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  1. Thanks guys. Wasn’t 100% sure what to make of it.
  2. Hi could someone tell me if this is safe to go ahead with? Here is the script I’ve been given: After the seige of Detroit two brave knights, Lord Geronimo the third and Smart Fellow come together to vanquish the foul demons of the BLM movement and save the world with the power of gangster rap music. United the warriors make their way to Paris to confront the perpetrator of this unknown evil. May God be with them both.
  3. and These two people come from completely different countries and have totally different ways of speaking! WTH? 😆 Hmmm. Sounds like a reseller - not that that is against the rules here - but, they are clearly from a country that has no idea how someone from the U.S. speaks and someone from Europe. (Is Neeson Irish or English? I cannot remember?) Gee, thanks for the help there! Point this out to them and then see if you can get CS to cancel for you. Seems someone got your profile mixed up with someone else’s who does do celebrity imitation. GG Thanks @genuineguidance It just stressed me out, so I cancelled. Thanks for understanding!
  4. Thanks. I might just cancel to save the headache.
  5. Hi. How should I best deal with this please? The buyer is not happy with the V.O I gave - a Liam Neeson Impersonation. They have said they want it more natural? Or like George Clooney?!!! Here is their response: "In your gig, I listen that you are can speak in any celebrity VO. That’s why i choose your voice. However, if this is what you can deliver, it is useless for us, we are not going to use it, as it is totally not affecting our needs. For you to get a better idea of where it should go please refer to the following link: YouTube clip with video animation no voice Also based on my experience (and I order really many VOs on Fiverr) voice-over artists usually ask me to give them detailed instruction on how I want the VO to be and try their best to deliver it. I definitely understand that the gig is for a special type of VO and maybe it is my mistake that I wasn’t careful, however, I don’t think it is a big problem to read the VO in a bit different way just to meet to our requirements, especially when I give you all the details. " I do not state I can speak in any celebrity voice. Advice welcome please .
  6. Hi folks, so I’ve contacted Customer Support re the topic headline. Thought I’d ask on here. I’ve asked the buyer for the script twice. They said they sent it. I’ve not received it. No response when asking again- Countdown clock is ticking. Hopefully Customer Support can sort this, but welcome any thoughts. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the advice/wishes everyone 😁
  8. Thanks @krheate. I’ll pause them 😀
  9. Thanks, but I’m not well enough to do the gigs at the moment.
  10. Hi folks. What is the best practice when feeling sick? Pause the gigs? Does Out of Office affect things to the same extent? Thanks Nate
  11. That is a rather splendid Umbrella. In your face Rihanna! 😁
  12. Ah. Thanks. It was on another sellers pic.
  13. Hi. What does a number one on a person’s profile picture mean? Thanks
  14. Phewwww not just me having an existential crisis then! Back to reality then…I think.
  15. Howdy! Have a supercalifragalisticexpialadocious time! (Had to fill 20 characters somehow) 😁
  16. That would be Fiverr That would be Fiverr I like ‘Fiber’- helps keep you regular!
  17. Hmmm, hope Discobot hasn’t rusted away… If he was a Terminator he might say, “Oil Me Back” Ohhh dear… I’ll stop.
  18. Hey @imagination7413 Was scrolling through old comments (Like to look back and giggle and guffaw occasionally) I meant to say ages ago, sorry for the excess of emoticons on one post! (One gets a little giddy now and again)Still stumped as to the clue! …Reminds me. I haven’t spoken to Discobot for a while…
  19. This House is Clean! Yep…busy busy…Missed you too! 😉 Thank ye kindly!
  20. Hi, Maita. Thanks. So can I scan that just from the download link without downloading to my computer? I had a quick Google search and a few people said Fiverr cannot scan large files. Is this true? I’m guessing it’s gonna be a false positive. Just wanted to be sure - there’s enough viruses in the world at the mo! 😀
  21. Ok. Message from the seller: “Don’t worry bro video is 100% safe, It’s showing a warning because the video size is large, and Fiverr can’t scan that.” Is this true Fiverr can’t scan large files? Thanks
  22. Okay so just checked on desktop and I have this message: Note: We were unable to scan these attachments for unsafe files. If the files seem suspicious or you were not expecting anything, we recommend you don’t open or download them. Any help please?
  23. Thanks. I ordered it on desktop and got the notification on my phone. I’ll see what happens on desktop. Cheers.
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