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  1. Hey @Jonbaas - can you please make a little room in your inbox, please.  I'd like to send you a PM.


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    2. jonbaas


      Oh, she already knows about all of you. 😉

    3. vickiespencer


      And you are still married! 😱

      Actually my hubby knows I have many Fiverr Friends both men and women. He is fine with that. 

    4. jonbaas


      Yep, trust is not an issue of concern with my wife either. 

  2. They just did - 3 new paid CS trained m o d s - did you not notice the improvement? [/sarcasm]
  3. My ancestors are "black irish" - you think that would count?
  4. Good luck with that. Cats are curious creatures and, given a chance, into everything ...
  5. Crazy cat lady here. I often think about getting a dog ... but then when it's raining, or snowing, or -10c ... change my mind, watching a neighbour taking out his two perfectly adorable dogs for a walk in whatever the weather is ... Perfectly happy to admire and make friends with other people's dogs ... !
  6. In the UK we should know more on 17th July ... in theory ... So many people going out of business - it's very sad ...
  7. Sorry this is happening to you. Did the original order include documenting the code? If not, you may be unlucky. Ask CS to cancel the order - they usually support the buyer in this kind of situation.
  8. You can also hide your status, so you don't appear on any of the visitor lists - the ones on the site of main forum (when it's available) or the list of recent visitors to your profile ...
  9. If I think a buyer is going to leave a less than stellar review - rather than being sure of it! - I will leave a 5* with the commnet "Thank you for your order". Mostly, because my buyers are generally enthusiastic, they leave 5* and my initial review is more detailed, particularly if they are a first time buyer. Occasionally, I think things have gone well ... and they leave a 4* - some people are like that. On the rare occasions that happens, I feel peeved. Then I take a breath, step back ... write a response indicating my take on it. For example - one buyer left 4*s for communication (I'm a *great* communicator, btw), writing that communication could have been better. After doing the whole "take a breath thing" - I said they were right: communication wasn't great because *they* were not easy to get hold of (read: non responsive) and found answering my questions difficult. You can be honest - but tactful! - in your responses to public reviews. Private reviews you can't do much about. If they only leave a private one, but nothing public, the only way you can know about it is if your gig suddenly gets ignored by the algorithm. It's never "for no reason".
  10. I'd like an invitation - thank you.
  11. Welcome. Te W-9 form is only relevant to US citizens. If you're not a US citizen, your answer "no" was the correct thing to do and there will be no problem. I answered "no", too ...
  12. Excuse me?! So you're paying for something, expecting to be given a service ... but it's just a "give us your money and we'll do whatever we feel like"?! That's pretty outrageous, even for Fiverr ...
  13. $250 per month is $3000 per year. That's more than most fiverr sellers make all year. I myself made a whole $20 in my first year selling. I make more now, obvs, but still ... What the bigger platforms do is pay per proposal. Each seller is given a small, non rolling over number of proposal credits free each month ... and then after that they have to either pay to make more proposals, or wait until the next month. No doubt Fiverr could work something out along those lines ... Charging a recurring fee at a level usually only seen for high level marketing courses would be self defeating.
  14. This kind of question from buyers is one where they're trying for a free tutorial. When I get one like that, I either point them in the direction of a youtube video ... or remind them that whatever it is is the reason they're paying me to do it ... amused and polite, rather than defensive.
  15. Never send drafts of anything without a watermark. You can, if the work is for something online, make a google alert for the work. If it appears online you can put in a dcma request to the website. Remind the buyer that since they didn't pay for the work, they can't use it ... and you might mention the google alert thing ... politely ...
  16. If you look at your analytics page, quite far down, you'll see a list of what matters in terms of levels ... and gig ranking. If any of those stats go under 90%, your ranking will suffer. In addition, there is an undisclosed review that buyers are urged to complete about their order. This has more effect on your rank than anything Fiverr shares with you. Do a search for any of Frank_d's posts - he goes into far more detail. Bottom line: there's *far* more to ranking your gig than reviews.
  17. Common sense needs to be trained, you're not born knowing it. Think about it: it's common sense to leave a burning building. Why? Because you've been trained with fire drills right through your school life from your earliest years, so that in a real life fire situation, you grab your bag and run. (You're not supposed to grab your bag, but we all do it!) Whenever you see anyone quoting "common sense" as an answer to anything, bear in mind whatever it is is something they've been trained to ... and don't expect anyone else so have the same training.
  18. Welcome back, Emma 🙂


    1. emmaki


      Thank you! I am still lowkey confused by the new forum layout...

  19. Your best bet is probably to contact CS - there’s a link at the bottom of the main Fiverr page. Unfortunately, no one here can help you … except with a bit of sympathy. Which doesn’t doesn’t get the problem fixed …
  20. You are in a very competitive category, so you’ll need to make your gigs stand out from the others. Your post has been moved to the correct category. It is not appropriate to start another post for the same thing. If you do so, it may be flagged as spam. These articles may help you https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service .
  21. These articles may help you https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service .
  22. You may promote your gigs under the category “my fiverr gigs”. Post them anywhere else and they’re likely to be flagged as spam.
  23. I have a gig up for the holiday season … no real interest yet …
  24. Hi - welcome to the forum. If you’re on a phone, zoom out and you’ll fin the switch to seller link on the top right of your screen.
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