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  1. The fact that people continue to believe that a business listed on the NYSE would use a ‘rotation’ system for serving up search results, rather than an algorithm which focuses on matching spending buyers with appropriate, able sellers, truly baffles me. I can only assume it’s because it’s easier and less painful to blame poor performance on “rotation”.
  2. Fantastic article @frank_d , thanks for taking the time to put it together. Here’s my recent experience, that for me 100% validates what you’re saying; About a year ago, we branched out from Voice Over, and started offering Screen Capture videos. Completed maybe 60 over the year, and made some good money out of them. 100% 5-star reviews, happy customers etc. But, they were a NIGHTMARE to convert. I think if I converted 5% of enquiries, that would be me being generous. Buyers would message about whiteboard videos, animated videos, stock footage videos, spokesperson videos, “can you make me a video just like this huge budget Slack video” etc. Or they’d want the moon on a stick, with a budget of $50. Revisions were ALWAYS needed, projects took forever to turn around, and cancellation rates were high compared with our VO gigs. On the surface, nothing was wrong - but reading this, I suspect everything was wrong. In our first call with our Success Manager, we talked about this - and I came to the conclusion that we’d lost our focus, because ALL of our gigs were suffering, and had been for a while. A few weeks back, I made the decision to pause the video gigs (temporarily, but most likely permanently), and focus only on Voice Overs again. And our VO gigs have shot off like a rocket ever since! This could only be temporary, it could even be coincidental, but it feels like our voice over gigs are on steroids at the moment, and I think it’s because Fiverr 3.0 knows that when it comes to VO, we’ll give Fiverr what they want; lots of customers who are happy to spend their money. Less friction, more sales. I’ll be implementing some of the things you’ve suggested here re gig descriptions and keywords, and let’s see where this goes!
  3. Always nice to see a Flourishing Forum Bromance! 😂
  4. Just to let you know, customer service is about as official as you can get. If I were you, I would except CS as very high on the Fiverr importance scale. Just saying. Hi Melissa, I think what I said has been misinterpreted a little. I never questioned the importance, or officiality of Fiverr Customer Support. But I’ve had many personal experiences over the years, of different Customer Support agents interpreting the same rule in very different ways. I’ve literally had different answers, within the space of a few hours, from different agents, and that’s happened on numerous occasions, and regarding well established practices. My comment was in reference to a CS agent promising a new seller that Promoted Gigs would be available to everyone soon. This seems to go against Fiverr’s methodology in rolling out Promoted Gigs, and certainly wouldn’t make much business sense (giving a brand new, un-vetted seller the ability to promote their gigs to page one is a recipe for disaster). All I was saying was that, until I hear that from an official channel (like a press release, an update on the relevant support page etc) that I wouldn’t guarantee on this being 100% accurate.
  5. Remember kids, the real Pros stay online 24/7 😉
  6. Every time I see the phrase; “So I messaged my buyer asking why they only rated me 4.7…”
  7. Me when I see a forum post from a Buyer who clearly can afford to pay market rates, complaining that the 15 Million word article they bought for $5 turned out to be a disaster…
  8. When a brand new, 0-Level Seller, advises another brand new, 0-Level Seller, that the trick to ‘Unlimited Sells’ is to STAY ONLINE 24/7
  9. What does it say when you click on the blue-hyperlinked bid amount of $0.50? Your metrics would suggest that your bid might be too low to trigger. Clicking on the bid amount should show you a ‘suggested’ bid amount to help you outbid others.
  10. Do not accept if the client requests cancellation of the order. If you cancel his order page and make a cancel request yourself, then no effect will fall on the profile. And you stay away from these clients. And you learn to work better! I’m afraid that simply isn’t true. Cancellations have an impact, whether you initiate them or the buyer initiates them. The only way they don’t have an impact, is if Customer Support cancel on your behalf, and even then it isn’t guaranteed.
  11. All of your gigs are about digital marketing. Why don’t you apply your skills as a digital marketing expert to generate traffic for your gigs?
  12. Like I said, all of that information is public and available to you. Have a read through the link I sent you.
  13. It looks like you linked to your gig, which is only allowed in certain sections of the forum. Linking to your gig anywhere else is seen as spam. Someone has clearly noticed this, and flagged your post. Also, all the information about eligibility is available and public - you just need to go and read it for yourself, so no need to link your gig here.
  14. Yes, that’s my understanding. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad appears in the top spot. Only clicks count. Good luck with it, I’ll be interested to see what your results are like!
  15. We got access to it today also, albeit only for some of our gigs. I’ve signed up one, so we’ll see how it goes. We also didn’t get our $10 ‘gift’ - I clicked the link for it, but nothing was applied to our account. Maybe a glitch in the matrix. I’m not going to lose sleep over it, but annoying. Just be careful with this - my understanding is that the recommended amount is your bid amount, not your daily spend. My recommended bid for example is $0.34, and my daily cap is $5. So I can ‘afford’ about 15 clicks per day, which is the amount I’m willing to test with, until I see if this generates results. Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 11.18.091436×632 18.9 KB
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