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  1. Hi, fellow Dane. I can see that you've gotten most of your sales from your translation gig. I read your gig description, and to be honest, I think most buyers would be put off by your English level. Based on the description, you don't seem totally fluent. Also, you keep mentioning that you got a 12 in English. Where did you get that grade? High school? You never mention it. So I suggest improving your English and your gig description.
  2. @sb_shathi I have noticed that you've been liking posts on the forum for hours on end. In fact, you've liked more than 100,000 comments in total. I'm just here to tell you that this is not going to bring you orders, as you probably already realized. Please don't waste your life (said in the kindest possible way).
  3. It would bring a lot of new users too! It's a no-brainer, Fiber!
  4. It's Christ Chan now. Or Jesus CHRIST-ine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime! ⚡💙⚡
  5. Just kidding... 😅 Well, Dragon Ball had a huge impact on my life, so I'll attach some art from that. (Funny how AI bros thought it was appropriate to "honor" Akira Toriyama's passing by posting tons of AI art all across social media.)
  6. I agree with this. Both boomers and zoomers are likely to fall for scams. https://www.vox.com/technology/23882304/gen-z-vs-boomers-scams-hacks I don't believe zoomers generally are as tech-literate as they are made out to be, especially when it comes to computers.
  7. I realized that since George R.R. Martin will never finish Winds of Winter, there will never be any proof that Stannis the Mannis, the rightful king of Westeros, didn't end up removing the usurper from the throne.
  8. Not all of them. I have never asked for a review or even mentioned a review in my time on Fiverr. Yet, without guiding my buyers, I have only received a single 4.7-star review in the last two years. I think it comes down to being able to spot red flags in buyers. We're competitors, OP, and I can see that one of your recent 4.3-star reviews came from a buyer that I turned down because he seemed like he would be too demanding. It's about learning what signs to look for.
  9. Oh, that's about the success score. I'm talking about the ratings.
  10. I haven't read all the threads, so I don't know. Maybe they'll end up changing what I saw. It was two whole days ago after all.
  11. The new rating breakdown/system is unfair to lower-volume (or newer sellers) as those who have gotten thousands of reviews prior to private feedback being a thing won't be as affected. This is supported by the fact that I saw a seller with thousands of reviews maintain their 4.9 rating in the new rating breakdown, even though if you calculated a simple average of the five review metrics, they should have ended up with a 4.7 rating. Another example is a seller who has a 4.7 rating but should have ended up with a 4.5 rating. (Not referring to anybody in this thread, btw. I got sent a few other ratings privately.)
  12. Buyers are able to leave private feedback after an order, so the two new rating metrics are basically based on that feedback.
  13. Yes, Google Translate did!
  14. It really is. I have heard from reliable sources that some of my competitors, who I know are straight-up Google Translating everything, have gotten higher ratings than me... One even got a 5 in Quality of delivery.
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