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  1. Please don’t spam other people’s threads. If you need help getting sales, read through the Forum for some tips.
  2. Me too! For some reason, occasionally I see newbie sellers asking for tips on how to get their first order, etc. on the Tips for Sellers category. In the old Forum, I would’ve just changed the category for them, but in the new Forum, that’s not an option. I usually just let them know that they’ve posted in the wrong category- sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t. And yep, thank you Fiverr team- I like the new reactions!
  3. That’s happened to me too! Then I realize that it’s sorted by upvotes, so I have to change it to “sort by date” to understand what’s really happening. I think the upvotes feature would be good in the questions categories like Fiverr FAQs, IMG, and MFG because that’s where most of the spam happens. It would be a little confusing for the other categories (like Casual Conversations) because those are mostly conversations that have to be read in order (like the Emoji Game).
  4. When given the choice between chocolate and vanilla, always choose chocolate (you won't regret it 😁)
  5. That's true, but this Forum has a feature to sort posts by date and sort posts by upvotes!
  6. You could, but once again, it’s pretty hard to be talented (enough that you can make money from) in all those sub-categories. Also, just creating gigs won’t get you more orders- your gigs have to be good and appealing to your potential buyers.
  7. You don’t have to create 7 gigs to get your first order. Although it might help with your chances, not everyone has 7 talents, especially on different niches, that they can make gigs for. When I got my first order, I only had like 4 gigs. Staying active on Fiverr does not guarantee you more orders!
  8. You could get a warning if Fiverr doesn’t believe you, or if the buyer complains. If the buyer understands your mistake and is fine with it, then everything should be fine! I’ve had orders where the order didn’t require me to attach any files, and I’ve never gotten a warning. Have you redelivered with the files attached yet?
  9. The amount of buyer requests that you get usually depends on what category your gigs are in and what seller level you are. The saturated categories like logo design tend to have a ton of buyer requests (and tons of people making offers, which gives you more competition). Also, once you become a Level 1 Seller (and beyond), you’ll start to see more buyer requests.
  10. @mjensen415 Is there a chance that an upvote (just upvote, not downvote) will be added to the Forum? Because the green up arrow looks nice, but it's not really helping the more useful posts get seen!
  11. Haha no problem! 😁 Mine was turned on by default, but it got overwhelming to scroll through all the notifications of whenever someone posted, so I turned it off. And then people started using status updates, and I realized I was missing out on most of them because I had to manually check! 😅 I have the notifications back on now, so now I can see whenever someone posts or replies to a status update!
  12. I'm also from the US, and my favorite summer fruits are mangos, which I get from Costco lol!
  13. You should be getting a notification every time someone you follow posts a topic or posts a status update. If not, I would probably check to see if that’s turned off in your notification settings!
  14. Did anyone else notice the new congrats reaction on the Forum?

    I love it, but I just wish it didn’t look exactly like the thanks reaction!

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    2. krheate


      I wish the up/down voting (or just upvoting) could be added to all the sections! I think the up arrow is kinda like an “agree” button. 

      We’ll have to see how useful the up arrow will be! 😅😁

    3. krheate


      Noooo they got rid of the congrats reaction! 😢

    4. maitasun


      Yes, the up arrow is just an agree emoji, but that's all what they're willing to give us 😔, so we need to be creative and work with what we've got. 

  15. Gotcha! If you don’t mind me asking, could you provide a screenshot of where you saw craft being used (instead of task/work) on Fiverr?
  16. I have the Subscriptions feature for my VA gig, but no one has ordered it yet. Usually I don’t like committing to long-term work, but I’ll see how this goes first!
  17. Where did you see tasks labeled as crafts?
  18. I would suggest adding it to your bio! If you're feeling overwhelmed with Fiverr, you can always take a pause for a little and go Out of Office, or you can extend your delivery times. I completely agree with @looseink about education coming first. With a good education, you'll have the chance to pursue many opportunities out there instead of sticking to only Fiverr.
  19. And, somehow the OP joined the Forum in March 21, 2019... This is a little strange 🤔
  20. Many people on the Forum have faced the issue of their gigs becoming unqualified for Promoted Gigs. I'm assuming that you no longer meet the quality metrics.
  21. Oh, that’s a pretty common bug on Fiverr!
  22. You need to make an appealing gig that interests buyers who purchase the service (in general) that you're offering.
  23. Hi! Many posts have already been made on the topic of how to improve your gig ranking, so I would suggest reading those before posting. Check out this post for some info on gig ranking:
  24. I'm confused... How do you know that you have a lot of buyer requests if you can't see them?
  25. I hate to be rude, but what in the world are you talking about?
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