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  1. Hello, Sony, How's it hanging? I am not sure what the worst thing in the world is if you look at it objectively, but I sure don't like scammers! Best regards, vibronx
  2. I will take this as a compliment when it comes from Alexandra!


  3. Weird that they have the exact same username and way of writing as you, but I will leave it at that. 🙂 EDIT: There are also other factors that point toward you being the same person, but I will not share them as I seem to have struck a nerve.
  4. I am going to say this as nicely as I can, but this guy above me (or woman, depending on what freelance site you look at. Right, Alexandra?) who keeps talking about staying online is a troll, so do not listen to anything he (she?) says. He is only here to provoke. Also, he has stolen ideas from my gigs despite always letting me know that everything I say is BS. He does not believe in anything he says here. He is only being contrarian to make us angry.
  5. It was (un)fortunately before his time! 😂 🤣 You have got to get on Brazil too! At least you have New Zealand. That one seems to be impossible for me to get!
  6. Very happy to have completed the Kingdom of Denmark set with Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Denmark. 🥳 Interesting stats: I have gotten the most orders from Denmark with 117 orders (although someone in the forum claimed no one in Denmark would be interested in my gig 🙄) I have 82 orders from the Netherlands, while I only have 8 orders from their neighbors Belgium. The countries I get the most "inquiries" from (pssst, it's really spam) I have only gotten a total of 11 orders from. Despite many users getting most of their orders from the US (at least that is what I hear), I have only gotten 16 orders from the states.
  7. I know @gina_riley2 has said many smart things as well, but this time I was thinking of someone else! It took a long time for me to find their name. Here you go: @moikchap! Seems to be a very reasonable buyer! There can be many reasons. Perhaps like @vickiespencer said; that they realized there was a language barrier, perhaps they had different priorities than I do and wanted it done immediately, or they just changed their mind.
  8. I think I understand what you are trying to say. That I have a different view of other freelancers' response time as a result of me being a freelancer myself. Correct me if I made an incorrect assumption about your message. I was a buyer for 18 months before I became a freelancer/seller. My attitude toward sellers' response times was the same when I was only a buyer. The other buyer who shared similar experiences on the forum (sorry, I forget their name) is also only a buyer as far as I recall, so there are buyers who think this way. My post was just to correct the assumption that all buyers, or even most buyers, are only focused on who responds the quickest.
  9. I am also a buyer on Fiverr. I have purchased more than 200 services. Only once, one single time, have I looked at who was online as I needed something fast (4 years ago now). Most of the time, I could not care less. I message you because I want to work with YOU, not someone else. I will wait for you to respond. Another buyer on here posted something similar recently, so I am pretty sure I am not the only one who operates in this way as a buyer. Also, as an experienced seller, I will tell you that it can be a nightmare to work with a buyer who wants something done urgently or ASAP (I have really gotten to hate seeing those two words). They are often the most difficult to please. So, all in all, my opinion is that being online is a waste of time. I get most of my inquiries when I am offline. Spend your time learning instead of mindlessly refreshing a page.
  10. Oh, this is a tough one... Most of what I know and apply I have gotten through my business education, but I will keep it to what I have gained from the forum and my own experiences as a freelancer. First of all, I learned to get rid of unlimited revisions. I had them for a long time out of a genuine desire to deliver the absolute best I could, but I learned here on the forum how it could be abused, so although I never had any problems, I decided to get rid of them. Moreover, I learned to always keep a cool head when responding to less than 5-star reviews. To take 24 hours to cool down if needed before responding. Professional responses to reviews are important as your future clients will most likely take a look at them. Also, I learned to trust my gut regarding buyers. If I have the slightest bit of doubt about working with them, I will turn them down. This means I turn down more projects than I accept, but it keeps my experience positive, which is something I value.
  11. It seems like your customers have a lot of great feedback for you, so that is definitely very positive! I would suggest maybe adjusting your packages that say that you will post once per day for a month to actually run for a month rather than 7/14 days, so you do not end up delivering before you are actually done with your work, as that would be against ToS! Of course, I do not know what Fiverr looks at when they choose a TRS, but I would suggest keeping cancellations to a minimum and to always keep communication professional, but I am sure you already know that! He is a very sad person. He has been obsessed with disagreeing with certain forum users about everything after his first couple of threads went wrong on here. He even seems to harbor resentment for a person who disagreed with him in his first thread 11 months back! This guy holds a grudge. He has also tried to provoke me multiple times, for example, by creating threads right after I did, just to disagree with me. What is funny, though, is that although he seems to hate everything I say, he still at least had a look or five at my translation and proofreading gigs when he created/edited his own translation gig. It is so obvious! He has also been sexist on multiple occasions.
  12. Stop spamming! I just told you in another thread! I know you already have a warning for spamming, so you really are trying your best to get a ban, no? Don't say I didn't warn you. I will have to report you again.
  13. You have already posted once in this thread saying basically the same thing. I know you are excited about the forum, but can you please not post something every single minute? (Not talking only about this thread. Your posts are all over the forum.) It makes it near impossible for everyone else to use the forum. Let other people have a chance to speak too. Thank you. EDIT: He says thank you down below, but starts spamming another thread mere seconds after thanking me. 🙄 I know for a fact he has already received a warning for spamming, so he sure is playing with fire.
  14. The forum is almost impossible to use today. Some of the spammers have gone crazy!

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      @vibronx I agree! The spammers used to quiet down a little when you warned them, but now most of them just don’t stop (they’re like rebels lol!)

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