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  1. These kind of many buyers are already existed here. Once a buyer ask me if I could make him 3 short video and 2 flyers(though I do not design flyers) only for 5$! And he also told me if I created these works before placing order and he liked it, then he could ordered me. How beastly these kinds of buyer are!!
  2. This is really a disgusting situation. I think you should contact to CS and explain them the issue what is happened to you. If you are right, you will get the Justice.
  3. Wanna post this kind of oneday.๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ
  4. You guy, please be patient... Please stop this practices. "Stay online, active online, active 24h" these are totally rubbish advice. If you don't know about anything, please be stopped but donโ€™t spread this types of scamming advice. In a nutshell, these are useless comments only for getting upper ranks of the badges of their forum profiles.
  5. What is hidden feedback? I want to know more about hidden feedback. Is there any article here for these topic? Please suggest me.
  6. First of all, you should have a good command over communication skill.
  7. Yes. This is my mistake. But remember, you created gigs only 2 days ago, but here are many people who got their first order after 3 month or later. So be patient. Patient is one of the most important things here.
  8. Please try to send unique buyer request. It will be better if you share link of your some works in your request. This will be helped you very much to find orders.
  9. How are people so much impatient? You create 2 gigs but you can't any order. Some sellers are here who didnโ€™t get their first order even 3 months. Be patients
  10. 1.You need attractive gig images and video. 2. Proper gig description. 3. Send unique buyer request daily. 4. Keep your patience which is most important for new seller.
  11. When will I post like this? After all, congratulations Man
  12. What's the problem about buyer request? I can't see any request from last night. Is the problem for only me or everyone?
  13. I have completed my second order with 5 star ratting and tips. I am working in short video ads.
  14. Thank you Brother. I will remember it.
  15. Is it right to share my gmail if the buyer ask me for gmail to give me some instructions. I am working on short video creator. Please help me.
  16. No similarity between headline and description. And I think, the main purpose of this post is not clear.
  17. How this is helpful for new seller?๐Ÿ™„
  18. This not possible for a human. Again this is a scamming advise. But rest of the notes are important.
  19. Welcome to here. Try to follow the TOS of fiverr...
  20. One of the important things i think. This is important for every seller.
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