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  1. Can't edit my above post any longer to add this there, but it needs to be added. I'm floored. I just opened a thread "Order cancellation percentage", thinking someone doesn't know how that works and wants advice, or something, but it was a celebratory thread for their order cancellation percentage being back at 100%. 😶
  2. No, sorry. It needs to be either an actress/actor/model/celebrity or if a normal woman, like in your drawing, big librarian style glasses. If you add glasses, it might work. Why does this new forum not have spoiler tags ... oh, let me try ... <spoiler> (The forum-wide known alternative to glasses for men would be dogs and/or beards, in case anyone didn't want to know.) </spoiler> Nope ... <spoiler>The forum-wide known alternative to glasses for men would be dogs and/or beards, in case anyone didn't want to know.</spoiler> Hm .... Well, I tried.
  3. Well, yes, and no. While you're basically right, that automatic 1* review does show next to the name of the buyer who didn't get their order and didn't actively leave a review. Which also is the part I don't like about that. It should show a Fiverr icon as "buyer" if it comes to that automatic 1* review IMO.
  4. Pro Speedrunner tip: Speedrunning on your own isn't very competitive, and your competition will quickly get decimated by Fiverr support and T&S team, but there's the forum! Find yourself some new Speedrunner competition by replying to clueless newbies' threads with "Use auto-refresher to stay online", "Yes, you can have two accounts in two computers", and similar helpful advice, to get them on the speedrunning track ASAP. __________________ Brace yourselves. Winter The real “Thank You” posts are coming.
  5. I absolutely agree that it's forum overload to post separate topics for 14th order, or 825th review, or 3rd tip. I agree with two previous comments, though, that the very first sale is fine to post too. We might not all do it, depending on personality and attitude, but to me, the "Got my 1st order with 5* review" posts are cute, people are genuinely happy about that, I think, maybe thought they'll never get even one order, maybe it's the first time they ever earned their own money, even, and want to share their joy, and we have to live with the people using the forum being different in some things and using the forum in different ways ... yeah, but, right ... the next celebratory post should (not should in that sense, though, it's totally fine to not post another number of orders celebratory post, too ;)) be 100, 500, or 1000 then, though. "Completed my 437th order", while cool and all, really doesn't seem like anything to write home about 😉 ETA, as I just saw it: Small tip for people who will, despite Jon's great advice to stick to more traditionally celebratory numbers, post all of their orders - if there's a 1 in the end of your number, it's "st", not "th"; it's not your, for example, 21th order, but your 21st order. So, another great reason to stick to numbers with a zero in the end, like 100, or 1000, no need to remember that, you can just slap the "th" on those! 🙃
  6. That filter can be very useful, depending on what you want to buy. The country isn't the issue here, though. The issue is that if you want to buy something shady, you'll probably deal with shady people, whether they use several accounts, or just one, and there are people selling shady things from all countries. As long as OP seeks to buy "review removing service done through inside connection to support team", a happy end seems anything but guaranteed. @jamiefranco Can you respond to that review you'd like deleted as the business owner? In that case, maybe rather pay someone with experience in such damage control to craft the best response ever for you? That would be legit, and might help.
  7. You don't know if they are trustworthy, and if such a "service" is legit? No, they aren't. No, it isn't. There's a reason you didn't simply buy. Probably it's because you actually do know, at the least deep within, so listen to yourself 😉 and don't buy. Depending, you paying and just not receiving the touted service, and losing your money, might even be the best outcome, by the way. If, for example, you wanted a review at a big online retailer removed, or with a conglomerate known best for their search engine, would you be willing to face possible consequences, like being banned from using their services in the future? If some idea you have already makes you question, observe, post on a forum, it's worth a few "what if" thoughts.
  8. Not only is it not required, it also isn't allowed. Don't worry too much about orders lost that way, better to lose a few orders than your account, plus, some of thr people who want to take you off-platform might not have "easier" communication in mind (how much easier and safer could it be anyway than simply continuing the communication where you are already conversing, don't need to share your private number, etc.) but either want to avoid the platform fees, or even scam you. Politely remind them of Fiverr's terms of service (read them yourself, maybe save the relevant bit as a quick response), and if they don't want to work with you but still want you to break Fiverr's terms and risk your account, you're better off without them.
  9. Hi. I'd read that often enough that it seemed a good idea to maybe not try the promo, however, I've also read posts by sellers who've had great results with the promo, so, trying out what works for you is probably best. Regarding conversion rate, mine is usually something like 0.03-0.05%, so, pretty abysmal, as I get sooooo much spam of all kinds, mostly from sellers (maybe the correct term is 'people who want, or demand to be given a job, even though it's crystal clear that they'd not be able to do that job', though, the term "sellers" doesn't really apply to many of them). The only times I saw a conversion rate of above 1% this year, was when I was in out of office mode real long, thus getting only messages and orders from regular and irregular former buyers. So, from my experience, low conversion rate is probably not too bad; after all, it's not one of Fiverr's levelling metrics either, maybe because they are aware of how much spam there is, they certainly have stats on how often sellers press the Spam or Report button, how many users they warn, or ban, for spam, how many of a seller's messages are spam messages, and such. This is by no means a fact, just a guess/theory!, but I think it would make sense that Fiverr, respectively the algorithm, takes into consideration if a "no conversion message" is, or belongs to, a clear spam message/conversation thread (in the case when spammers send several messages), or to a message that actually was a conversion opportunity, or at least looked like a conversion opportunity to the algorithm, and weight that differently. Would make sense at least.
  10. And how do you like it? Is the screen big enough for what you do? Would you prefer a bigger screen on your next laptop, or do you prefer smaller size and lower weight to a bigger screen?
  11. Hm, I'm pretty sure it's not allowed to use shortened URLs in Gig description etc., so I'd not use any in replies to reviews in any case, to be on the safe side. I hope you won't have too many of those strange experiences.
  12. Right. And apart from Gigs, by the way, and in view of the occasion, it's super easy to have a unique profile image by simply using a photo of oneself, or a really self-made logo. And if wanted, there are certainly ways to make it innovative, too, and to apply some skills, other than copying.
  13. Did you contact the seller to ask what's up? That's what I'd try first. If they don't reply, and from the point the Gig status becomes"Very Late", that's around 2 days after deadline, you should be able to cancel one-sidedly. Click the "Help&Support link in the footer, and you'll find articles about any such technicalities, and can also reach Fiverr's support (via drop-down ticket system) if needed.
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