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  1. @pawannimsara Your topic title... Everyone ( Experienced sellers) was new when they getting started. After completed much more works they have become Experienced and dependable sellers. Whom do you want for solving your problem? Are you not a professional?? If you not be professional then you should not come any marketplace. Because people are looking for professionals worldwide for their work done as great! You must solve your problem by yourself.
  2. GIG position of search result is not permanent. Fiverr shows 48 Gigs on first page for the particular search result. Fiverr shows here particular gigs which perform better than others. Performance means 1. Complete number of orders and large number of order value($). 2. Provide the best service and achieve customer's satisfaction ( Get 5 star review and good private feedback from buyer ) For become best seller, you have to complete order. For getting order you have to stay beginning of search result of fiverr or you must have your personal client ( by personal marketing) If you think, you will see that it is a chain and forward to each other. You must think by yourself the better way how could you solve it. Actually it is success. So one of the solution ( above points 1 and 2 ) will helps you for getting better rank of you gigs.
  3. It will decide fiverr team. They will know you decision through email. One person is permitted for single account. You have one account already. So you can't create further account ( from same pc or different pc). If you do that, your all account will be suspended together.
  4. I think he has cheated with you. Does he really know code? You have to deliver the service only which described of his purchased gig. I think you could do better deal with him. Partially you have given him the opportunity to cheat with you.
  5. The comment box absolutely for the "comments" of audience of post owner who shared the post. You may notice that everybody shared their opinion in comment box according to the post. Did the post owner want a particular service by their post which you are offering in fiverr?? I think your answer is "NO"! So simply you have got reported. You are disturbing post owner and their audience. Actually your service is not helpful for them or post was not your service related. Unfortunately they are lucky!! You may think what a sentence is !! Actually unfortunately they (post owner) has no time to report for stop the spamming. In future may be they will be reported same as you. Suppose you have posted your service in your own profile. If someone comments on your service that 1. They will clean all cockroach of your house !! or Send message through inbox that 2. They will sell itching ointment to you!! What do you think about them?? You can post anything through your own page or profile.
  6. Usually a warning permanently effects on profile during 30 days in period. If you don't break any rule further, you will be safe after this period. But it doesn't guarantee you that you will eligible for more 2 warnings after 30 days. Because some people get restricted or disabled their account instantly without getting more chances depends on type of their violations. So never.. never... break any rule!
  7. Where I have told something without any justifying process? Someone only can want something from clients in order requirement section if those are related their service. It will be justified in more two stages... 1. Client will think why seller asking such a thing. Client will provide only logical information which will be actually need for work. 2. Fiverr also justify Gig description, video, order requirements. Fiverr always terminate inappropriate activity.
  8. It seems that you are thinking about only graphics related work or how to transfer a big volume of data to client. Your thinking is not relevant with other all categories of fiverr. Suppose someone works with web development. They have to put all client's contact information ( address, phone , e-mail ) including all social media information into client's website. Also need several login credentials of different services which usually purchased by client. Most of credentials contain email address. It is not for sending 2GB data to client (for essential work). I hope you understand.
  9. If you need client's email for work, you may write it under order requirements section. Client can provide you everything in order page which is essential for the particular order. But you are not allowed communicate them through given email, phone number, social media link.
  10. Order getting process is same for both new and older gigs. If your service be helpful for someone and they agreed to buy from you, then they will able to purchase your GIG and you will get an order notification that you have got an order. Or buyer able to send you message and you will able to send custom offer. Once buyer accept your offer, you will get same order notification.
  11. You may share below website links. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360016541618-Allowed-Links-for-Gigs?segment=seller
  12. This is very common issue because there are many seller scamming here. You have to understand that who is real buyer. Then there will be a possibility for getting respond and getting order.
  13. 5 star is not mandatory. You have to maintain at least 4.7 with other criteria ( at least 90% ) during 60 days in period for sending buyer request. If you complete some orders, your rating will increase periodically. Or after 60 days ( from the date of getting 4.7) rating will be 5.0 if you get next all ratings 5.0.
  14. If your gig already have in right category and someone need your service, then request will appear to you. But as a new seller, you will get very few requests. Also requests will appear to you for limited time. It is very normal. Fiverr algorithm controls it.
  15. I am not sure that what you mean by rank over here. Anyway, If someone need your service then they will buy your service.. It is first and main condition. I see in your profile that you are digital marketing specialist and you will promote other people's service. If your service be helpful for you, then it will be proven that your service will be helpful for other people. Complete some orders ( by your personal marketing ) with large number of order value, do awesome work and get 5 star review. Then your gig will appear beginning of the search result.
  16. Sometimes lose few rank by editing rank if you delete your keywords. You may edit title and tag. That's ok. But careful about editing description. You should edit few things. If you edit much more sentences, your gig may go out of search result. If your gig appears on first page of search result, I think should not edit it. If it is staying on other pages, then you may do few edit.
  17. Some people gets order within 1 day of creating gig. But some people never get order. Absolutely it is an option for getting orders . But it depends on some factors, 1) If someone need your service. 2) If they post a request. 3) If the request appears to you. Only then you will able to respond on request. Remember that there are many sellers are scamming here. If only you can able to apply on real buyer requests, then there will be a possibility for getting order.
  18. Just go to fiver and look & search under each category. You will find the number of gigs and you will able to understand. There are many categories and the number of gigs are changing time to time. But question: Do you have all skill under all the work category of fiverr?? If don't have how the answer of your question will help you?
  19. I agree with you. I don't know how the grand master rank will help someone if they don't have any creativity. If fiverr does not control this, then the forum will be filled by Bizarre content instead of educational content.
  20. Interesting.. Google translation is easier than posting on forum. Also it will be delayed for getting answer from someone. Although before this time I didn't know that such a topic like this could be made. It seems to me ridiculous.
  21. 1. How it will be helpful for you? 2. How it will be helpful for someone from here who will visit your service? 3. Where/to whom someone will show your service?
  22. We are only sellers and buyers here. Only Fiverr team will take final decisions. You have to wait until their respond.
  23. You have to do only 1 thing to become (gig) first page of search result quickly. 1.) You have to Perform better than your competitors who (gig) already in first page. But you must to do hard work for reach the goal. See below how will you perform the competition.. a) Complete couple of orders within next evaluation. ( Large number of order will be helpful ). If you don't get order normally from fiverr, then you have to receive orders from your personal marketing. But how will you get client, it's up to you! b) Keep large amount of order value for each order. It will help you very much for getting faster rank. c) Deliver all orders on-time ( mandatory ) d) Do awesome work and archive 5 star review and best private feedback from clients. Only by this process your gig will become first page of search result quickly.
  24. Seller's evaluation be once per month of 15th. You can also see it on your mobile app top of the right corner together with level specification. You have to wait till this period of 15th. Also you have to keep everything up till this period for evaluation.
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