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  1. Is fiverr forum is effective for your gig sales? 

  2. Wrong topic category. Please read the forum rules and stickied posts.
  3. I would try and see if it shows the same message when you remove any reference to contact in the description. Perhaps remove this line and see if it changes:
  4. Could be a scammer, could be a legit buyer, could be anyone. There's no way to know for sure. Take advantage of the "quick response" feature to quickly respond to these messages. As for buyers who ask for different tasks, if its happening a lot maybe you can make it more clear on your profile what services you do and what you don't do.
  5. Yep, it is important to reply to messages when you see them, even if you are telling them that you can't do what they are asking for. A quick way to quickly reply without spending too much time worrying about the request is to use the Quick Response function. However, if the buyer is asking something against TOS, being unreasonable, rude or spamming then you can report them or block the user. This should not affect your response rate.
  6. What seems to be the issue? The score out of 10 is the actual score you got on the test. The top percentage part is showing what percentile you are in compared to the rest of people who took that test. I'd imagine the illustrator exam is harder than the wordpress test, so getting a 7.8 puts you in the top 10% of test takers whereas the 7.8 was only top 20% for the wordpress test.
  7. You can create multiple gigs in the same category but they must offer different things and not be duplicate gigs. You could create a new gig, offering a slightly different service underneath the same category.
  8. On the analytics page at the bottom. Just click analytics and then overview at the top!
  9. Impressions are the number of times your gig has been seen in the search results. So long as you are on the page it will count as an impression, even if they didn't scroll over your gig exactly. It can be a helpful metric to see how many people are viewing your gig and you can compare that with your sales to determine how successful your gig is. That being said in my opinion it isn't the most important thing, sales are. If you only have 10 impressions, but you made 5 sales that is a lot better than 1000 impressions with 4 sales. It seems like you are new to the platform so I recommend reading the rules, terms of service and community standards to make sure you are aware of everything. I also recommend looking through and reading through the forums. If you have a question or are unsure about something, the chances are there are already several posts about it on the forums.
  10. Thanks. I am new at here. further I will take care of that. In a you tube video i saw about fake order they cancel their orders and asked for money otherwise they give negative rating and demolish the profile so seller cant get any order further.

  11. No disrespect but how can you give tips for "getting 1st order quickly" when in the 3 months you've been on the platform you haven't made any sales?.. Aside from that, these are the same "tips" that are posted numerous times daily. I appreciate the positive attitude and apparent willingness to help other sellers on the forum, it just seems a bit strange for you to imply this is the method to get sales.
  12. Its annoying that so many buyer requests that are blatantly against TOS still make it through and get 100s of responses from sellers. There really should be an option for sellers to report buyer requests for breaking TOS or flag them as spam. Buyer requests could be a great tool to help buyers be more specific with their exact needs and find matching buyers but its so overwhelmed with spam, at least in my categories.
  13. We can't say for sure, but personally I don't think it will have a significant effect just because it would then be easy to abuse that mechanic against other sellers.
  14. Your gig is in an extremely saturated category. There are thousands and thousands of gigs offering the exact same thing. What makes you stand out? What are you doing better? To be completely honest I would recommend finding another category that you are qualified in and can provide great service in. Please don't recommend these groups. They are spam and designed to game the system but I have yet to see any evidence that they work considering most of the people who promote them on here have little to no sales.
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