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  1. Congratulations! I am back after a long time, let’s see if i get orders after being inactive and declining orders for 20 days or so.
  2. People like these are there. But I never had faced any client like that. Hopefully I won’t. I am nowadays working weekly with a top-rated seller. Who just tells me that give quality not quantity(I write articles). He’s frank, replies on time, he when ordering says giving requirements in an hour. And gives it in the contact page. So, all in all the buyer’s best. And exactly this buyer’s attitude is the best I’ve ever seen. I feel good to work with a top-rated buyer (V.I.D) buyer. 🙂
  3. If they continue you refer them back to your previous answer. Just say “As I have explained this is forbidden.” (They are probably not genuine buyers). Check this out: https://forum.fiverr.com/t/top-5-tips-to-protect-yourself-from-badly-behaved-buyers Report and block them so that they can’t contact you anymore.
  4. That’s not what I’m looking for. I’ve read the whole thread see my reading time.
  5. Although I haven’t got any verification prompt yet. In the future what documents shall I use for verification? I have- Aadhar card Pan card
  6. Please edit the topic “Ordar” to “Order” if possible. No offence meant to anybody. Keep working and you will get your order. 👍
  7. Not clarified yet. I mean… Sent offer referring to gig x | Changed the gig from X to Y | Buyer accepts | [Your answer here]
  8. That was not what I was looking for but thanks @asifjalil for your time and willingness to answer. 🙂
  9. Please edit the topic “Ordar” to “Order”. *No offence meant to anybody. Keep working and you will get your order. 👍
  10. I took me a month. I never came to forum for suggestion and never advertised all I did is work. I did advertise once but that is useless according to me. Work hard. You will get order.
  11. Actually, I need to ask that if I send Buyer Requests using a certain gig then afterwards before that gig is accepted if I remove that gig or edit it and change it to some other sub-category(because Fiverr doesn’t allow main category change). Then what will happen? Share your assumption. Please. As I have done something like that(Although, I don’t think I will get that order and have no expectations/interest in it any more) Thanks, The eternal living in the cosmos
  12. main-qimg-60d306ea6b18b335e44b9c27d4bd9d14602×725 112 KB
  13. XD main-qimg-a03bc336a8da277826dec7a7c876d624602×579 103 KB
  14. It seems that you don’t provide most of the services in the basic gig. This could be a reason as people can’t see what are included without clicking.
  15. Don’t give up–I had to do this too. But when I received two orders(kinda together–different sellers same time) I was overjoyed.
  16. Nowadays me too. Previously I used to send 9-10 daily. Now 5 are remaining for today… After I got my first order(Technically two–I got two orders almost at the same time–They were my first because before that I had to cancel one) and broke the flow of BR it stopped coming to me I guess. I mean they come but some are irrelevant to what I do.
  17. Only 45? I have sent 119 and have got three orders. Though, many others have contacted me.
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