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  1. That’s not a good idea. You do realize that buyers can directly place an order from the buyer request offer you send, right? Yes, I am referring to the buyer request offer that you sent for “as much as low price” “for attract the buyer in your inbox.” The buyers have no need to contact you via your inbox. Besides, buyers hate working with sellers who use such tactics. You cannot just quote one price in the buyer request offer and then quote another price for the exact same service later on.
  2. Hi, There are many many posts on the forum on how to write attractive buyer request offers. I would suggest that you first search for them on the forum and implement whatever you learn from these posts in writing buyer request offers in the future.
  3. Not if you just replied to them over Fiverr. If, however, you replied to them by calling them over the phone, then, yes, it is a ToS violation.
  4. @tolulopedavid check the bold text in the text quoted above. I don’t think you can just use “any” ID that has been issued to you in your country.
  5. You can always contact Fiverr’s customer support in case of doubts like this, but from what I understand, you only need to upload the page/side which has your photo/picture.
  6. If it’s not any of the above-mentioned guesses, my guess is “VHS tape.” 😜
  7. At least do any of your friends/relatives have your number? As suggested by @maitasun, contact CS. Before you are allowed to change any info. on your profile, I think they will ask you for the answer to your security question that you set while creating your account. If you forgot that, too… well, good luck! :vulcan_salute:
  8. Fiverr can sometimes deny/remove gigs if they think they don’t align with Fiverr’s “editorial focus.” In any case, I’d suggest that you contact CS for more info regarding this. Another thing I’d like to point out is that Fiverr doesn’t always check gigs as soon as they are created to see if they align with their editorial focus or abide by the ToS. As was in your case, some people only find this out about their gigs after months of having them online. Good luck! 🍀
  9. bald eagle. 🙃 It’s your turn now. 😃 @ahmwritingco Wow! That’s such an interesting fact.
  10. That’s probably a honey badger, right? 😃 Here’s my puzzle. 🙂 :man_bald:
  11. Not unless you tell us exactly what you were selling through all your gigs. You’d need to give us a list of ALL the services that you were offering on Fiverr. Besides, there’s not really much we can do as we are just buyers and sellers like yourself. Fiverr had decided that the services you were offering were not allowed, and they chose to restrict your account. You will have to contact CS and find out more details from them about your restricted account. The fact that your account got restricted as soon as you updated your gig title could just be a coincidence. It could also be Fiverr’s system wherein they had the “account restriction command” appended to your account and had programmed it in such a way that it would trigger whenever you edit one of your gigs. I don’t know. :man_shrugging:
  12. I once had a buyer contact me 2 MONTHS! after delivering the order saying they needed some kinda revision done. The original offer was a custom one with 3 free revisions included. The buyer was obviously trying to swindle me because the reasons they gave (for the need to revise) just made no sense (to me or to CS). However, even though it was already 2 months since the order was marked as complete (FYI, the customer had also rated the order 5 stars like 6-7 days after delivering the order), CS asked me to revise the order to the buyer’s satisfaction (which was nay impossible) and re-deliver the revised files. At that point in time, I was oblivious of the fact that buyers cannot request for an official revision after marking the order as complete. So, since CS asked me to revise the files, I asked the buyer to place an official request for revision, and I told them that I’d do my best to (hopefully) revise the files to their satisfaction. The buyer said, “Okay. Please work on the revision and send the revised files to me ASAP.” However, since I didn’t know it was impossible for buyers to place an actual revision request after marking the order complete, I waited for 2 weeks for the buyer to place an official revision request! I never heard back from the buyer. However, I was afraid that the buyer could use the need for revision as an excuse to get a refund on the order. So, I contacted CS and said, “Look, I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now for the buyer (who has contacted me 2 months after marking the order complete and giving me a 5-star review) to place an official request for revision. However, they haven’t done so yet. Therefore, I am NOT going to work on their revision request. I’ve already proven to you that the buyer’s request for a revision is not legitimate and it’s probably an attempt to swindle me of my hard-earned money. I’d appreciate it if you could assist me in case the buyer ends up requesting for a refund.” The CS replied, “No worries. I see that the buyer hasn’t responded yet. So, you don’t have to work on the revision. We will definitely be on your side and assist you in case the buyer asks for a refund.” So, from my experience, I understand that CS might ask you to work on a revision even if the buyer is coming back after 1 year. However, you could just say, “Hey, the buyer hasn’t yet placed an official request for a revision. Therefore, I don’t feel obliged to work on their revision until they officially place a request.” At least, that worked out for me. 😉
  13. This is absolutely not what I would do. I am pretty sure that a vast majority of buyers (except for some buyers who require time-sensitive work done within 8 hours) do not take a seller’s response time into consideration when deciding whom to contact. If I were to look for a seller, the seller’s response time would definitely not be one of the primary stats that I’d be looking for/interested in. There are several other important factors/stats to consider before moving to the seller’s response time. If I were to look for a seller, I’d mainly look for the quality of their service, their dedication, and the % of satisfied customers they have. In fact, I’d probably not be willing to work with buyers who take stats such as response time seriously. More often than not, such buyers are very demanding, and I would rather spend time working with a buyer who understands and appreciates my skills and returns the same respect that I give them.
  14. It might be possible that your response time somehow increases if you respond after 8 hours (there’s a much higher chance of that happening if you had a very low response time of, say, 1 hour, to begin with). This is because response time is just that: the time it takes for sellers to respond to their buyers’ messages! If the seller receives messages when they are sleeping, and they only get to respond to the messages after they wake up, a response time of 8 hours is EXPECTED! There’s nothing wrong in having a response time of 8 hours. You will not be penalized for having a longer response time. :thinking: As has already been pointed out by mariashtelle1,
  15. I’m sorry, but I really don’t get why you would have such a doubt, considering it is CLEARLY spelled out in Fiverr’s Terms of Service that you CANNOT communicate with customers outside Fiverr. I STRONGLY urge you to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service so that you do not have doubts about what’s allowed and what isn’t on this platform. Hopefully, doing so will also keep you from losing your account (cuz of ToS warnings/account suspension/ban). Thanks!
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