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When a new seller is told by the forum that they have broken the Terms of Service …

tenor (7)

(I am out of hearts, so I will give everyone later 😀 PS: I love this thread so much. Thanks for creating it, @vickiespencer! )

Footie gif! That reminds me of …

seller trying to hide in a small niche, but The Algorithm™ will find him anyway for the gig rotation.


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Bonus points for a ToS gifmeme that’s almost as long as the ToS.

Spammy seller who wants to sell something to a buyer who happens to be a seller and thus is contactable … or made the mistake of posting a buyer request while being a contactable seller …

youdontknowme1200×628 43.7 KB

Vickie has a talent for threads that leave people all heartless.

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