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  1. I was given the option on all 3 of my gigs. I'm not sure if it's something I want to implement though. I decline more work than I accept to be honest. Plus I need to make sure I'm the right fit for a project before committing to it.
  2. Exchanging hearts/likes or actual orders is just a desperate attempt to game the system.
  3. Fiverr is a business at the end of the day. How do you expect them to pay employees, maintain the site, advertise and market, troubleshoot, etc. All this cost money doesn't it? Why don't you provide your service for free? You need to pay bills, eat, save for the future, etc.
  4. Did you read the initial question? 🤨
  5. You can make it any full dollar amount. ($22, $37, $69)
  6. Please read the Terms of Service. Based on your recent situation, I believe you don't understand how the platform is designed to work. This may put your account in jeopardy in the long run. Do yourself the favor and read it. https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  7. I'm not sure there is a way around it, since nearly all cancellations effect your stats. Contact CS to see if they can help you.
  8. 24/7 means 24 hours a day/7 days a week. It is impossible for you to stay on Fiverr that long on a constant basis. Plus, it's an overall poor use of your time. Value your time more and finds ways to improve your skill, enhance your gigs, and market your services.
  9. I suggest you stop using the buyer request section. It's filled with desperate new sellers who apply to every job even if it's beyond their capabilities. The amount of time you've wasted on them would be better spent vetting your own sellers based off reviews and reputation.
  10. Fiverr should implement infinite scrolling on the search so everyone is on the first page. 🤔😁
  11. There's no way you can guarantee you lost your "rank" due to editing your gig. Others factors might've effected your placement. Gigs are constantly being rotated on the platform. If you need to edit your gig to change your price, don't let the fear of losing your "rank" stop you.
  12. If your portfolio is active and you added an attachment, then it's up to the buyer to allow for it to be featured on your live portfolio. If they selected the option to keep it private, there's nothing you can do. Some people prefer to limit the paper trail when it comes to doing business online.
  13. First you have to make sure your live portfolio option is active. However, since you don't deliver any attachments with your delivery, you have nothing to show on your portfolio anyway.
  14. @maitasunis correct. Each time you edit your gig, it's temporarily removed from the search, so constantly doing so may do more harm than good.
  15. Being active online while doing nothing will not help you "rank" your gig. Provide a service that is in-demand, offer competitive prices, and make sure your gig description is as professional as possible. This may not help you "rank", but it will better the chances of you receiving an order through Fiverr directly. Plus it's better than sitting around for 16 hours doing nothing.
  16. You can market your gig all you want, but if it doesn't convert into orders you're doing it wrong. I probably got 25 Fiverr orders-to-date on my secondary gig, but I managed twice as much using my preferred social media platform alone. No spamming or "cold emails" needed.
  17. Congrats that's awesome! Still doesn't make your comments and advice any less creepy. 🤣
  18. Your profile picture is a logo. Do you receive orders as a freelancer? My guess is that you do. Do you think your profile image is the reason behind your success? Or do you think it has more to do with your skill level? Would you hire me because you think I'm handsome? Heck naw! You think every woman who messages me finds me attractive? Definitely not!
  19. I really hope you are trolling on the forum. If this is indeed real advice, your freelancing career will eventually be in danger on this platform and any other. This isn't a hook-up site, act accordingly people!
  20. Let's say you ran a music blog. Would you purchase a $30 gig for an article on building your own music studio from a beautiful woman who can barely write two sentences? Why not? She's so pretty though!
  21. We were all new sellers once. We had zero reviews under our belt plus most of the competition in our category were already established. We still managed to prosper despite the odds. We did so by putting together a well-thought out gig showcasing our talent and offering potential clients a service that matches our price tag.
  22. Your first statement is aimed towards women, then it became about both men and women. I never bought anything from anyone on or offline based on their looks. Being a successful freelancer has nothing to do with your physical appearance. It has to do with the services you provide and the professionalism you show. I don't look like this lady and receive plenty of messages. Cut it out.
  23. Dear doesn't sound professional in a business setting. "Dear" is only used in formal situations as a way of starting a letter. Otherwise, it's a term of endearment and it can come across as being over-familiar.
  24. Nah it's not that serious for me, once I'm fast asleep I don't even hear my Fiverr notifications.
  25. You can add the item to a Amazon registry list. Then your Fiverr buyer can make the purchase and have it sent to you. They will not be able to see your address, only your name and city will appear on the default address to protect your privacy. But honestly it feels like a lot of work. I rather stay away from any gig that has me jumping through hoops.
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