. This was discussed quite a bit last year and we were told to expect to get 1099s. I like to get my paperwork to my accountant as soon as possible each year so it would be nice to have the 1099 to send her with the rest of it.
  18. I know I’m not employed by fiverr but we are going to get a 1099 this year from fiverr.
  19. I filled out a W-9 and thought it was so they could send me a 1099. I have done that for other online companies and they send a 1099, even though I am not an employee.
  20. Did you fill out the W-9 form on fiverr? Why did we do that? We independent contractors in the usa will be getting 1099s this year from fiverr, according to what we were told last year.
  21. PLEASE SCROLL TO THE LAST POST FOR CORRECT INFORMATION. Please ignore the incorrect posts in this thread. The last post by me is the correct one. We will be getting 1099s. I am wondering when our 1099s will arrive? And where we will find them. Thank you in advance. For anyone in the USA, you should fill out the w-9 form you will see in your settings. You will be getting a 1099 form soon with your earnings statement from fiverr, according to what we were told last year. I’m adding this link for anyone who is in the USA and not yet aware we will be getting 1099s this year:
  22. My orders have been delivered a day early. It would have been more appropriate to say “Good job!” I hate feeling bad every time I look at my orders page. edit: I see there is a little X in the corner to remove it.
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