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  1. Did you contact the seller to ask what's up? That's what I'd try first. If they don't reply, and from the point the Gig status becomes"Very Late", that's around 2 days after deadline, you should be able to cancel one-sidedly. Click the "Help&Support link in the footer, and you'll find articles about any such technicalities, and can also reach Fiverr's support (via drop-down ticket system) if needed.
  2. I just checked, I got my email on Tuesday, too. Anyway, it matches what @vovkaslovesnyy observed.
  3. Well, "safe" doesn't depend on the seller's level, but on the seller's integrity, and skills. Generally, sure, the higher the level, and the longer the seller already is on Fiverr, and the more good reviews, the safer, but a level 1 seller can be just as safe, unless you happen to pick a dud. Pay close attention to their profile, check their other Gigs, too, scroll through all their reviews (assuming it's not hundreds, or thousands, as a level 1 seller; else read back for a reasonable amount of time), ask relevant questions to see how they'll answer. If you want to feel very safe, you could try to find a PRO or TRS seller with a price that matches your budget, apart from them typically being here for quite a while already, and having a track record, those are "more vetted" by Fiverr than levels 0-2, too. It sounds as if you posted a Buyer Request, as you say you're getting some quotes", PRO and TRS sellers often don't check the buyer requests, as they often are busy enough without, but it doesn't necessarily have to be the case that they are out of your budget, it depends. You can browse the relevant category, use filters, or search terms to find relevant Gigs, and contact sellers whose Gigs seem to indicate that they offer what you need for a price you're fine with. Generally, I'd say it's safe enough to try with a level 1 seller, but, personally, for anything I'd have to trust a seller with things like my logins, or very private information, I'd be extra cautious. Maybe also first ask WP/Wix if there's a possibility to do the migration without giving someone else your login? Maybe there isn't, but asking won't hurt.
  4. You don't need to tell them a long story, though, you can ask them in a straightforward and short way. I'm pretty sure that among 6 buyers, there are at least a few who'd be fine with extending the delivery time a bit if the reason you give is "due to Covid infection", maybe just ask those you think are the least "straightforward". It might also depend on how urgent their projects are, obviously. If they need it right away, they might want to go to a seller who can do it sooner, but you could try. You could also ask when they'd need the delivery latest, whether it would be okay to send a delivery time extension request for x days in chat, instead of using the resolution center right away, and decide then if to do it or not, depending on their reply. Even straightforward buyers probably are aware that people sometimes get sick, that's life. They might not like it, but it can happen. And some might not even mind. There are many buyers who let their orders autocomplete, so not everyone needs everything right away. Two sellers I ordered from also had personal issues, and I had no problem extending the deadline (in fact, I was the one to suggest it, it seemed I was more concerned about their delivered-on-time rate than they were ...). I did want my deliveries, and had ordered one of the Gigs specifically because of the short delivery time, but, being a human being, I know that things happen, people get sick, have accidents, relatives die, ... You might find your straightforward buyers being more compassionate than you think. But all people are different, sure, and it's up to you, and you know better how urgent your customers' orders might be, and how they might react, than any of us. You could try asking for delivery time extension if you are sure you need it, or potentially let the orders run late, if you think that's better. If you'll be able to deliver on time, after all, that would be the best solution, of course. It was just a suggestion, as you said you don't understand how you could manage it. 🍀
  5. I got a mail some days ago where it was mentioned, didn't pay attention as I have 7 days anyhow, but maybe check your mails, to be sure that your Seller Plus mails don't go into your spam folder, and maybe there's more info in there.
  6. This is an excerpt from a reply I just got from support regarding a question about spam; judging from the last sentence, fishing spam out of the spam folder, replying, and marking it as spam again might be risky, too: "Please know that reporting a message as spam is considered a response to a message. So if you receive an inappropriate or spammy message that you are unable to respond to, please report it within 24 hours. If the message is already reported as spam when you receive it, please **do not** try to respond to the message."
  7. Any news regarding the "Member" question? 🙂 It's really a bit boring to read that under every single profile image.
  8. Yes. If you have thoroughly checked and are sure there's no real reason, you can ask support, they are able to tell you the name of the person you (supposedly) didn't reply to. Last time it happened to me, they told me a name, I checked my spam folder, and lo and behold, it was a message I had replied to, first, and then hit the spam button. Maybe I had replied too quickly for the system to register it? Who knows. I could prove I had replied to that spam message with a screenshot in any case, and they reset my response rate. One other time, it was two names of someone I knew I had replied to on the phone app, while outside, not spam message but actual enquiries, so I searched for the names, and saw my response only for one of the two names, my response to the second one apparently hadn't been registered by the system, maybe my mobile connection, I don't know. In that case, I couldn't prove that I had replied to that one message, so, yeah, bad luck. I have a bad track record with just using the spam button without first replying, not just recently, so, like maitasun recommends, I send a quick response first, and only then click on "Spam".
  9. Short answer: Nobody knows. Long answer: Nobody knows, but many people have an idea and theories, the thread linked below is from March but probably still the most detailed and recent thread treating that topic in depth, and many if not most or all things there are still relevant, even if the algorithm and other things are in constant flux.
  10. If you need more time, you can ask your customers to extend the time; check here for how to do that: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010452597-Using-the-Resolution-Center If some, or even all the six customers will accept the delivery time extension, maybe you can manage to avoid any late delivery. But, of course, there is the risk that some customers might need their delivery urgently and might not be able to use it if it gets delivered after the initial deadline, and then might want to cancel. But in any case, your family's and your health is more important. Best of luck to you and your family!
  11. Glancing over the forum would probably not leave a good impression, but I doubt that many heads of a Fortune 500 company's market department would check the forum if someone suggested them to try Fiverr, and think it much more probable that they'd read an article or two about Fiverr from some mostly reputable source, and/or go and hire a PRO or/and TRS and see how it works out, or ask the person who suggested it to send them links to sellers they've worked with themselves and would recommend. Actually reading on the forum is something that I can mostly see some solopreneurs doing, and those will probably get a mixed impression, same as when you google Fiverr and read around a bit. As I see it, the forum confirms the general "Fiverr is great, but you need to find the right people" advice that you should be able to distil from reading.
  12. Your picture makes me want to run and get strawberries from that stall that sells local ones right now. As a child, I lived in the middle of nowhere (by our standards) for a while, right next to forest, the wild forest strawberries must range among the best things I've ever had. An hour or two into the forest and up a hill, there also was a spring. Bliss. But I'm getting too far off topic, water is no more a fruit than hops or beer are. 🙂 These days, most people are too concerned about foxes with rabies or tapeworm licking at strawberries 😉 or forest birds with avian flu, or boars with swine fever, or other real or imagined hazards to allow their children to eat anything to be found outside of grocery stores, markets, and gardens. Although, maybe now, they are more concerned about bought fruit that might have been touched by people infected with Covid. I've read about people wiping down everything they buy with disinfectant, but I suspect that fruit that's been disinfected or washed with soap for 20 seconds min might not taste too well.
  13. 1. I don't know. Basically, I'm available while I'm awake and up and not doing anything that I'd not want to be interrupted, so it differs from day to day. I don't keep count. Sometimes, I'm so tired of all the spam messages by newly registered sellers that I turn on out-of-office mode just because of that, i.e., I'm then unintentionally just available for regular and return customers who can message despite ooo mode (and sadly not for new people who actually might want to hire me). Sometimes, I'm unintentionally unavailable for a while until I notice that my max orders in queue limits are reached and my Gig/s got paused, even though I still could take orders (depending on size, desired turnaround time). I also use ooo mode to intentionally be unavailable too, to catch up on Fiverr orders, or do other stuff, or when I'm not well. 2. No fixed start or end time. Start time is whenever I'm ready on any given day, could be in the early morning, or after noon, or not at all, tendentially on Sundays. End time is whenever I want to "sign off" for the day, that will usually be late pm, could be at 5, 7, 9, or even as late as midnight, or as early as 3pm, depending on circumstances. It also depends on how urgent something is, how important, or how fast I can deal with it. 3. No. My phone is on during the night in case there's an emergency call (involving loved ones or friends, no work "emergencies"!), but notification sound is turned off. 4. My modus operandi probably is too chaotic to be a routine. Much of the above may seem unorganized and chaotic to many, although I'm actually very organized in some regards. If Fiverr had the often requested option of setting up office hours and days, l might consider a less random routine, or maybe not, there are drawbacks with that too, like customers' timezones, and more personal ones. But I'd definitely think it through and try it out. How about you, @callyofficial?
  14. When I got sent the first .pages file, I asked to resend in another format. When I got the the second one, I did some research and figured out a workaround to not have to ask - which, all in all, took me longer than the actual job. However, the idea, of course, was, figure out once, use forever after. Nobody sent a .pages file since, and if someone will, I'd have to figure it out again, because I forgot by now, so... People do often send image files of their texts, though... If it's at least screenshots of printed text, that's kind of okay (but I don't like having to estimate word count), but sometimes, it's photographs of a handwritten text in light grey pencil on ruled off-white paper, you get the picture... 😅 Did you as a VO person ever get an image file to work with?
  15. Different kinds of berries. Plums are starting to appear. Soon, hops for beer will be here.* Cherries! *Sorry, I know, hops aren't fruit but flowers, but I needed them for the rhyme, I hope that doesn't disqualify my post 😉
  16. I didn't think that at all, I found it very reasonable and zen. 😄 I'd have clicked this 👏 if it was for choice as reaction emoji. But your second take is more interesting from the technological side of things, of course. I used Sticky Notes for a while, when I first discovered them, but I used them irresponsibly, so I gave up on them again 🙂
  17. Oh, 20 sounds good! With Photoshop on duty, my i7 can have issues too, actually. I might downgrade next time instead of upgrade, because is nice, but also power-hungry, apart from being costly, and typically heavier too, so real-life and real-use experience by trustable people who haven't only used a device for an unboxing video or 3 days max, is always interesting.
  18. Do you think it would be allowed to open a Gig only for buyers from ... ? 🤔 I guess not, such a pity, that would be a chance to reach my life goal an order from Iceland, Greenland 😉
  19. About how many browser windows can you have open without issues, and does that handle Netflix and such with grace? 🙂
  20. Ah, yes, and I forgot to list etymological dictionaries, those also get quite a bit of use.
  21. Hi! At the moment, an MSI Stealth. A few years old, with an i7 7th gen, a GeForce GTX 1070. It's a pretty nice laptop with terrible battery life, which is no surprise, though, as it's a gaming laptop. Also, a Surface Pro ... 3 (?) ... 😄 ... yes, 3 (current model is Surface 7, I think). It's nice and compact for travelling and such, although you pay for that with the small screen size. The kickstand still works perfectly, face recognition too, the attachable/detachable keyboard is great to type on, the trackpad is really good. (The "tablet part" of the thing is great for reading manga, by the way, and I love being able to use a pen on the screen. I had to replace the pen I got with it originally recently with the new(er) pen model.) Software I use/need for my Gigs ... MS Office (the triarchy of Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Open Office/Libre Office, and a ragtag assortment of all kinds of text-processing software or apps that different customers use (Poedit, Notepad++, ... I don't even know the names of some which I use very rarely, and partly even deinstall until I need them again). Different browsers for research and to work on clients' sites online when needed, dictionaries, thesauruses, sometimes rhyming dictionaries, keyword tools, character counters, text to HTML converter, PrivaZer, ... that should be the "most used".
  22. Haha, no idea, sorry. I got tons of notifications by default, and worked my way down to not as many, but still too many 🙂 I also lost some notifications that I would have liked to keep in the process, while still getting some kind that I don't want, but there didn't seem to be a way to fine-tune it or I didn't manage to find it yet.
  23. Hi. I don't quite get the logic behind the Status Update notifications. What I'd expect, when clicking on a Status Update notification regarding person A, a person I follow: to arrive on their status page, or profile, or whatever it's called. Which happens, but what also happens: I click on a Status Update regarding person A, but arrive on the status page of person B, another person I follow, or even on the page of person C, a person I do not follow, apparently because person A posted something on B's or C's status page. Is there a way to get Status Update notifications only when person A posts something on their own (A's) page, or is the above the expected and wanted result?
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