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Found 8 results

  1. 1. My order completion rate is 66%. In this case, will this have a bad effect on all the gigs in my account, or on the gigs that have been ordered? 2. What problems will I face due to this rate reduction? 3. The gig that I received the order is shown on the first page. Will it lose its position? 4. What is the solution to these problems?
  2. We are aware that Order Completion Rate has an impact on our Profile Ranking. Additionally, a higher Order Cancellation Rate will result in a lower Order Completion Rate. Sometimes the Buyer ordered without consulting and requested more work that wasn't specified in the gig. Therefore, we need to cancel the order. We must cancel the order for yet another reason, when the Buyer changed his/her mind. We can get in touch with the Fiverr Customer Support Team, who will typically review our order and fix the Order Completion Rate. But the rate of Order Cancellations is steadily rising. Is anyone aware of the impact of the Cancellation Rate on Profile Ranking? If so, how can we adjust the Cancellation Rate so that it is similar to the Order Completion Rate?
  3. Hi Everyone, It's been 6 years of journey in Fiverr. But I have a suggestion that may be helpful for sellers. I noticed that sometimes buyers buy gigs without contacting or understanding the project details. They don't see the gig details properly so the amount of work with payment differ a lot. At that time the only way for sellers is to cancel the job. But if you cancel the rating of Order completion will be decreased a lot that affects seller level. My suggestion is to please include a facility for the seller to accept/reject the task whenever a buyer purchases without contact. So both seller and buyer can understand about the task can be complete or not. I hope this will be very helpful for sellers to maintain level. Thank you
  4. Hi, Experienced brothers and sisters are good advice, I need a little advice, a big order was canceled last April since then I have lost the gig's rank. Of course, there was nothing wrong with us. The buyer intentionally cancels. I know gig's rank and order completion rate decreases when an order is canceled but when the order is canceled it comes to 96% to 94%. Since then it has come down to 93%, 92%, 91%, 90%, 89%. Since the order was canceled, I have received 5 reviews along with 12 orders. But what is the reason for decreasing the order completion rate even after that? If we work now, we can solve this problem. Check screenshot!
  5. We've had plenty of discussions about "order cancellation vs poor review" type situation here on the forum. Experienced sellers have given strong arguments from both sides and it seems to me that there is no objectively right answer. However, this post is not entirely about that. This post is about a personal experience that I wanted to share with you. Some time ago in October I've had a displeasure of meeting a manipulative and malicious client. Even before the order was placed, the client was exhibiting suspicious behaviour. First and foremost, they asked for a free sample before the order. This is one of the most common and most obvious red flags you will see on the platform. After talking to them a little bit, a second red flag flies right over my head. They wrote: "Ok great I can pay now if you’re ok doing this". This much hesitation before placing the order is not normal and I should have noticed it right then. They were already manipulating me to doubt my own abilities and were implying that whatever the case, it will be my fault. I replied that I'm certain we can achieve a good result and the order was placed. After the delivery they immediately accused me of using a free app to do all the work, gave vague feedback with no information on what needs to be changed, and threatened to cancel the order rather than giving an elaborate revision. I explained that I use a paid version of the mentioned app in addition to various advanced enhancement software to achieve the result. I urged them to use the free app they mentioned for their photo and see the difference for themselves. They went silent for 4 days. I asked for feedback that would be at least somewhat useful, they gave three short replies and I corrected these places in the photo. After the revision, they requested to cancel the order writing "Sorry, I would like to cancel this order as the quality of the unblurred image is just not good enough and does not look realistic at all. Thank you for your efforts but it’s just not what I expected at all and is not good quality at all. If this can’t be cancelled I will have to be forced to leave a bad review but I hope it will not come to that." Note the repeating emphasis "at all" and a threat to ruin my ratings, as they "will have to be forced to leave a bad review". This is a poorly thought-out attempt to convince me and whoever will review the cancellation that the order was not delivered or was deliver in awful quality. I have chosen to cancel the order and block this client. Since then this particular cancellation was bugging me as I knew it wasn't right. No client should be able to hold a seller hostage just because they want to. I decided to contact the Customer Support and explained this cancellation in full detail. To my pleasant surprise, the CS deemed buyers' manipulative and malicious behaviour as fraudulent and have since removed the negative effect on my OCR from this cancellation. I've found this experience very encouraging and I want to remind sellers that it's worth appealing to the CS even when it seems that nothing can be done about a cancellation. I will leave you with a quotation from the Order Completion Rate and Cancellations FAQ: "All cancellations, including those handled by Customer Support, can affect your OCR. On rare occasions (such as fraudulent purchases, buyers ordering by mistake, or the seller not having enough information to start working on an order) cancelation will be handled as to not affect your OCR. If your order is canceled under such circumstances, reach out to Customer Support to investigate the effect of the cancellation on your account."
  6. Hello, my gig was getting impressions and i was selling good. But since a client cancelled 2 orders I havent been getting any impressions. I also searched for my gig with a filter of the country, language etc but didnt find my gig at all. Is it becuase of the order completion rating?
  7. Hi Guys, I want to know What happens if the fiverr order auto complete, Then will not get the ratings?, Will there be a problem with our account? Thanks
  8. Hi! Everyone, I got my first cancellation. Not happy about it, but it happens. My cancellation was due to the buyer not really being clear about what they wanted and we just had to mutually cancel it. So I was almost heading towards level 1 seller, even though I have completed 7 orders. My completion rate is at 88% and I have 1 cancelled order. I'd like to know how many orders I need to complete to reach 90%
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