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  1. emmaki

    I Quit!

    I found this, but it's not the right thread. 99% of the posting is people begging to be let in. However, I struck gold with some more idle scrolling. Remember, our input matters! This second post is a lot better and has comments like this with screenshots of surveys. That's still not quite the promise I remember though. But I'm bored of reading ancient Fiverr update posts now. EDIT: I did quickly go to fetch the Pro stuff. This is literally how Fiverr told sellers to apply for Pro in 2016 before the program started: "Category Development Initiative", "Product Release". I know it's hard to give secret stuff cool names, but why not just do what the movies do and call it stuff like Code: Foxtrot so it sounds a little bit cooler? These names just scream middle management. But anyway, as you can see, due to the boring name and complete lack of information about what the survey was for, people were skeptical.
  2. emmaki

    I Quit!

    I'm guessing in the SP part of the forum that I am now locked out of so I can't go and find it and then copy-paste it here and make mocking comments about integrity and transparency that will disrupt and upset everyone? What a relief for everyone reading this that I am hoist by my miserly petard! Matt also very vaguely asked people who were interested in a new thing to fill out a form back in 2016/17. Long story short, that form was the application for the first batch of Pros. It was all incredibly hush-hush for reasons I'll never understand (they said they wanted to make it a "surprise"). I remember that post being full of people complaining about their privacy and why would they fill out a form if they didn't know what it was about? I'm a Pro because I'm a nosy person. The best bit was this all happened not long after I was asked to go on a 1,000-year vacation from here. Time flies... I, too, am looking forward to Fiverr Product Release January 2030. By which time Fiverr will be a creaking mass of improvements. I asked ChatGPT 4o to do some quick maths and projections about that. Of course, ChatGPT is terrible at maths, but it reckons that in 2030, we'll all be sharing the same 100,000 buyers. Obviously upmarket buyers who spend an enormous amount of money, so it doesn't matter. Here are the hieroglyphic calculations (I may misunderstand what 0.1 million means):
  3. I hate to say it, but my book - entirely written by hand and occasionally-sound human judgement - had a much more successful failed book launch than your failed book launch. What does this mean?
  4. emmaki

    I Quit!

    That is exactly what I have done. Far too many times. Apparently they don't have a useful little file of notes about their users that they can pass onto their (increasingly common) replacements so things like "user prefers X" are forgotten about. Imagine how a buyer might feel if I did that! Well, I don't need to imagine; a few years ago, one got incredibly angry that I used a word he didn't like. Like, supernova. This word was also the main keyword of his niche (this may clue you into the difficulty of working with this individual). I tut and sigh instead, because I'm English. I also then go and moan about it to someone else while pretending nothing is wrong. Also very English behavior. I was told it was a "disrupted and upset" community. Which is pretty accurate when you think about it. Sadly the finger of blame often points at [snip! ✂ - Ed.] P.S. how are you still only allowed 10 posts a day?
  5. As someone with a recently-failed book launch (the free guide thing), I feel it is my duty to remind you that the forum hates PDFs. You'll need to go and fight with WeTransfer and get a very spammy-looking link that will expire in like, 10 days. It's brilliant that this is one of Fiverr's approved URLs, especially since it helps dodgy sellers to facilitate things that are illegal under the TOS without Fiverr knowing... if they don't notice for 10 days. Another win for #TeamFiverr! Alternatively, you can't download my ebook anymore (so this isn't a shameless promotion) because of WeTransfer. tl;dr: WeTransfer is FiverrCorp's premier choice for sharing files for some reason I don't really understand considering the way it works, but that's Fiverr for you. Please excuse the terrible formatting in the eBook. I spent 5 minutes on it. Still, not bad for around 10 minutes work in total eh, Smash?
  6. emmaki

    I Quit!

    I'm not really a fan of 4o, although the writing is a bit less "AI" it's still incredibly clunky and (IMO) 4.5 is a bit smarter. But I haven't used it very much tbh. Vivi (the AI assistant) is... meh. I haven't seen it in my inbox, but it is in the bottom-right corner of the dashboard. It's been there quite a while. I think before it used to be a terrible CS thing that never really worked? But yeah, I don't see how it would be difficult. Hook it up to a/the database, train it to do XYZ and spit out a report. Since the writing isn't important and access to the data is, you wouldn't even need to write anything, just get GPT to spit out some observations. And it could all be automated without the SM having to do anything, though I suppose you'd want a fig leaf of pretence that they were doing something so maybe you'd need to add some completely unnecessary frills. Can't see it happening though. Fiver's never been terribly generous about sharing its small mountain of data - just look at the KW analysis. Even Google Ads gives their free users more data.... ....Of course, maybe Fiverr doesn't want to share the data because the numbers are a bit... embarrassing. Sadly, I do not have access to any of this data so this is just an uniformed opinion from a tech grandma. As Fiverr might say...
  7. emmaki

    I Quit!

    I wouldn't know, as I haven't been reading the insightful commentary on the forum lately and alas, I am locked out from the Seller Plus forum, leaving me with only the comatose Fiverr Pro forum instead. Or the regular forum, which is scintillating as always. I can see the email already: Dear [username] I understand you are writing about [insert template response here]. I'm sorry, we can't do that because people might not sign up if we didn't remind them of a feature they don't really need all the time due to technical difficulties. Thank you for your understanding. [Signoff template goes here]. They barely have the bandwidth to talk to paying subscribers.... although a lot of this could be automated with specialist tools (not ChatGPT, which has the memory of a goldfish and awesome flower power trips) Unsubscribe. Nobody needs Seller Plus. Fiverr listens to money, not talk. We all know Seller Plus Premium is not worth $39 a month, including Fiverr. What boggles my brain is that nobody at 5HQ has thought of offering all these things separately and having the SPP "bundle". It's basic marketing doublethink: all of these random things cost this random amount of money if you buy them separately, but look! We put them together with a cool discount! And now, I'm going to disapprove of the new LinkedIn thing and sling another arrow against Seller Plus' fortune. You may imagine me as some sort of David to Fiverr's hulking Goliath. Although technically, I think David only had a rock. It doesn't matter. Rocks, arrows, rotten vegetables, unsanitary by-product of living things, any kind of metaphorical projectile works here. But no, all Fiverr came up with was "price alignment". It's a bit like how the new work experience email sounded like a menacing suggestion to connect LinkedIn with Fiverr ("kindly request" - come on. Everyone knows that "kindly" in front of an ask is passive-aggressive), when in fact you don't need to do that and can just add your own random work experience (as indeed you can on LinkedIn) without any verification processes whatsoever. My first quibble with that? Has Fiverr forgotten how many sellers claimed to work for Amazon, eBay etc. because they'd done some client work with someone who sold stuff on those platforms? It's also not on Seller Plus. A semi-useful feature is not on Seller Plus. It's only for Pros. Think about that for a minute. SP is 99% automated data shuffling with the remaining 1% being your SM telling you they're out of the office or are unavailable until the next full rotation and a quarter of the moon around the earth. Side-note: if anyone else was wondering, I have the option to sign up to SP again. It disappeared earlier this month, but it's now back. I qualify to pay for this lump of mud and sticks with fancy machine learning, big data, and AI interface! Once again, I must depart. I fear I may be upsetting some of you by disrupting your calm and joyful existence. I can only apologize.
  8. emmaki

    I Quit!

    This email was sent before Seller Plus launched, when there were no "tiers" and everyone got a SM. What the program has evolved into is very much a bunch of watered-down features - the keyword analytics didn't show traffic numbers etc, but LOW, HIGH, or MEDIUM which effectively rendered it meaningless when a specific KW analytic was a row of HIGHS in order to introduce a price hike and slop it out to everyone in the quest for more profits. The Q4 '23 report made it transparently clear that as revenue from buyers flags, Fiverr is looking to monetize its sellers more and more. Just the other day, the Motley Fool published this article which noted that revenue was slowing. On Reddit, sellers who have SMs who they can actually talk to have admitted that traffic has slumped. You don't need a SM or Motley Fool to see that; Fiverr's own investor reports tell you that the traffic slump is growing. 200,000 buyers lost last year, 100,000 in Q1 2024 alone. How's that going to look by Q1 2025? And if you look at the Q1 '23 report, you'll see Fiverr boasting of active buyer growth. That would have been a better way to skin this cat. The thing that mystifies me is that this price increase affects a small group of 200 sellers who Fiverr considered to be its best talent and top sellers. Is that really a group that Fiverr wants to lose the trust and goodwill of? I must say, it's going to irritate me seeing that "buy SP!" thing in my inbox now. Is there some way I can tell my browser to hide that? That feature wasn't very good either. I think I tried to talk to you about it a few weeks ago (re: personal data) but none of my posts talking about the same subject that you were talking about got approved. Go figure (I can't remember the specifics now, but I agreed with whatever you said...) It's a mess is what it is. Happily, I won't be paying for any of this mess unless I actually make some money anymore. Hope you enjoyed the money I gave you when I was OOO wondering if I was going to die from a violent episode of chronic illness, Fiverr. I paid that to retain the locked-in pricing. My disgust at this price increase knows no bounds. Shame on you. And now I'm logging out again, lest I disrupt and upset the gentle souls of this forum with my human, all too human thoughts.
  9. emmaki

    I Quit!

    I quit Seller Plus and all you get is this lousy clickbait title 🙂 I was one of the first 200 sellers to join Seller Plus back in the day. I signed up after getting this email from my Success Manager, as while I didn't care about Promoted Gigs, Fiverr's Choice, or "and more", I did want to retain my Success Manager and the $19/mo. discount rate sounded good. Was I disappointed that I had to pay? Absolutely. Prior to the launch of this program, having a SM was, to my mind, something that showed you'd "made it" and Fiverr wanted to give you personal assistance. You don't need to be terribly smart to see that when these things start to be paid options, things are going to slide downhill. Still, I liked my Success Manager and I was making good money at the time, so $19 was whatever. Since then, Seller Plus has added lots of (mostly useless) features and doubled in price. When SPP was launched, I retained the $19 pricing. I can't find that email, but it basically cooed and reassured me that I would always have the $19 until I canceled. That's right, trough this whole period, Fiverr told me that the price was "locked in" until I cancelled. They held to that until an incredibly poorly-timed email on April Fool's day announced a "pricing alignment". Oh, how I laughed at Fiverr's fabulous comedy timing. But it seems that Fiverr doesn't hold itself to the same standards it holds its sellers to and will happily break its contractual agreement to claw back $3,800/mo. from this group of sellers. Well, $3,781. Probably less. I'm not the only person who finds this to be contemptibly greedy behavior. Why reward it, when the program itself isn't particularly rewarding? In its Q1 2024 report, Fiverr glowed that its take rate had increased to 32.3% from 30.4% in Q1 2023. I suspect it's hoping that cheap moves like this will help to increase this even more. However, stuffing Seller Plus with a raft of near-useless features to "enhance value" and expanding a so-called "exclusive" program to almost everyone while pulling a bait-and-switch on your early bird sign-ups is, well, not impressive behavior. As someone who had SP before it was SP, I'd also like to note the decline in the program's success managers. There are too few for too many sellers. Since ChatGPT launch, Fiverr has embraced the technology with the kind of gusto normally reserved for starved hyenas descending on a wildebeest. My ex-Success Manager made great and obvious use of the technology, often inappropriately. I already pay $20/month to OpenAI - the difference is, ChatGPT responds in seconds. My SM responded in days or weeks. SMs also simply don't know Fiverr as well as top sellers, and their advice is often poor. I was aghast one day to receive a GPT-written email suggesting I use GPT to write my gig descriptions - and then I realized why so many sellers had eerily identical gig descriptions. It's the default ChatGPT gig description. Anyway, my still-warm spot is now someone else's. Is it worth $39/month? No. I can afford to give $500 to Fiverr every year. I just don't want to. As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to give Fiverr a single cent more than I have to. Memo to whoever is making the terrible decisions at Fiverr at the moment: user trust is the most valuable thing a company has. Lose that, and you will lose everything. Forget about "going upmarket". And now I will log off again as I wouldn't want to disrupt and upset the forum more than I already have. Although if you ask me, the forum isn't disrupted and upset by anything I've said or done... This post was bought to you by a human brain and human fingers. No AI was used in the creation of this top-notch content. P.S. Yes, the title is clickbait.
  10. Thanks for deleting my reply to Smash! Your finger can smear all over the delete button of this as well while your eyes glaze over important details in the post above that really should be read. But no, I am definitely more important and you should focus on my impotent yapping instead. Look at that; a Fiverr millionaire pops out of the woodwork! Since he's better than me, let me quote something relevant that staff will probably continue to ignore. How's that going to work for going upmarket? Remember, lots of people are leaving. Or starting much more profitable businesses away from Fiverr and not bringing that stuff to Fvierr because apparently, the talents not here. What was it Fasulo said (hey, you're deleting this anyway)? This place is like trainer wheels for freelancers? I have to say, that did make me smile. The only thing that isn't clear is whether mark is refering to Fiverr or its sellers. I'm gonna go with both. Who cares about my opinion anyway? Not anyone here, since they'll never see it!
  11. My greatest achievement today is that I'm not giving up. This is the kind of thing that people support usually. Grit. Determination. Against all the odds. But this isn't a Hollywood movie, is it? It's a place where the biggest achievement to celebrate is apparently "I signed up to Fiverr". Tell me, does anyone dare tell the dear leader that he's wrong sometimes? I get the impression he's a man who doesn't like being told no. I mean, I've met him.
  12. Wow, tough audience. May poles aren't allowed, worker solidarity not allowed... psychological experiments not allowed. Just... happy days? Come now Fiverr. This day is soaked in blood.
  13. I guess you don't want to help him, then? Just tell him to use ChatGPT. That's what SMs tell people to do. No critical analysis really needed.
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