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  2. As someone who does VO, I would consider that an "outsourcing spam" request and would report the seller. I've worked for a number of other sellers, but they came to me first, and never from me hassling them for possible work. I would consider the request unprofessional and a red flag to not do business with the person.
  3. mehran_hussain thank you. You have so many beautiful and important things to say. Really, Great tips for new seller💛 Please download the Fiber mobile app and stay online for 24 hours / 7 days from there or it is very good if you are online using laptop or PC.
  4. Any free courses for Fiverr? I already did Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller
  5. Hey really sorry for you! Try to focus on your skills. Try to your upcoming orders done successfully and complete as many orders. Best wishes to you.
  6. Congratulations 😍 I know it feels really good to get new order!
  7. Oh dear... 😬🤦‍♂️ I was going to respond in a manner less than "very nice" but then decided against it. I quickly glanced at the OP's profile and saw that his last delivery was 25 days ago. From his advice, I guess he hasn't been putting enough hours online lately...
  8. We seller should develop our skills more instead of staying online all day ig 😅
  9. It's always nice to help new sellers, and explain it in a very nice way. Thank you 🥰
  10. Hi Mamun, Few tips To Increase Your Sales: 1 create smart gigs 2 Make proper use of Gig Extras 3 Overcome the first sale barrier 4 Stay updated and never miss a thing 5 Check for buyer requests 6 Deliver the quality you promised and even better 7 Build a base of loyal buyers 8 Be patient · https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451297-How-to-Start-Selling-on-Fiverr?segment=seller
  11. Hi, This is Rabia, I am a new seller and have expertise in 3 embroidery software as Wilcom, Pluse and WingsXP. I can also doing graphic designing. Can anyone help me.
  12. No. No and no. 👎 buyers don’t come just because you are online. Buyers come if they like your offer and you can solve their problem.
  13. I noticed it too late 🙈 I couldn’t fix that and other typos anymore but then I thought that “dread” would also work
  14. This is the post of 2020 and now in 2021 everyone is back in the world.
  15. There's no quick way to fix this situation. You just need to successfully complete as many orders as you can and try to minimise cancelled orders, and over time your completion rating will improve.
  16. You post in the wrong categorise, post in the new user introduction. Good wishes for you.
  17. Great feature from Fiverr. Mine is 50% and hoping to get another 50% soon 😜😁
  18. This is the post of 2014 and now in 2021 everyone is back in the world.
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