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  1. @tolulopedavid check the bold text in the text quoted above. I don’t think you can just use “any” ID that has been issued to you in your country.
  2. You can always contact Fiverr’s customer support in case of doubts like this, but from what I understand, you only need to upload the page/side which has your photo/picture.
  3. At least do any of your friends/relatives have your number? As suggested by @maitasun, contact CS. Before you are allowed to change any info. on your profile, I think they will ask you for the answer to your security question that you set while creating your account. If you forgot that, too… well, good luck! :vulcan_salute:
  4. @anikahamed007 Congratulations! 🙂 @stefos This has already been debated extensively. Even though Fiverr “guarantees” the safety of our data, there is no guarantee (anywhere on the internet, for that matter) that your data will be safe. I mean, even popular and well-established platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are prone to hacks and data leaks… so… However, the fact of the matter is that Fiverr doesn’t give us any alternatives. When it’s your turn to verify your ID, they give you an ultimatum: verify your ID or have your account banned from Fiverr. There’s nothing much we can do about it. :man_shrugging:
  5. This is probably the VERY REASON why Fiverr introduced the ID verification process. They want to make sure that Fiverr users are not violating their ToS by using more than one active Fiverr account.
  6. Hi, You will have to ask Fiverr’s Customer Support. They are the only ones who can answer that. However, from previous forum posts, I’ve gathered that sellers whose accounts were suspended after the expiry of the 14-day period were able to get their account back upon submission of the required documents to CS ASAP.
  7. I do not recall Fiverr mentioning specific dimensions. Just take a well-lit, high-resolution picture and upload it. Don’t worry about the dimensions. For more info., please check: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/verifying-your-identity
  8. Hi, From what I understand, driver’s license is an accepted form of ID for Fiverr’s ID verification. However, this might vary from one country to another. Once you initiate your ID verification process, you will be shown a list of permitted documents.
  9. Hi, There are several possible reasons why you don’t see any BRs: There need to be buyers actually creating buyer requests (BRs) in the sub-category that you offer gigs in for you to see them. It could just be that there are no buyers creating BRs in your sub-category/whenever you check for them. New sellers/unleveled sellers are shown much lesser # of BRs than sellers of a higher level. Sellers who are level 1 and higher have access to much higher # of BRs. BRs can appear at any time of the day or night, and as soon as they appear, they often disappear within a matter of minutes (for new/no-level sellers). This is because BRs are programmed in such a way that they disappear (from new sellers’/unleveled sellers’ view) as soon as they receive ~10 offers from new/unleveled sellers. Considering there are thousands of sellers in each sub-category on Fiverr, you can imagine how quickly each BR receives 10 offers from new/unleveled sellers. It only takes a matter of seconds. So, new/unleveled sellers kinda need some luck to happen on a BR. The best thing you can do to come across one is to check the buyer request page as often as you possibly can. Also, have a look at this forum post for more info on BRs: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.) Fiverr FAQ
  10. You don’t need “luck” cuz I am sure you’ve already got what it takes! 😜 You ain’t got nothing to worry about, miss perfectionist. 😉 Here’s to wishing you the best. 😊
  11. We can’t. Tell it to other guy. Well, weren’t you the one who first made the snickers comparison? 😉
  12. You can try it - and if the store owner decides they can refund or say no. Same as Fiverr Well, what if the person who purchased this extremely valuable snickers were to go to the local consumer court, which, coincidentally, is also the highest judicial body (one additional feature: appeals are not allowed. The final verdict is binding), and request for a refund, and the consumer court ruled in favor of the complainant? The shop owner’s requests for a fair ruling are either ignored or are met with threats of eviction from their own shop. We obviously cannot compare this example to what goes on on Fiverr as the products purchased/sold on Fiverr are more often than not things that are not readily available. They have to be made from scratch with sellers having to invest considerable amount of time and effort into making these products. Sadly, it is sometimes possible for customers to go behind sellers’ backs and just get a refund from CS. If that doesn’t pan out, they then go for the chargeback option. This, imo, is the bone of contention here. However, I believe Fiverr is getting better at handling chargebacks and refunds and are doing everything possible to help the sellers out. I have noticed a considerable change in their approach to CBs/refunds (favoring sellers) after they went public.
  13. In that case, as has already been suggested by @wp_kid, you might want to consider reading the forum’s rules and guidelines again. Taken from the forum’s rules and guidelines: Post replies asking for personalized help are generally discouraged since it is much better for users to post their requests for help in Improve my Gig.If you need help with something, you are more than welcome to create a new forum topic on it. However, asking for help in some other thread that’s not created by you is not only bad forum etiquette but also against the forum’s rules (it’s also known as “thread hijacking”).
  14. I see that you have received many wonderful replies from forum members. They have presented several possible reasons for why your seller might have reacted that way. They have also explained that since your seller didn’t really give any reason for why they chose to block you, there is no knowing for sure what their intentions/reasons were. You cannot just “assume” that he had racist intentions just because you think that’s the case. Since there’s no way of knowing the seller’s actual intentions, you cannot just assume the worst and cry foul! Besides, Fiverr’s block feature is at everyone’s disposal. There’s no such thing as “misusing” Fiverr’s block feature. A Fiverr user can choose to block anyone at any point in time. They have every right to do whatever they think is right. It’s also not like you had an active order with the seller when he blocked you. Don’t like someone’s Fiverr username or profile picture? You can go right ahead and block em, and Fiverr ain’t gonna do nothin about it. 😉
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