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Found 25 results

  1. Dear Forum! I want to cancel the order, What i to do or how to do?? -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hi Fiverr community, I have received an order from buyer today, and after that it cancel due to Bank issue.
  3. I set my revisions to < 3 for my convenience. this time i set it to zero and the buyer is really sending me revision after revision. how to i not accept revision or how to charge for them additionally.
  4. The buyer was facing an error in their project, he asked me for help, and we both agreed to solve the problem, he asked me how you going to solve the problem I told him in detail, and he gave me to order, but as an hour past he texts me to cancel the order bcoz he fix the error his self, now what should I have to do?
  5. Hello 👋 all I am facing the issue of receiving email of cancelling the order after order marked as completed for more then two weeks. On email it's also mentioned that if you want to see the reason "click here" but unfortunately that hyperlink is also not taking me to any next page. I am worried about the tasks, kindly help me to get out situation. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi! My name is Atin, video animator. I got an order for 212$ to make an explainer video about company work ethic. And the video is about maintenance of petrol station. I am very frustrated with this job because the buyer give me the script about work ethic (not much about technical part of maintenance of petrol station). I give her the progress and she said, she will ask her superior to comment it. Her superior said to add more about maintenance at petrol station. It has so much on technical part where she not gives me details about it and I have to find it myself the process of changing parts at pump dispenser and tyre inflator. So I am thinking to cancel this order. How to do it in step by step? And do my buyer get 100% their money back in how many days?
  7. As a seller I cancelled the order after coming ot know that the order I had taken probably violates the Fiverr terms. So instead of getting banned, I requested the buyer to cancel order in resolution centre and he cancelled. Now i am worried about my gig rank and all the related stats. Please help.
  8. Hello. A buyer bought my gig 2 days ago. She didn't read my gig properly. She bought my streetwear t-shirt gig but asking for a jogging suit design. - It's been a day but I can't even start the order since she said that she attach a sample but there is no any sample attached. I keep asking for her to resend the attachment but she didn't respond at all. - Couple hours later, she finally send me a message to refund the order. I'm so upset. Why did she even order in the first place? How do I deal with this. I'm a new seller and I'm so afraid that this will ruin my completion rate. 😥
  9. Hey! I explain this all in short. Recently, I work for a client and the first order is succesfully completed and he give me the best review he also send me his recorded video that how much he like the final result. Now he give me second order and client didn't explain properly what he wanted. I give him many different versions but he didn't like so I cancel the order and the second order funds is refund to buyer. But after day pass fiverr also give my first order money to the buyer which is already completed and I have 5 star rating. I don't know why this happen. Can anybody tell me about this?
  10. Hello, I'm a new seller to the platform and was so excited to receive my first order. I've provided two jobs for this individual and he placed another order today (I'm a voice actor). The script content is becoming more and more suggestive and I'm not comfortable with the content in the recent order. How do I go about cancelling the order and cut ties with this individual? Also I assume this is going to hurt my status as a new seller. ?? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks much!
  11. A buyer ordered for a website. And i did made him the website. But after sometime because of misunderstanding between us the order was cancelled. But he still have the website. And i had worked a lot on it. So ultimately he got the website for free. I have access to the GitHub repository where the website is hosted. He first saw my sample website, which was my personal website. and he wanted a similar one. So his website and mine looks similar. So now i want my work back. What can i do ? Do i still own the copyright of the website ? The website: http://pipipapipo.com repository: https://github.com/pipipapipo/test_web
  12. I am 5 star seller, 80+ orders, Level 1 seller (becoming level 2 soon) and THIS happened to me... On 19th of December I got a big order and in few hours buyer canceled the order and told me to cancel it aswell because he paid with the wrong card and he wants to order again with correct one. I was like ok, since I didnt want to get negative review. I canceled the order. After that day, my gig was invisible, I couldnt promote it, impressions tanked down from 6000 to 120 per day. I have probably been shadow banned because cancelation % of orders went from 0 to 3% (and its going up since I dont have new orders). I have heard some people had similar problem but their impressions recovered after 30 or 60 days. Can someone tell me from their experience how much did you wait for gig to recover? Thank you community
  13. How do I cancel something when the seller doesn't do what you want and they put forth next to no effort? This is a huge problem. I'd be fine paying them what they wanted if they were actually going to do what I wanted but they seem to not be doing that. Is there any recourse? They haven't fulfilled the order yet and sent me 5 pages of nonsense in bad English. This kind of thing isn't good for Fiverr. This is the 1st of 5 that I've had this happen.
  14. I complete a order work on fiver and the Clint ready to give me good feedback.But he canceled my order after completed, and there is no option to complain about the Clint and fiverr didn't ask we are cancel order and refund to Clint. Can you help me about this matter.
  15. We are very disappointed if the order is canceled. In fact, there is nothing to be disappointed in here. In our local marketplace, we often return the product after buying it. However, if the order is canceled, the gig will be down. you have to work with more than one gig here. As if one gig is down, the other gig is in Rank. And so you will always have your order. Thanks happy freelancing 🙂
  16. Hello, I hope everyone of you is fine and doing great with life. The story I am going to share with you guys is sad and demotivating for fiverr sellers. On Oct 03, 12:06 am, I got a message from a German buyer that he has some html, css files on which a seller was working but the work is incomplete and he wants me to complete it. He was only talking German. However we finalized everything and started the order of $350 usd. I added four deliverables in the order description in English so fiverr customer support can also understand, because I dont know if they are unable to use google translator to translate what buyer is saying. So, deliverables were there. I carried on my work. I updated the buyer with code files and videos as proof of work. The buyer always appreciated my work. I have all the proofs. He even sent me a revision on order page and I revised the code. I again sent the proof of work video. After a day, on Oct 08 05:08 am, I received an email from fiverr custom support that the order was cancelled and payment was refunded to buyer. On which basis, I dont know? So, the email says "click here" to see the reason. But this click here has no link in it. As you can see the attached screenshot as well, there was no link in "click here". Now, I have videos of proof of work. Buyer is appreciating me for my work. Order is cancelled without any reason. Buyer has blocked me after that so I can not talk to him. Where is fiverr customer support here? Is there any security for fiverr's seller? This is scary!!!
  17. So, last week i’m just got 1 costumer, he purchase my service on Gigs, but in next one day after i send him my work, he did not read/response my chat via telegram. So i complete the orders because i alread wait for 1 day and i have late delivered flag because of him. And the in next 3 days i got the money on fiverr, which is says the payment is auto complete by fiverr And today i got notifications that my buyer just cancelled his order after i send my work to him, he didnt even Read my chat on Fiverr or Telegram. My account got flagged warnings, late drlivery just because of him, i sent it late because im waiting for his response, but he didnt even read my chat and just cancelled the order. I dont know what to do know, because im actually nee on Fiverr, and joined february 2022
  18. A buyer accepted a custom offer I sent, then five minutes later sent a request for me to cancel as they wanted to purchase the gig themselves on their end. Is this something I can contact customer service about so that it doesn’t negatively effect my ‘order completion’ Or am I just going to have to take the loss? Thanks for your help!
  19. A buyer place an order accidently and cancel by customer support without any effect on order completion rate. But after some days my gigs were going down . I just want to know if order cancel by customer support without any effect on completion rate can effect the gig ranking.
  20. A buyer has asked to cancel an order, citing that he's 'not satisfied'. I suspect he just doesn't want to cough up for the work I've given him. Anyway, here's my dilemma. If I cancel the order, I will definitely be demoted back down from level 1 to new seller. But if I refuse the cancellation, he will surely leave me my first ever bad review. Question 1: In terms of the damage my profile could take, which is the lesser of the two evils? Question 2: I'm happy to delete the gig, as it's new, will a bad review left on it still show up on my main profile?
  21. Long story short: Returning buyer orders without PM first, provides inaccurate or none description to the gig as well as low quality files. Communication is vague and uninterested about having a good workflow with the seller. After several deliveries, more revisions than the ones permitted and no given info on how to meet the desired outcome buyer requests cancellation, stating I can't do the gig. As a seller, one tries to focus on working things out and make the best out of it. Sometimes this is not enough and the buyer requests to cancel order after the seller spent working hours on the project for nothing, Gig get canceled, money goes back to the buyer with no consequences whatsoever, It is not the first time that a buyer behave this way with some general disregard about putting effort in explaining what they want or providing accurate info or decent requirement files. I understand its up to the seller to decide to stop going through with the order or to even begin with it, on the other hand the reality is that seller want to be good communicators and try to be nice and accommodating, to get good reviews and ultimately to earn some money. This means that the seller - client relationship is rarely on the same level. Most importantly if sellers behave incorrectly they faces a number of (fair) consequences while clients can freely keep do whatever they want. As a seller I feel I need some kind of protection from these issues on the platform I work on. For instance now I can’t even put a negative review for this last gig that got canceled by resolution center, I lost days after a client for a 30$ job and nobody will know of my experience with him. And he will keep playing sellers this way. I don’t even care too much about those 30$ he owes me, I care about all the working hours I lost because of him, thats why I think some follow up on behaviours like these should be part of Fiverr's policy. I hope some of you will relate to this. I'm exhausted of having to deal with these kind of people. The question is: WiLL FIVERR SOLVE THIS? Below parts of the conversation with this customer (returning customer btw, 3rd order with me) and finally a few other people who had the same experience with this buyer which will suffer NO CONSEQUENCE for stealing sellers valuable time HERE ARE THE FEW PEOPLE WHO COULD MAKE A REVIEW (AND THEREFORE HAD TO CONCLUDE THE ORDER JUST TO AVOID LOSING THEIR MONEY OR HAVING LOWER RATING ON THEIR PROFILES)
  22. I canceled an order. Could this create any problem to get the next order?
  23. Hope everybody is well I had a $ 750 order, where I had been working for the last 20 days. This was the work of the client's CRM database. I have been updating the database for a long time and have worked with the client as a sample and approved it. I have asked the client many times to check my work. I delivered the work and after that the client's excuse started. He says my work was not right. And that's what he's saying wrong. And the order was making new excuses for canceling. I talk to customer support in this situation and they let me know that sometimes such clients have to manage and give a lot of advice. Last said "I have forwarded your inquiry to the relevant team for further review. As soon as I receive an update I will let you know by following up on this ticket". Last Thursday at 09:32 time Fiverr gave me this message. In the midst of this discussion I noticed that the order had been canceled from Customer Support and had not yet given me any updates. I'm still waiting for update Because the ticket is not closed yet. If a seller makes a mistake, Fiverr refunds the client. So what action does Fiverr take if the client cheats with seller? Does Fiverr only support the client? Please See Attached image
  24. For example I am working on a project and a buyer message me to order my gig. It's not good to say no directly instead I want to make contract with that buyer so that he order my gig in future. How should I response to that client? Share some tips.
  25. Today I got a very unfortunate order. Buyer placed an order and opened a dispute to cancel it 2h and 15min after. They were expecting a very fast turnaround of an hour or two, as far as I understand. They did not contact me before placing the order and nowhere do I state, that I deliver my orders in such ridiculous time frame. While my gig has an extra for fast delivery, the turnaround time is 12h with that extra. The buyer opened up a dispute to cancel the order with a reason "The seller is not responding", stating: "Have a very quick deadline. Not clear from seller when the work will be done. Have found an alternative.", trying to put the blame on me. I was out from home when I got the order and I responded that I would follow up once I get back home, but the buyer canceled it before I even could do so. I have contacted the CS to hopefully cancel the order without it effecting my profile. What would you do in this situation? I will attach the chat with this post.
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