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  1. I have not seen you around for awhile. Are you ok?

    1. coerdelion


      Thank you - much improved and back to work

  2. Morning, Coerd! Just passing by. 😊

    Nothing seems to be big enough for some people. Now they're sneaking into our walls. 😒

  3. I was going to bake the chocolate pizza using the recipe you shared, but it is just too hot here. It may have to wait until fall. 

    1. vickiespencer


      Do you bake a lot? I used to when my kids lived at home. 

    2. coerdelion


      Used to - still cook (mostly), but it's just the two of us now and I don't entertain as much as I used to - or at all for the last year or so!  Used to sew a great deal and knit when the kids were little ...


    3. vickiespencer


      Same for be with cooking and baking. I liked to quilt, but I never could get the hang of knitting. My grandmother taught me to crochet and I used to do that a lot before my hands got stiff. 

  4. Hey @Jonbaas - can you please make a little room in your inbox, please.  I'd like to send you a PM.


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. jonbaas


      Oh, she already knows about all of you. 😉

    3. vickiespencer


      And you are still married! 😱

      Actually my hubby knows I have many Fiverr Friends both men and women. He is fine with that. 

    4. jonbaas


      Yep, trust is not an issue of concern with my wife either. 

  5. Hey, Coerdelion,

    Have you had the heatwave in Scotland that Montana  have had for the last week? 

    1. coerdelion


      Depends what you call a heatwave, really - being a soft southerner the weather here feels springlike rather than summery ... but the locals swear it's roasting ...


    2. vickiespencer


      We have had 100 F for like 4 days here! And I am a Northerner, so it feels hot to me. Frying eggs on the sidewalk kind of weather. The tar on the roads is getting soft. The candles I keep on my porch table melted! 

  6. They just did - 3 new paid CS trained m o d s - did you not notice the improvement? [/sarcasm]
  7. Good Day, Coerdelion! 

    I liked you post about chocolate pizza. Is there any chance you would share a picture of it and the recipe? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. coerdelion


      No fireworks for you guys - do you live in a wildfire zone?


    3. vickiespencer


      They have public displays that are shot off from a platform on the lake, and it is a very big lake! 

    4. coerdelion


      Enjoy - we have to wait until November for our fireworks ....


  8. My ancestors are "black irish" - you think that would count?
  9. Good luck with that. Cats are curious creatures and, given a chance, into everything ...
  10. Crazy cat lady here. I often think about getting a dog ... but then when it's raining, or snowing, or -10c ... change my mind, watching a neighbour taking out his two perfectly adorable dogs for a walk in whatever the weather is ... Perfectly happy to admire and make friends with other people's dogs ... !
  11. Hi, Coerd! How are you doing? 😃

    Wondering if you'll continue posting you helpful vids! 🙃

    1. coerdelion


      Hi - good to hear from you. 

      Unfortunately, my VO (#3 offspring) isn't up to it at the moment ... so I'll have to do it myself!  Got a couple in the pipeline currently.  Just have to gird my loins a little ...

      Nice to know they're still in demand ...


    2. maitasun


      Good stuff is always in demand! 😉

      You'll rock when you get it posted. 😇

    3. coerdelion



  12. In the UK we should know more on 17th July ... in theory ... So many people going out of business - it's very sad ...
  13. Sorry this is happening to you. Did the original order include documenting the code? If not, you may be unlucky. Ask CS to cancel the order - they usually support the buyer in this kind of situation.
  14. You can also hide your status, so you don't appear on any of the visitor lists - the ones on the site of main forum (when it's available) or the list of recent visitors to your profile ...
  15. If I think a buyer is going to leave a less than stellar review - rather than being sure of it! - I will leave a 5* with the commnet "Thank you for your order". Mostly, because my buyers are generally enthusiastic, they leave 5* and my initial review is more detailed, particularly if they are a first time buyer. Occasionally, I think things have gone well ... and they leave a 4* - some people are like that. On the rare occasions that happens, I feel peeved. Then I take a breath, step back ... write a response indicating my take on it. For example - one buyer left 4*s for communication (I'm a *great* communicator, btw), writing that communication could have been better. After doing the whole "take a breath thing" - I said they were right: communication wasn't great because *they* were not easy to get hold of (read: non responsive) and found answering my questions difficult. You can be honest - but tactful! - in your responses to public reviews. Private reviews you can't do much about. If they only leave a private one, but nothing public, the only way you can know about it is if your gig suddenly gets ignored by the algorithm. It's never "for no reason".
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