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  1. Well, if none of them are responding that does not mean they are spam. Keep applying. Just remember, you have a lot of competition and that may be why you are not selling any responses at this point. Spam or not, it doesn't really matter until you start seeing responses.
  2. And 4-Stars is bad? Wow. You are lucky the Buyer leaves you any reviews. Remember, this is NOT a contest. Freelancing should be a business and a career.
  3. The best advice I've received since becoming a freelancer? Nothing. I sort of "lone wolfed" my way through this career change plotting my own path. Do I know everything there is to know about freelancing? Of course not, but in the 7+ years I've been doing it I have made it a fun career. Could I do better? Probably, but I like where I am now and only have myself to credit or blame.
  4. It doesn't matter. A link to your Fiverr profile should be enough. I think you are being played.
  5. Your best bet is to explore what Sellers have used to describe their Gigs in the same Gig category as yourself. In other words, check out what your competition is doing. DO NOT COPY what they have in their Gig descriptions, but use those examples to inspire you to make yours better.
  6. I agree with @newsmikeregarding your use of the word craft. For me, freelancing is my career. It's a job. I've been freelancing full-time since 2016. It pays my bills and then some.
  7. You paid a down payment without seeing the work first? Need I say more?
  8. You should be able to just send the link to your profile. If the company looking to hire you won't accept that as proof of your working on Fiverr, then they are scamming you. Simple.
  9. I'm noticing that the number of new posts on the "new" Forum pages are far less than they used to be. Am I imagining this? What's you take on the situation?
  10. If you had paid attention when you read the Fiverr Terms of Service (you did read them, right?) you would already know the answer to this question.
  11. And this is a problem because you don't want potential Buyers to find you?
  12. Every six months or so I raise my prices across the board. Oddly enough, my average selling price has gone up along with that. Go figure.
  13. You asked the question, what would I do in such a situation? Well, I've been there. Clearly the Buyer did not read all they needed to read in your Gig details. I wouldn't fret over it as it will likely happen again sometime. You just have to expect freelancing to be great some days, not-so-great on others, and downright disappointing on a few more. It's like that in any type of business. Carry on, and move forward - which is what I've done in the same situation.
  14. I have met the requirements for well over a year. However, the Fiverr Team hand selects who gets TRS and who doesn't. Personally, it's not an issue to me. I'm actually happy that it isn't automatic as that prevents some Sellers from chasing TRS status as if it were a game.
  15. I am both a Seller and a Buyer. One account. That's all you need. Just switch between buying and selling from your Dashboard (top right).
  16. As a new Seller, you acted using logic and common sense rather than focusing on the money. Good for you. Never ignore red flags and never be afraid to turn down business if it doesn't feel/sound right. As for the future, expect to encounter more of these kinds of Buyers. However, you will also find many legitimate Buyers as well. Just be careful.
  17. Number One: Your education should come first...no exceptions. Number Two: Explain in your Gigs that you are a full-time student working freelance as a side hustle (which would be true). Number Three: Limit the number of orders in your queue. Number Four: If that doesn't slow things down and you have difficulty juggling both school and Fiverr, take a break from Fiverr. Number Five: Your education should come first...no exceptions.
  18. Why would you lower your price in the first place? If you want to provide a discount, just send them a Custom Offer with your reduced rate.
  19. Fiverr clearly states, "Gig position is not permanent" which is a nice way of saying you are wasting your time trying to "rank" on Page One. This is not Google. I can search for your Gigs and you can search for them and both of us will have different results. Those results will change each time we search. Gig rotation allows all Sellers fair exposure.
  20. Sorry, but this is horrible advice. It is a myth that started on Fiverr and is impossible to maintain. Sellers must sleep. Being the first person to respond to a request does not always result in success. Concentrate on providing quality work and jobs will follow. Using auto refresh apps is against the Fiverr Terms of Service and could result in either a warning or banning of an account. Seek proper advice, rather than listening to so-called experts on YouTube or other social media streams.
  21. Until Fiverr starts charging us all an annual "membership" fee, plus a fee to post each Gig, you can expect them to "tax" or take a commission. Personally, I'm okay with the current system because why you consider the access we get to Buyers/Sellers for just a measly commission, it's one heck of a deal.
  22. Sure, give your profile/Gigs a face-lift every so often. Check what your competitors are doing and try to do better. Freelancing is VERY competitive with some categories on Fiverr even more competitive than others. Find a skill you have that stands out and create unusual, interesting Gigs from that. Try to stay away from the Gigs that "everyone" is offering these days like logo design, business cards, social media marketing, web/blog article writing, etc. Be different. Stand out.
  23. Why not hit a broader target by creating GIgs for each? That's what I would do.
  24. If you made the "deal" via inbox communication or email, you didn't get screwed. You screwed yourself. DO NOT pay for anything on Fiverr that does not come through the Fiverr system. That means, placing an order, accepting the finished product. Nothing else.
  25. This question has been asked countless times. My answer: over a year.
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