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  1. HI, I wanted to know that if we set a order for 3 milestones and the buyer accepts first two milestone, but we cannot complete the third millstone. So if we cancel the order what will happen to the first two milestones.
  2. Hello all, today I got a notification of job cancellation, which I completed on 18 December 2022, the job was successfully completed with 5 ratings, and after 8 days, the job was canceled by Fiverr customer support! Is there any chance of getting my earnings back? I am so confused!
  3. I've been having an issue with this one client. They haven't been on for 6 days now and I've delivered the fourth attempt at getting them an email template they want. I've been trying to understand what they want. The latest one is based on a sample design they sent. That has been the clearest they have been in what they want. I've been finding it hard to figure out what they want. Like I've asked for specific colors and what parts of past designs I've sent them that they liked or disliked. I don't want to cancel. They are a seller on Fiverr and they have good reviews. They don't seem to be mean and they are not from the United States. But this order has been driving my crazy. I don't want the order to automatically be finalized before the client can respond. What should I do?
  4. This is unbelieveable! Fiverr just withdraw $300 from my available funds and gave back to buyer for completed work! The buyer was requested an ansys analysis and a report. These are perfectly done and delivered. Buyer accepted the delivery, marked as completed and reviewed me! Gave me 5 stars! But 4 weeks later fiverr just cancelled the order and stole my $300. I wrote to customer support and they says: “ I checked on this order for you and noticed it was canceled because the buyer Khalidelmi2000 opened a chargeback on the order with their payment provider. Fiverr cannot prevent this action and we did not cancel the order from our side. Fiverr reviews cases of payment provider chargebacks and disputes on behalf of Sellers. Although results vary per case due to each chargeback reason, we work hard on resolving disputes in the Seller’s favor. We were reviewing the chargeback and the order with our relevant team and unfortunately, this order is not eligible for compensation. ” What is that? Is that a joke?? This is just scam! A fradulent chargeback and Fiverr does not protects me! Why should any seller trust or continue to work with Fiverr if they are not protects us? This is unbelieveable! My whole work gone for free!
  5. Can someone please explain how the new extension requests work? If there are any anymore? I noticed that I can't send extension requests anymore - I can only cancel an order. Any link about this change where we can read what has happened? I have multiple situations where Apple or Google might ask to review some client's info, client's app info, or documents and it is impossible to predict how long it will take them to do that. What do we do? How do I make an extension request while me and my client wait for Apple and Google when we can no longer do that?
  6. Long story short: I was contacted by a buyer asking for help writing his university to request a scholarship. We talked before he placed the order and agreed on the terms. He payed for extra-fast delivery, meaning I had to prioritize his request and delay other work commitments. I sent him a first draft with some questions, he replied, and I sent him a second revised draft. He then cancelled the order claiming I was violating copyright and plagiarising other people's work. I've never had an experience like this. Not only did I work for him to run away with it and scam me, but my statistics have now been hurt as I have a ToS violation and my order completion has gone down. I have sent a request to Fiverr for help, but I am just so so so saddened by the entire thing. The irony of it all? He's studying to be a lawyer.
  7. One of my buyer requested some work to be done, I then created the order and delivered them as soon as i can, He marked the order complete and even left a great review! Then suddenly after three days time, I got a notification saying the buyer cancelled the order and funds were refunded. And i don't even have the option to contact resolution center. I am really upset of this as fiverr did not consider sellers point of view, If there were any issues regarding my delivery, The buyer would not have left a great review, Please help me, how should i deal with this?
  8. As a seller I cancelled the order after coming ot know that the order I had taken probably violates the Fiverr terms. So instead of getting banned, I requested the buyer to cancel order in resolution centre and he cancelled. Now i am worried about my gig rank and all the related stats. Please help.
  9. Hi, I had a client on a 10 blog sub and they disappeared after the first 2 but the sub kept rolling. 2 months (or so) later they've submitted the requirements for all 8 of them at once and I can't get them all done in the usual time frame as I'm "unavailable" for my wedding this week. I've spoken to the client about extending at least a few of them so that I can get them done which they said was fine but now they aren't replying to any messages or extension requests. I'm not sure what to do or what I can do because I don't want 8 late orders or cancellations when the client has already agreed. Any ideas?
  10. Hey Everybody! There are always the cancelled orders in the journey of Fiverr. Let's share your stories and invite the new freelancers to follow this conversation so that they won't make these mistakes in their journey. -- I have 8 different cancelled orders. Couple of them were cancelled because I couldn't complete it on time as my sister passed away in those days. -- Couple of projects were delivered right on time, but somehow buyer wasn't satisfied and he did not accept the delivery rather opened the dispute. Which by the way proved a scam later on. -- 1 project I picked up in haste; which turned out doesn't fall in my niche. That was a very bitter lesson for me and an example of "HASTE MAKES WASTE" I hope this post will be very useful for fellows. Looking forward to your experiences. Best Regards --
  11. Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with a "completed" order being cancelled -- NOT because of a chargeback, but solely due to a mistake on the CS rep's part? My buyer gave me the go signal on cancelling a few subscriptions that were meant to be single orders (that have now already been completed). So I asked CS if I could end a subscription manually on my end, or if it had to be done by CS to avoid negative effects on metrics. CS offered to assist -- but they misunderstood and cancelled the completed orders, along WITH its subscriptions that haven't started yet. They are in the process of resolving the issue due to the mistake on their part, but I have some questions: 1. Is it NOT possible to reverse a "cancelled" order back to a "completed" order? Can CS only reverse the funds? 2. When funds are added back to a seller due to an accidental cancellation/refund, does CS charge the client again? And if there are errors (CS adding back an excess amount, etc.), do the same errors reflect on the buyer's end? I have encountered some errors in the funds added back to my account (there is an excess amount and a possible glitch that they have yet to clarify). I'm just worried that this might reflect on the buyer's end, and I wouldn't want to cause them further inconvenience. Rest assured, I'm planning to check in with the client once CS has fully resolved the ticket, but it seems like it's going to take a longer time than usual based on their responses. In the meantime, I am asking in this forum to see if there have been any similar experiences. Any relevant feedback would be helpful. Thank you!
  12. I have been a seller on Fiverr since 2016 and have reached level 2 many times, but because of buyers not abiding by my requests of contacting me first before ordering I'm punished, which has dropped me all the way back to new seller. The biggest problem that I have being a seller on Fiverr is there's no way to refuse an order started from the buyer who may be disrespectful or you can't do the job because what they requested isn't a part of your gigs. Then once you agree or disagree to cancel the order your demoted if you get too many cancelled orders within the 60 days, even though it's not your fault. This is not fair to the seller because we work hard to try and keep our level status but all it takes is a few buyers who sometimes I think is on here working together to take someone with many 5 star reviews like myself down to a lower level so they can move up in searches. This is a major problem that I also have heard from my fellow sellers, there's no way to refuse orders or stop orders that you don't want to accept without hurting our completion rate and level status. Customer service or developers need to come up with something to protect good sellers or your going to lose us to another platform.
  13. Greetings Fiverr's Sellers, - - - - - - - - - - Buyer Cancelled the Order (Unprofessional and Unpleasant) I have been so much disappointed today as got a Cancellation on my recent order. I have on fiverr since May 2017 and never happen such at least. The returning buyer come to me ask to design a logo and share a design he loves. I put his design in mind a drawn the logo as per my promising service's. Suddenly ask for change performed exactly he wants. Still, he come to say would like to cancels the order i want exact replica of the design i shared with railroad only instead of that road. I get back and draw five different connect put all my efforts and ask him to let me order with which design he loves the most. He studently reading but haven't respond a day after that come to cancelled the order. I wasted my week and ask him to meets or arrange meeting we can talk. He was biased my cancelled the order via Fiverr Customer Support. This is unreal happen the order value was even 200 USD which is good in enough value. How could i get justice if i latterly work hard on that order looking forward to hear from anyone had such experience. Ossama Mehmood 샘 | Fiverr Specialized Graphic Designer
  14. Hi Everyone, I'm facing a horrible issue on Fiverr. My all revenue is going in cancellation after 14 days. I did job for a person in December 21. He lefts 5 Star review with good comments even he recommended for his friend. I received all my funds against his orders. Out of no way suddenly I received an email from Fiverr that my Dec orders cancelled and funds refunded to buyer and deducting my amount from balance. I'm really shocked and upset. Fiverr is saying it is fraud activity.
  15. I was given an order for 80$ which I had to complete in 2 weeks. The buyer sent me his creative brief and gave me details about the order. I tried to reach out to him to ask some questions about 2 of the shots I had to make but he did not respond. I completed the order and waited for his response to my questions but he did not come online. I delivered the order but he opened a dispute a day after the delivery date requesting cancellation of the order because " The quality of the work I received was poor". I followed his instructions exactly and even sent the final order but he is refusing to pay me.
  16. I had a good experience working with this buyer on their first order, but prior to completing the second order- I had shared multiple designs of the concept that the buyer requested hours before the delivery due date. He responded after the delivery by saying, "Please revise the delivery according to my comments below.", but did not attach any comments. The next day I inquired about the revisions, but he responded with, "These are not really the direction I wanted to go. I can either eat it or cancel this order. I will not use these. Nothing personal I want more of an artist's style. Thanks anyway." But mind you, he gave me very little instructions ( as he did the first order) on what kind of style he desired, and instead of communicating about the revision or what kind of style he wanted he's asking to cancel it OR accept it and likely write me a bad review. The gig was only $5, and I spent a lot of time creating those designs, but I'm still willing to recreate them if he offered any direction. I told him I understand if he wants to cancel, but I am also up for the challenge of recreating the design. 1. Is this something that happens often with graphic design orders? 2. He hasn't responded, so if nothing is done in 3 days- will the order autocomplete and he can write me a bad review? 3. Is this something that I should contact the Resolution Centre about? Thanks!
  17. Last night I posted a request for a programming project. I have done some development stuff in the past, like 10+ years ago, but don't have experience of this language and thought that getting someone else to do it would be easier. Got several offers. The first two, I asked if they had read the request and were sure they could do the job. One said yes, I accepted his offer, and then he delivered an empty file because he doesn't know how to do it, so I requested cancellation. The second one said he could do it, but it is a large project and he wants to quote an hourly rate instead. I asked how long it would take. I decided to contact a third seller as well, so I'm not kept waiting forever. The third one, I asked if he's sure he understands the request, and this morning he responded to say that it's a much bigger project than he thought and will take 4-6 weeks. The fourth seller said he knows what he's doing, and quotes a reasonable price, so I paid for that one. So, I've got someone working on a project which will take 14 days. But it surprised me that all of the offers say things like "this is very large project", or "this is extremely complicate". I wondered what I was missing, to make this task so much more complex than I expected? So while I was waiting for dinner to cook today I looked up some tutorials on the language online. From first contact to completing my own project (fully tested and working perfectly) took around 2 hours. I really hadn't expected to come up with something like that. So now, what do I do with the offer I already ordered? I want to be able to cancel, because I already have a fully working solution. But I feel like that would be unfair to the seller, if he has already started working on it. (although, to be honest, for someone with past experience this should not take more than twenty minutes, so I can't imagine he's put much time into it if he's not finished yet. What's the right thing to do in these circumstances? (And just for a laugh, the guy with the hourly rate offer finally got back to me, saying he can work 40 hours per week, but this is a huge project and take several months. I told him I'd already done it, and he asks me to consider him for future projects. Why should I consider someone who just told me he takes 12 hours to write each line of code? That feels almost like a scam)
  18. i am a contetn writer and data entry operator. one of my old clients came and asked me to do something saying that it was the part of the previous order which i done three months ago. I did everythig perfect and he agreed with what i did. He did not give feedback or accecpt the order and it was auto completed. Yesterday he claimed that i cheated him in that order and fiver without asking me anything concelled the order and deducts from my balance although i completed the task. the buyer did so because i was not ready to do his extra works, which were never related to the past work. Fiver should not have done this, the buyer was a lier and fiver believes in him.
  19. We've had plenty of discussions about "order cancellation vs poor review" type situation here on the forum. Experienced sellers have given strong arguments from both sides and it seems to me that there is no objectively right answer. However, this post is not entirely about that. This post is about a personal experience that I wanted to share with you. Some time ago in October I've had a displeasure of meeting a manipulative and malicious client. Even before the order was placed, the client was exhibiting suspicious behaviour. First and foremost, they asked for a free sample before the order. This is one of the most common and most obvious red flags you will see on the platform. After talking to them a little bit, a second red flag flies right over my head. They wrote: "Ok great I can pay now if you’re ok doing this". This much hesitation before placing the order is not normal and I should have noticed it right then. They were already manipulating me to doubt my own abilities and were implying that whatever the case, it will be my fault. I replied that I'm certain we can achieve a good result and the order was placed. After the delivery they immediately accused me of using a free app to do all the work, gave vague feedback with no information on what needs to be changed, and threatened to cancel the order rather than giving an elaborate revision. I explained that I use a paid version of the mentioned app in addition to various advanced enhancement software to achieve the result. I urged them to use the free app they mentioned for their photo and see the difference for themselves. They went silent for 4 days. I asked for feedback that would be at least somewhat useful, they gave three short replies and I corrected these places in the photo. After the revision, they requested to cancel the order writing "Sorry, I would like to cancel this order as the quality of the unblurred image is just not good enough and does not look realistic at all. Thank you for your efforts but it’s just not what I expected at all and is not good quality at all. If this can’t be cancelled I will have to be forced to leave a bad review but I hope it will not come to that." Note the repeating emphasis "at all" and a threat to ruin my ratings, as they "will have to be forced to leave a bad review". This is a poorly thought-out attempt to convince me and whoever will review the cancellation that the order was not delivered or was deliver in awful quality. I have chosen to cancel the order and block this client. Since then this particular cancellation was bugging me as I knew it wasn't right. No client should be able to hold a seller hostage just because they want to. I decided to contact the Customer Support and explained this cancellation in full detail. To my pleasant surprise, the CS deemed buyers' manipulative and malicious behaviour as fraudulent and have since removed the negative effect on my OCR from this cancellation. I've found this experience very encouraging and I want to remind sellers that it's worth appealing to the CS even when it seems that nothing can be done about a cancellation. I will leave you with a quotation from the Order Completion Rate and Cancellations FAQ: "All cancellations, including those handled by Customer Support, can affect your OCR. On rare occasions (such as fraudulent purchases, buyers ordering by mistake, or the seller not having enough information to start working on an order) cancelation will be handled as to not affect your OCR. If your order is canceled under such circumstances, reach out to Customer Support to investigate the effect of the cancellation on your account."
  20. Hello, I hope everyone of you is fine and doing great with life. The story I am going to share with you guys is sad and demotivating for fiverr sellers. On Oct 03, 12:06 am, I got a message from a German buyer that he has some html, css files on which a seller was working but the work is incomplete and he wants me to complete it. He was only talking German. However we finalized everything and started the order of $350 usd. I added four deliverables in the order description in English so fiverr customer support can also understand, because I dont know if they are unable to use google translator to translate what buyer is saying. So, deliverables were there. I carried on my work. I updated the buyer with code files and videos as proof of work. The buyer always appreciated my work. I have all the proofs. He even sent me a revision on order page and I revised the code. I again sent the proof of work video. After a day, on Oct 08 05:08 am, I received an email from fiverr custom support that the order was cancelled and payment was refunded to buyer. On which basis, I dont know? So, the email says "click here" to see the reason. But this click here has no link in it. As you can see the attached screenshot as well, there was no link in "click here". Now, I have videos of proof of work. Buyer is appreciating me for my work. Order is cancelled without any reason. Buyer has blocked me after that so I can not talk to him. Where is fiverr customer support here? Is there any security for fiverr's seller? This is scary!!!
  21. We all know how order cancellation affects seller's profile and Fiverr business. But when buyer ordered by mistake and immediately dispute it, if seller accept it, what would happen? Does it affect order cancellation rating? If rating goes down, why!! It is not a seller's fault. How can we handle it? Do you have any idea? I frequently face this problem. Need some suggestions. Thank You. 🙂
  22. Hello. I am having a problem with a certain client. I run a rap group that sells opens, which are open spots on our songs and the people who purchases the gig can get themselves a credit in one of our songs. I had a client buy this option from me, and we went through everything where I made him a beat, recorded my vocals, and then received his vocals and mixed and mastered everything together. The song was complete, and I sent him the final copy of the file. He stated his satisfaction. He mentioned that it 'sounded sick' and that we 'killed it'. I uploaded the song and everything to YouTube and was just waiting for the Spotify upload to process before I did the final delivery. I noticed the YouTube like ratio was very high compared to what we would usually get, so I simply asked him if those likes were real or not. All he had to do was say no, but all of a sudden he starts acting very aggressive and tries cancelling the order because I was 'accusing' him of botting and being disrespectful. He started insulting me and implied that I was a racist, saying "Would you ask a white artist you were working with that?" I tried to explain that we had already done 99% of the work and now it was just the matter of waiting a few days for the upload to process. He then calls me 'broke as hell' for not cancelling the order and giving him a refund. He threatened to sue me if I didn't give him the money back and take down the song. He claimed that we were SCAMMING him even though he CLEARLY said that he was satisfied with the song and how it came out. The only reason he began to lash out and ask for a refund was because of one question where we just asked about the source of the likes. I already sent a ticket to support about this but I heard they aren't that good at responding so I thought I would ask for help here.
  23. A buyer has asked to cancel an order, citing that he's 'not satisfied'. I suspect he just doesn't want to cough up for the work I've given him. Anyway, here's my dilemma. If I cancel the order, I will definitely be demoted back down from level 1 to new seller. But if I refuse the cancellation, he will surely leave me my first ever bad review. Question 1: In terms of the damage my profile could take, which is the lesser of the two evils? Question 2: I'm happy to delete the gig, as it's new, will a bad review left on it still show up on my main profile?
  24. I canceled an order. Could this create any problem to get the next order?
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