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  1. @rahana_islam your post is copied ©️ 👯 from here: ⬇️ It is against the Fiverr Forum Guidelines to post information that is copied from elswere with out giving credit to the original source. https://marketkeep.com/importance-of-seo-for-small-businesses/
  2. @n_image_editing It is evident you copied these tips from somewhere online as the fonts are all different. It is good of you to share, however Fiverr Forum Community guidelines say we are supposed to give credit to the original author(s) when we copy from other sources.
  3. Provide quality work so you have few order cancellations Always deliver your orders early—12 hours early is best, a day earlier is better! Be responsive to your buyers, and keep them in the loop as to what is going on with their orders.
  4. @shadiya646's statement has been virtually copied by two posters in this thread. Why? 🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. I need to update my screenshot. I have been lazy about doing that. 🙈
  6. As it says in the article in the link that @ligiacarvalho posted, you can also use a driver's license or other valid ID. You send Fiverr what they want or you will lose your account. It is that simple. @iamolya I just looked for your profile and gig page. It appears Fiverr has stopped showing your gigs.
  7. I would be be scared if anyone drank my account too! Do you mean banned your account?
  8. Did you know there is an emoji for that? ➡️
  9. How? Should she take up jogging? 🏃🏻‍♀️ When you offer someone help please explain yourself more. Your statement make no sense. 😳 Did you use google translate or something? 🤔 Please refrain from posting such dribble in the future. 👌🏼 Oh no! 😱 YouTube gurus are the WORST place to get information. No wonder you are posting the dribble I mentioned here. ⬇️
  10. After looking at your gig images, I understand why you have no orders. You have way to much content crammed into a small space. I understand you wanting to get all of your services out there for prospective buyers to see, but that does not work! Buyers go through the search pages quickly. They do NOT take time to stop and read everything that is in your gig thumbnail! To make your gig stand out you need to have a nice clean (free of clutter) gig image that is simple and has 3 or 4 words stating the service you provide. Once you have their attention they will read about all of the other things you offer in your gig description. Look at these two examples: ⬇️
  11. The time that counts is that you delivered on time. Once you do that, everything is okay even though you are asked for a revision; there is a big orange countdown that says late. It IS disconcerting! However, I have added a day to my delivery times to avoid the clock running out, even though it does not get me a warning. You see, Fiverr is more kind to sellers in their algorithm if they deliver at least 12 hours early.
  12. Copied from here: ⬆️ This is from Fiverr Forum Community Guidelines: ⬇️ Please site your source! 😉 Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy forum posts or on or off-Fiverr content. Links to other content may be used within a conversational post & abide with the other forum rules and Fiverr Terms of Service. Bumping and cross-posting is not explicitly disallowed but is discouraged and if abused will result in the removal of posts.
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