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  1. It happened to me once, I was working with a rude buyer and I cancelled his order just a day in. Nothing really happened. Orders came in as always. I didn't have more than 7 gigs so it didn't really have an impact on me.
  2. Yes, you are. Not the first time I (we?) have heard of this tactic. Is it okay if I ask what type of app and the cost of the gigs?
  3. My left arm (not the injected one) + chest and some limbs quite hurt for over 10 days after the first shot. Not that excited for the second dose.
  4. Definitely, you can map any game controller with Joystick Mapper on MacOS and with other apps on Windows. Search stuff like "Turn Xbox controller into MIDI" and you'll find what I'm talking about.
  5. Follow your passion(s) and start early, slowly, bit by bit - and find the right pace at which to challenge yourself regularly.
  6. I've got a 6 core i5 with 16 gigs of RAM. The graphics card from my previous rig died and nearly all components were 5 years old, so I decided to put a new one together as soon as I'd have a new GPU in my hands (I bought a new 1060 in April for 100€, which was/still is going for 300-400€, nearly 400-500 USD, due to the chip crisis).
  7. For something like this, all you have to do is to (politely) contact CS by opening a ticket and ask for that cancellation to be taken out of the equation. Not your fault = can be restored. If in the upcoming days your buyer ends up being a b-word who's using your work without reaching you for compensation, you can also DMCA the hell out of them through Fiverr itself. A link to the IP stuff is in the ribbon at the end of every page on the website. Then there are some ways in which you can get rightfully paid but only someone more experienced than me can answer since AFAIK 99% of the time it's always lost income in these cases.
  8. I've heard about sellers getting banned after a buyer's order was completed, but never during! This is a particular case. Anyways: sellers who have been suspended - because not everything is necessarily final - will be able to withdraw their remaining balance before (if their account is restored) or after (if they're banned) 90 days. So they should get the money, IF Fiverr allows you to complete the order right now, that is.
  9. The two "national" animals of Italy are the bear and the wolf, and that's also the most dangerous it gets. There are a few white sharks that I'm aware of and that's it. Most woods also have boars, the most common wild animal (that is eaten in Italy along with the rabbit). Also yeah, living near any coast here is basically: seagulls screeching at 1 AM, seagulls screeching at 2 AM, etc.
  10. You doing it is up to you, her asking is never contemplated (and not polite either - I would refuse to work with her). Straight from Support:
  11. It's a very nice, clean cover, and I find little wrong with it... I'm looking to seriously expand in the more pro book covers and such territory too (stuff to be done with fonts + stock photo subscriptions), so I really like seeing it's working out well for you! I've just got an ask, do you do any "special" stuff when working with file formats (I guess you deliver things in AI/ID/SVG/PDFs)? Like color profiles, setting up information specifically for prints, or is it as simple as exporting the PDF like they tell you to on the examples page? Because I see stuff like KDP is basically DIY-tier, just like what I described. I'm anxious when it comes to my clients' stuff getting printed, etched, etc.
  12. Yep! Your turn! @alphagev this charted the highest in Italy, btw 🤣 since I saw you used the confused reaction...
  13. @imagination7413 is close with the grammar even if totally off the mark...
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