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  1. Hey there @corsogr All of the volunteer moderators have stopped moderating ever since I made my post about it. We still carry the badge and technically still have the permissions needed to intervene if necessary, but all the moderation now is on the 3 hired mods. If your observation is about an incident that happened before the “blip”, and you have concerns that one of the seller mods has shown bias, please let me know and we can discuss it. But for the past weeks, I can guarantee you -plus share mod log if needed as proof- that the sellers who carry the badge have done absolutely no moderating. That being said, I thought you were a forum expert. Which tells me that you should know that moderators are just glorified referees. Referees can’t play favorites. We are still human beings, we like and dislike people, views and subjects. But when moving topics, hiding comments or resolving flags, none of us ever demonstrated bias. At least to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Only Matt can answer that question.
  3. I haven’t participated in either as far as I can recall, so your assumption is more broad than accurate.
  4. Jumping on this thread, as it is rare to find threads that promote helpful conversation. I had a call last week with Matt about the forum. It was really helpful to talk to him, and try to see what his POV is. He knows about all of the issues, he is actively trying to think about some solutions. This will take time. In the meantime, let me just clarify something about the badges and how I understand the situation: There are three key metrics on the forum thus far. The badges we all know and love hate, the reputation score and a third one that has yet to be implemented. The badges are a very superficial gamification mechanism, to drive forum participation. The reputation score is what actually lets people know whether you are contributing or not. And the third metric cannot be discussed yet, as I can't say I fully understand it just yet. 🙂
  5. Hello sir How are you?

    we are a team in the world. we loves all of my freelancing. I loves your personality. sir details know me


    Facebook Advertising.jpg

    1. frank_d


      Hi there. May I ask why you posted an ad for your profile on my profile? 

      Don’t you think this is unsolicited and probably not a good way to network with someone you respect?

    2. hunter_ads


      yes sir plz don't mind. Plz advice me how I grow My quality

  6. Hi Frank, 

    Can you tell me, what does this means?

    Screenshot (121).png

    1. frank_d


      All forum members can choose to appear as "anonymous" when following someone.

      Of course, you can see them. But visitors on your profile can't.

  7. One of the paid mods chose to delete your reply. Based on a flag from a forum member. it had nothing to do with my reply. That being said: I tried to subtly nudge you to rephrase, but you deliberately chose to add a disclaimer whilst keeping the phrase intact. the issue was with your phrasing. Adding a disclaimer doesn’t do what you think it does. As for the “a message has been sent” remark, my response would be “let me know when it is also received and read”. 🙂
  8. You may want to rephrase that @corsogr as it may seem like you are part of the Administration team and have insights in the matter, even though you are not and you don't. Other than Matt, no one else was a part of the decision making process or was included in the migration in order to be able to offer such insights.
  9. Hey, Frank! 

    I am almost caught up to you in followers! 🏃🏻‍♂️ 🏃🏻‍♀️



    1. frank_d


      That’s awesome @vickiespencer!


    2. vickiespencer


      As of this morning I have one more follower. Now I am only two behind you!  🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️

      I just may pass you! 🤣

  10. @maitasun I am not trying to play detective here. I know for a fact that as a creative, or simply as a person who needs to check that the world is a fair place, it stings every time I see someone trying to take shortcuts or trick people. But -even though it took me several years- I now know better than to try to bring justice to the world. If I can help them, good. If not, then I just move along. It's not worth my time to deal with people who don't know better and don't want to learn, for that matter. Chances are, brands of that caliber won't hire that type of seller, regardless of price. @deisgnheros what you claim or don't claim, is ultimately something you need to deal with. However, as a mod on this forum, I will take action if you continue to threaten other members.
  11. I think you should tag @mjensen415 on this. As for my 2 cents: a reddit style downvote button would cause chaos on this forum as it currently stands. I could see a point reduction tool granted to mods, same as the ability to reward good replies. (we already have the latter) If used wisely, it could be used as a tool to deter spammers and nonsense posters. But even then, I’m not so sure to be honest.
  12. Thank you for tagging me in @maitasun hi there @takmelius! yes to answer your question, Fiverr Pro sellers and their gigs are vetted by Fiverr staff. Not only that but if I edit my gig, or change the samples on my portfolio, it triggers a new manual check. Furthermore we need to consult with the Fiverr Pro editorial team before opening a new gig, to ensure our offering is legitimate and compelling. Hope this answers your question!
  13. That is extremely odd, and I now fully understand your frustration. Again, I am a volunteer on the forum, and I can only help in regards to why your posts kept getting flagged by our members. I wish there was something more I could do for you, but only Fiverr CS can help you with your ticket.
  14. I seriously doubt that, based on my personal experience with Fiverr CS over the span of 8 years and the amount you mentioned. If they refunded you, then there was definitely no covering up of anything. They won't clue you in on any other actions they may end up taking.
  15. I am a volunteer mod, correct. But I am not the one handling flags, nor I am dealing with your report in any way. (you addressed me as if I am no longer responding to you, but this is the very first time I am talking to you) You can just leave their username out, easy-peasy. If naming and shaming was allowed, we would have 100s of posts everyday where people would want to drag their competition through the mud. Hence this rule. Report the seller to Customer support, and have them deal with the alleged scammer.
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