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  1. Generally, after I get an order, I never start working on it immediately. I wait one or two hours of mentally digesting the thing indirectly while I’m finishing what I was doing before, and only after that I start. You can work fast without rushing it if you don’t jump into things prematurely. Now, specialty-wise. Graphic design: I already have some very concrete stuff in my mind before starting;I set up my “magic grid” in twelfths and quarters (my “elementary unit” is two pixels - yes, I don’t use inches, millimeters, points, picas, etc.);I just update the buyer and continue/fix until we’re done.Translation: I start from the very beginning, not from the easiest/hardest parts or the ones that interest me the most;I highlight everything that 1) I believe isn’t final, and 2) is specific jargon that I need to look up first;I re-read twice, one at the end of the last day of work and one before I deliver the next day (yes, I take it slow by the end).My music: I have no concrete starting point for my music. Most of the times though, I either hum a melody into my phone that I try to replicate or just start with a drum pattern;I update the buyer with a project screenshot and maybe 10 seconds of the music that “explain” it well. If they like it, it’s onto the polishing phase;My mixes are just functional at the moment - not in-depth, but I make sure it sounds good, balanced in range, stereo and doesn’t clip/destroy your ears with certain frequency ranges.Edit: I also work in 30 minute - 1 hour bursts, sparkling water/coke by my side, no food. That’s it.
  2. People have been asking about this for 3+ years on here it seems, but nothing ever materialised. I said this recently elsewhere: IMO, yes. I can only see Fiverr spending some of their budget to get the right people and technology on board far from now. The only way it can happen soon is if PayPal, which Fiverr is partnered with, does something to alleviate the expense load. Otherwise it’s going to take time or take off very slowly.
  3. No rule agaist it, but Fiverr detects more users with the same IP and will block them. You or your brother will need to ask CS first and submit any identity documents (which ones, like passport/ID/license will vary by country) to prove they’re another person if and when they ask them. From a previous post I made:
  4. I’m sure, but NKS? That’s the point. No NKS to my knowledge and too many hoops to jump through for any feasible workaround. No way I’m buying NKS plugins and libraries and Native Instruments gear if I can’t get the Kontrol interface going! :man_shrugging:
  5. FL Studio is by far the best for the annoying piano roll composer that I am (ok, I am not that incompetent but you get it). It is also the most immediate to use and complete out of the box. Ableton may be simpler and even faster but its abstract visual presentation makes up for a certain learning curve that I didn’t want to put up with. The workflow and docked pipeline isn’t exactly my type of stuff either. Reason has a great rent-to-own model and is the biggest bang for the buck if you exclude FL. Unfortunately, its lack of third party support stopped me from ever considering it as I love plugins from Native Instruments. Bottom line is if I was playing live, using real synths and doing a lot of plunderphonics – toying around with samples and all – I would’ve got Ableton in a heartbeat. I however know for a fact that I will be purchasing that and Max in the very far future! @marcotoba late answer but did you go for Logic? Logic seems far better than Studio one IMHO and it has a lot of feedback to justify itself.
  6. Cryptocurrencies aren’t mainstream or accessible enough yet. Heck, it’s been over a decade of Bitcoin so far and most of the world won’t even be able to have it in their PayPal balance by the end of 2021. It’s the e-ink of finance. I doubt that there’s even been a single person among the millions of buyers in the last year who have also thought “damn, I would’ve really bought this 20$ gig if I could’ve used my crypto wallet”. Not a priority at the moment. IMO, yes. I can only see Fiverr spending some of their budget to get the right people and technology on board far from now.
  7. HVAC: can’t live without it, can’t record with it. 😔
  8. I never learned how to play one instrument properly, but I have an affinity for production as a whole. Piano roll composition, synthesis, automation, some minimal mixing, etc… I type out my melodies with the keyboard and usually wind up with lots of usual 1:30-2 minute demos every day. Simple electronic stuffs and beats for the most part. I got into it because of my favourite musicians, I guess. I used some of my Fiverr balance just yesterday to get a as my first MIDI controller, and I’m waiting for the standard Christmas sales to purchase one of the base FL Studio versions, which I’ve been using for a while (they let you use older and newer versions for free with no limits, it’s like the WinRar of music 😂 you just can’t keep your projects). I also look forward to the lifetime upgrades, license and unlimited installations - Ableton and Pro Tools are great and likely better, but they have nasty models (we were just talking about how bad Adobe CC gets with it in another thread, since I also do graphics) which are a dealbreaker at the moment, plus the “steep” learning curve and all. I will probably assemble a better PC soon from scratch so I have zero things to worry about.Yes, I’ll open some gigs when I’m ready. Was looking forward to do music for games, I’m quite decent at chiptune. As for more common genres, I’m still wrapping my head around on which VSTs are better for guitars, pianos, the effects for them and stuff like that.
  9. I keep getting offers to buy Adobe, but I do not purchase it because I would not use it. But I am getting tired of getting bugged by Microsoft to upgrade my cloud! There’s the problem. You can’t “buy” Adobe software now, you can only rent them. Creative Cloud goes by monthly plans. In the 2000s, one piece of Adobe software costed 599 bucks, a new version would come out every 3 years and you could upgrade for a cheaper fee. Hell, they even had the cheap beginners’ versions - called “Elements” - at 99$ or something! And it wouldn’t even be outdated until over a decade later. My man Masahiro Ito over here still uses Photoshop CS3 to draw and he hasn’t upgraded his tablet since 2004 because of the bad plan and the hardware compatibility respectively. Now if you want the entire photo suite plus something else you have to pay 700$ a year, it won’t launch the morning after you forget to renew the plan, and if your internet doesn’t work it also wants you to die. 😔 I do graphic design on Fiverr, then for my own interests some video and photo editing. I have bought Vegas for 22€ thanks to Humble Bundle (charity platform where you buy X software/ebooks/games for Y donation) which can absolve for After Effects’ duties, and InkScape (free) can do non-professional AI, but as for photo editing… well, let’s not talk about GIMP. 😒
  10. Yes, there are gig types with just a dozen or more sellers. They exist. But if it’s an easy market, it’s nearly filled to the brim already… …and if it’s an open market, then it’s hard to upskill or thrive in. Gatekeeping also is at times. 😃 Letting low quality sellers or scammers flood a market will just make the clients and sellers’ work harder. Not all secret recipes (or nuclear launch codes for that matter) are kept away from the public just for a matter of greed…
  11. Where people work when they freelance from their computers: 1200×630 3.99 KBWhere people work when they freelance from their phones: 1024×682 210 KB
  12. Buyer request attachments on the phone app: Buyer request attachments on your computer: (Buyer Requests on PC show no username and hide nearly all attachments, FYI - they still haven’t fixed this).
  13. Accidentally resetting/refreshing a page full of buyer requests.
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