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  1. If you do a search for "tutor maths": * Most are in "online-tutoring" * 2nd most are in lifestyle->other * 3rd most are in programming & tech->other * 4th most are in writing & translation->other * 5th most are in writing & translation->Technical Writing
  2. I said 2 of them were pro gigs (the $70 and the $90 ones) and the $60 one was a non-pro gig by the same Pro seller. It probably depends on the category/subcategory the gig is in. e.g. in Writing & Translation there's Pro gigs under $100. See attachment. I showed the price of the non-pro gig too as it was said that to become Pro your prices need to be at a minimum of $100. Maybe it's just that they prefer that they are or that (to become a Pro after already selling with non-Pro gigs) you need to have at least 1 gig that is at a minimum of $100 that has been ordered at that price, not necessarily that all your gigs have to be at least $100 before you can become a Pro.
  3. What error message does it give you? Have you tried again? Maybe it could be that the request you were sending the offer to is no longer available (eg. if there were the maximum offers already sent to it from unleveled sellers).
  4. Though there are Pro verified gigs that are under $100. eg. one Pro seller has a $70 pro gig and a $90 pro gig and a $60 non-pro gig.
  5. These are my suggestions/comments: In the gig description: "i will" could be "I will" It has a URL that isn't in Fiverr's list of approved URLs. It says "Why me?...100% positive ratings" - but you don't have any ratings on Fiverr. The main gig image says "DELEVERY" when it should be "DELIVERY" In the FAQ section: Maybe change "bewel effects," in answer 3. In the profile: In the skills section: "backgound removal" could be "background removal"
  6. You might get in trouble. This is what the help page says: If you really want to use a particular link that isn't on the list you can contact customer support at the helpdesk and see if they give permission for it. Also your gigs: "I will make you an indicator for tradingview" and "I will turn your trading skills into a tradingview strategy" might be risky as the rules say: https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards/prohibited-services
  7. Has Fiverr themselves (Fiverr staff) ever said that? And if so, do you have a quote from them where they say there is no gig ranking in Fiverr search? Or that there is no such thing as a gig rank in Fiverr? Are there any Fiverr help pages that say there's no gig rank/gig ranking in Fiverr?
  8. These are my suggestions/comments: Gig: I will create health and fitness articles, posts for social media You're offering to write articles but you're writing "i will" in the description sometimes instead of "I will". Gig: I will help you related to health and fitness assignments I'd remove the word "assignments" from the gig in case Fiverr thinks you are offering to help someone with academic work they've been given (which wouldn't be allowed). I'd take that word out of the profile description too for the same reason. Gig: I will be your personal dietitian and nutritionist give you diet plan with recipes The gig description ends with "I want to help all those who are st" - it seems like that sentence isn't finished.
  9. It might not be getting approved because it says: They might have something that checks automatically and saying "I will translate..." might sound to them like you are offering a service. Maybe try rewording it.
  10. If it's a bug you can show them screenshots that help show that to them and try and get them to pass it to the developers to fix. I don't know if they (CS) can reset the "late" flag on the order if it's set when it shouldn't be. If the order is flagged as really late (even if you actually delivered on time) it should show that on the order page though which you should see through scrolling through the order page. I don't know if CS are looking at the dashboard and see a "late" message there (when it might not actually be late). It might go late if the buyer doesn't accept the extension in time or you don't specify enough extra days from the original delivery date but I assume that didn't happen here. Maybe the bug is to do with multiple delivery time extensions.
  11. Does it say "very late" anywhere on the order page, and if so, did it say that before the delivery time was extended?
  12. On the desktop browser version if you really need to know the username if you're using Chrome you can right-click on the profile image and select "inspect" then look at the code where it shows alt=, eg. alt="user_name_shows_here". I think it's similar in Firefox too now (there used to be a "view image info" option (that was an option after right clicking on the image) that showed it but now I think you need to right-click on the profile image and click "inspect" in that browser too (though you can easily restore the "view image info" option by changing a setting in about:config - if you do it will show the username in the "associated text" section of "view image info"). I don't think this will work if they don't have a profile image.
  13. Your post should really be moved to "Improve my gig" if you want critique on your profile/gigs. Here's some comments though: The main gig images are the wrong aspect ratio really for display on the profile (some gets cut off) - you could try making them more like 1.619:1 aspect ratio. Also the text on them isn't really optimized for display on the profile/search results pages (in terms of easily seeing at a glance what the gig is about). Gig: I will write effective website copy and content for you It says you create 1 page but maybe it could give a rough idea of how many words that will be. You could try adding more search tags. Gig: I will write engaging long form blog content for you It says "for your business, academic or personal needs." - be careful of the rules on academic content. The faq says "Do you write product reviews? Yes, I do write product reviews." - If they're the sort of reviews that would get shown somewhere, those aren't allowed by Fiverr. Check the Community Rules page at https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards/prohibited-services
  14. Most of your gigs are using the same gig thumbnail/gig video. They also seem to be mostly the same thing but with a reworded title. I'd try and make them unique. Also those gig thumbnails are cropping quite a bit of the "virtual assistant" text when shown on the profile. In "I will do perfect data entry, web research and copy paste" there's a spelling mistake in the main gig image. I'd fix that. Gig: I will do data entry, copy paste and excel data entry work for you In the gig description: "Web Scrapping" could be "Web Scraping" In the basic package "web scrap," could be "web scrape,"
  15. The fact it said "Your account was flagged for offering services that are not allowed in our marketplace." suggests it wasn't because of copying lines of text from someone else's description. It seems it was because of what you were offering to do. Also it can't be just because you were offering to do vector tracing because Fiverr has created a whole subcategory for vector tracing. You could contact CS at the help-desk to try and find out the exact reason for it.
  16. One problem is Fiverr shows the seller's Join Month & Year but not when the gig was created. Around a month wouldn't be a problem but if it was years it might be. eg. if I created an account in 2014 and then in 2021 created all my gigs, a buyer looking at the profile with the gigs on it with 0 reviews and no last delivery date might think "why hasn't this seller had any orders/reviews in all those years since they joined?" "Is there something wrong with the gigs?" "Are they still available on Fiverr?". It would probably put buyers off as they don't know the gigs are new (unless they were viewing with the "newest arrival" sort). The seller would probably need to then try and get orders through sending offers to buyer requests, and if the buyers checked the seller's profile and saw the join date was years ago with no reviews it might make those buyers less likely to buy too. Though maybe it could help if the seller said something about only recently creating the gigs/becoming a seller in the profile if it was quite a few years after joining that they created their gigs.
  17. In the inbox it only overlays a watermark on the preview. It will still let them download the file you attach that doesn't have the watermark. If you wanted to show them a (eg. short) sample you could have overlaid your own watermark on a video you attached in a way that would make it unusable. eg. you could overlay a watermark that's the size of the whole frame at a particular opacity.
  18. If the buyer orders something your gig isn't for you could try asking CS to cancel it without it affecting your stats.
  19. Here's some suggestions for the gigs. To improve clicks it might help to make the gig images better/clearer when shown on the profile (see below): Gig: I will do data entry, web research, data mining, as a perfect virtual assistant In the gig image: I don't think having 5 stars in the gig image is allowed. The same in another gig's thumbnail. Maybe change "copy past" to something like "copy-paste" In the gig description: Maybe change "Resfactfull" In the premium package "copy past," could be changed. In the FAQ section: Maybe change "Have you don’t this work before ?" in question 2. Gig: I will provide accurate linkedin lead generation in lower price In the FAQ section: "What type Resouarch you uses for collect leads?" could be "What type of research do you use to collect leads?" in question 4. I'm not sure linked-in lead generation is allowed as a service. In the video thumbnail it says "B2B LRAD GENERATION" - that seems incorrect. In the profile: Maybe change "I come to fiverr after complete my full couch," In the skills section: "data entery" could be "data entry" "web scrapping" could be "web scraping" Check the gig images/video thumbnails as they show on the profile. Some text is getting cropped. Make the service clear enough from those smaller versions of the image.
  20. For the studio they'd allow it. Only a low percentage of sellers can create studios (mostly TRS and some level 2 I think and Pros no matter what level I think) and the members who are studio members have a setting they can turn off if they don't want to receive studio requests I think (unless it's a setting they have to enable to receive them). And it would still be related to their gigs because the studio lead would be interested in using their gig in their studio (they just wouldn't be interested in buying it themselves). For the team - there isn't a specific team option - that's the studio. Though a seller can outsource some or all the work to another seller (though there may be issues with revisions with that. Fiverr isn't really set up for teams/outsourcing properly). But if they wanted to outsource it would still be related to the gigs of the seller they'd contact (they'd still be interested in buying that seller's gig, if they could do the work). As long as seller A didn't contact seller B trying to to get seller B to order seller A's gig eg. for future work related to both their gigs (that would likely be seen as spam by Fiverr, because seller A is really trying to get the other seller to buy their gig eg. in future even though the seller B might not mind the messages).
  21. You could check what the problem is. eg. is it a dropped connection? Do they have a slow internet upload speed and are trying to upload very big files that would take them ages/may lose the connection? Could they render a more compressed version to upload without it affecting quality too much? You could ask them about the problem, the file size maybe their connection speed, the video bitrate, resolution. Also if it sometimes drops the connection while uploading to dropbox, you could ask if they could use the software version of it that allows them to continue where it left off.
  22. You could check they're still there when you edit the gig. You could report it to customer support if it seems like a bug. Or you could try re-saving the page with the tags on. If they continue to not show and there's nothing that seems wrong with the tags that aren't showing, reporting it to CS might be best.
  23. Number 3 in that rules link.
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