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  1. Its ok bro. I didnt mind. from your prospective, you were right but it was for the audio gig. That wont work in the photo editing or logo design etc.
  2. Hahahaha thats right man. People are nuts when it comes to grudges and revenge.
  3. I think that is called deceptive pricing (or bait-and-switch pricing or misleading advertising). every gig and service has a different approach. As the MC of the thread is an audio person. I am stating our audio gig strategy. | this is not for all the gigs and services.
  4. I think that is called deceptive pricing (or bait-and-switch pricing or misleading advertising). Sorry, but i think you got the wrong idea. what i meant is to offer custom order to the buyer. I buyer will come seeing $5 tag and will contact you but most of the time buyer doesnt read what are you providing in $5. Like one of my gig states $5 for a 30sec track which includes 4 instruments and delivery will be mp3 file, But what buyer is asking you to make is 1min track with more than 4 instruments and High Quality wav file with commercial usage, Will you give it to them in $5. Never. So my point was, buyer always comes to $5 gigs but most of the time their requirments will require a custom order which most of the time buyers accept as it will still be cheap from high end pro sellers. I hope you got my point.
  5. Its true. I have seen people do that. So its better to be safe than sorry.
  6. To ensure a quality ad experience for the buyers, only hand-vetted sellers who meet all our quality metrics can participate in this program. i have all the requirments, Hope to get this option as some of my gigs are not working good.
  7. He cant edit his review for revenge porposes, But what he can is to send you another order and then give negative review their for revenge. So if you want to give him negative feedback and dont want to work with them again. block him after leaving review. What if I leave a buyer negative feeback
  8. Right! That’s the first thing I have to work on. I noticed my preview of gigs looks very different to the public preview I’m struggling with this strategy. Not sure if it’s the right thing to do I started on five and once i got level one badge i increased my price and on level two added some extra bucks to the gig. and also 5 is just a number, Once you have buyer in hand you can provide proper quotation of your service. Also always try to make 3 gig packages, I mean, $5 less quantity of tracks etc, $15 more tracks plus something more, and then finaly $30 $40 $50 dollar package, unlimited tracks, stem files, project file etc etc. and dont forget to add extras to the gig options. Like commercial usage fees, Full exclusive rights fees etc etc. This is always give you some extra money. Good Luck.
  9. Sorry to hear your story. Well, that is not the case. I started working as a seller, from Dec 18th, 2019, and I have been doing great. completed 104 total orders to date. and earned a lot amount of money and reputation. Got level two seller badge and all. and yeah I am from the same audio and music field. There are several things you might consider, First of all, focus on your visual representation of your gigs. The more visually pleasing they are the more buyers will click on it. 2. Catch your buyers with words that are pleasing, try to question them in the description what are they looking for and provide the answer also. Convince your buyer that you are a big deal and they will have a great experience working with you. It worked for me. 3. Takedown your gig price, some of them are utterly expensive and no buyer will buy something so expensive from a new seller. start at $5. gradually increase the price once you got hold of some good looking reviews and some badge. 4. Send buyer request daily. make a daily target to send 10 buyer requests daily and use the same tactic while writing to your buyers. First, let them know you will do what they want, then start asking questions like, what is the duration, Do you have a reference track, do you have an artist in mind, Will you record your vocals and send them to me, etc etc. and in the end write, Let’s have a chat and discuss this further. Believe me, it will work. If you can get one buyer to get into your inbox daily, you will have the chance. and last but not least. Keep trying. It will work one day and you will be happy that you didn’t left. Good Luck.
  10. So it means a buyer can be a good person in front of you and give you five star and on the backend he can also destroy you rank in the gig section.
  11. same problem here. Its some kind of problem with payoneer. Just wait and it will get solved.
  12. Mostly 1 to 2 days. And this will be on the buyer and CS issue, You will just have to wait and meanwhile do your thing.
  13. I am a newbie here on fiverr. Its been 6 months only, But i got a simple way of going through this error system. whenever a buyer places an order accidently or something happened on thier side as you know cancelation tactics, I simply ask them to contact CS and ask them to cancel your order. Tada, No cancellation rate drops from my side. Trust me. Only 3 cancellations affected my overall rate which were mutual cancelation. Hope this helps.
  14. Yeah sure. You can do that. Wipe out all the gigs of previous service, Make new gigs of the service you want to provide now and also edit your profile description and all. Sometime it takes time to get your first order, So you may want to stick to what you do better and keep yourself online and send as many buyer requests as you can. I hope you will grow soon. Regards.
  15. first of all, Welcome to Fiverr community forum, Its unfortunate you have to go through all the trouble of an abusive buyer, I am sorry for that But doesn’t mean that everyone is like that, there is always someone like him in every marketplace. Just be sure that you will get your money back once CS goes through your request. Just wait for a while because due to COVID, they are having so many problems, and somehow staff is short. So be patient and your problem will be solved, Meanwhile, as other sellers stated, Keep the Revise button hot, every time he/she delivers just keep asking for revision until CS contacts, Let them know about seller abusive behavior and he will be kicked out of Fiverr for sure. after that, Give Fiverr another chance and look for a good level one or two sellers for your work, They might charge some extra but you will get the best service possible.
  16. Hello Emma, Welcome to fiver Forum, First of all, Don’t panic about 4.7 ratings, it is not bad, it is not negative, 4.7 is great. Look at the review your buyer gave, Focus on interacting more with the buyer, Also he wants to work with you again so I don’t see any negativity in that. Just stick to your work and wait, The orders will come eventually. It happens to all of us.
  17. first, go read the TOS from the main site, and see if anything you have done that breaks the rule than take a deep breath and dont do that again in the future, If you cant find any offence you did then simply, ask CS why you have recieved a warning, they will surely tell you. It might take some time to get a reply from CS.
  18. check the country in which the seller lives in? Maybe he/she is sleeping right now or its middle of the night. Sometimes this happens. Sellers are also human after all. let it rest this issue for a day. Go to sleep and come back tommorow. I hope everything will be sort out. Going angry on a pending transaction is not a thing to do. And rest assure, Fiverr always help buyers rather than sellers so you are on the safe side. You will get your 36$ back.
  19. Kindly check if you placed any orders with the seller. if you have an ongoing order, you can cancel that using resolution center. Go to youtube.com and search " How to cancel an order on fiverr" and you will see the procedure. If that doesnt work for you then contact CS and tell them to cancel your order, they will do it for you. No problem all at and your transaction will be cancelled and the money will be back in your account. unfortunately, if you contacted her outside fiverr then nothing can be done.
  20. Yeah. I think the reason is that they changed the test. I just took the new test last night after posting this thread. Capture 2943×689 27.5 KBThat is the reason i guess.
  21. Hi, I took the basic English test almost 3 months ago and i passed the test with 8/10. But almost 15 days ago the results just vanished from my profile? Just gone. Does anybody know about the problem?
  22. Yes you should. Just let them know that its against my gig description and i dont do this stuff.
  23. Thank you. I will try my best. Thank you very much. I hope the same for you.
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