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  1. When the order is marked as complete, he doesn’t immediately get the money. It is according to the buyers level but usually there’s a two week waiting period to prevent this kind of thing happening. Even if he got the money, they will eventually be deducted from his fiverr balance/future orders. Instead of initiating a charge back from the bank, you could have contact CS to cancel. Charge backs shouldn’t be the answer as it’s against the terms of service.
  2. Tip: When receiving a logo or an avatar or whatever, run it through an image search engine like Yandex, it is the best to see if there’s plagiarism in this kind of stuff as it usually scans a lot of the web.
  3. Yeah as people said before me, this is the problem. I also have discord related services and promising something which isn’t under your control is a big no no. Hope this helps 🙂
  4. Part-time freelancer from Malta 🙂 Rarely see anyone from my country on fiverr.
  5. Happy fiverrith anniversary! You’ve become quite a regular haha, seen you on a lot of threads.
  6. Congrats! I’m really happy for you 🥳
  7. Hi there! You need to include a minimum of 5 tags in the search tags box.
  8. I always say this, find a niche where there is no competition. This is getting harder and harder by each day as fiverr is flooded by new sellers. I got lucky on my first gig as I had almost zero competition. Optimize your gig and win over the algorithm, But don’t expect miracles to happen, it may be months before your first order.
  9. Lifetime results: image1367×504 20.4 KB Happy with them to be honest.
  10. Fiverr has a list of requirements which your gigs need to meet. I don’t have the requirements right now.
  11. 10 000…How in the world did you complete 10 000 orders…I’m still at 200 😂
  12. I think there is truth to this statement, unfortunately this is not always correct. We can find people were they use a logo maker to make logos and still have hundreds of five star reviews. But yes, if your good at your craft, are different from your competition and strive to do all that is needed to optimise your gig and getting it on the first page then you have a much higher chance of succeeding on fiverr.
  13. Well, My average monthly sales amount to about 450 dollars, but this month I went a bit under, making only 350. I rarely have months like these and I am sensing that December will be my best month yet, the algorithm is playing me first page on top. But you can never say.
  14. Yeah It kind of sucks, even as a seller haha. And no problem, I’m here to help!
  15. Unfortunately once its posted, there is no way to change it.
  16. Yeah that’s true, it is kind of hard when you have fiverr in the name though 😂
  17. I think the problem is, that people who want your gig will search for your gig. What I mean: You provide professional grade video editing, and I do think that it would be harder to promote that kind of service as the customers who have that kind of budget and would like professional grade video editing would reach out to you instead.
  18. Oh wow…I think it also depends on the market.
  19. Yep I believe its still in beta and available to selected sellers. Here’s some more information and the original topic: Launching Promoted Gigs 🙂
  20. Hi! I wanted to share with you, my experience with the new promoted gigs feature as I’m nearing the end of my free 10 dollars. First of all, this has worked out really well for me and the customers I got through this feature were absolutely a blast! Secondly, although the feature did work out for me, please note that I only got two orders, fortunately these were high tier orders. I do not think it would be worth it for people who offer services that are 5-10 dollars, as you’d need to pump in a lot of money to get a lot of orders. However I do think that for people priced over 10 dollars, this feature is worth it. It provides advertising at a targeted audience, and after all your investing the money back into your gig. For those who have this feature and have the 10 dollars, I recommend you to try it and see how it goes. You have nothing to loose 🙂 image1519×630 24 KB
  21. The fiverr algorithm needs to give chance to newer sellers, if doesn’t happen, you wouldn’t have gotten a chance to sell in the first place. Whilst you may think its unfair, its necessary to introduce new sellers.
  22. The gigs are very professional and if it were me, I’d buy so that’s clearly not the problem. It can be just the fiverr algorithm acting up, as I see you said that it only had 60 impressions.
  23. Hi! Unfortunately the voice over market on fiverr is overly saturated…and there is much more supply then there is demand. The gig you offer sounds great but you need to optimise it to further increase your chance of having sales. What I mean: “I will provide a voice over”- This is too generic, and there’s too much competition to compete with. So what you need to do is establish a niche you’d like to offer your services in (for example,“I will provide a voice over for a children audio book” , that will reduce the competition and increase your chances of getting orders. Make/get someone to make a professional gig thumbnail, this is essential so that buyers click on your gig Optimize your description so its more appealing to the buyer. Hope this helped you, if you have any questions feel free to ask 🙂
  24. This is still an issue, and I made a suggestion which can lower the chances for this kind of thing to happen. Changing the way on receiving orders
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