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  1. yes, i did, i still haven’t heard from them yet guess i have no choice but to work on gig and i stated clearly in my gig description that i dun accept offers without consultation. oof
  2. thanks for the suggestion, i just changed my basic gig to 2 day delivery. And for the mandatory requirements, I set my gig description to PLEASE CONSULT ME BEFORE PLACING ORDER. Is this enough? And no, I didn’t select extra fast delivery for my gig perks.
  3. Yo guys, I just finished a video subtitles gig (14 mins and it took me 3 days), and when literally i sent the link of my video to my previous buyer, one buyer JUST GAVE ME an offer and demanded it to be completed next day (around 10 mins). I really want to know are there ways for sellers to reject buyers if they don’t feel like doing the job (even tho they placed offer WITHOUT consulting me). And please Fiverr, be more aware of what sellers going thru, we are part of your community, you know???
  4. the real reason I am thinking of making changes to gig prices is because I think my previous gig price is underpriced… so yeah, I already have experiences in making subtitles, I just need ways to raise up prices a bit (while the client is not mad at me for doing so 🙂)
  5. image1920×1080 210 KBHi, I just really wanted to charge $1 per 1 minute of video if they only want SRT files. If this doesn’t work out, maybe it is just better to write in gig description then.
  6. do you mean the extra gig? So I want to charge only $1 per minute if they only want SRT file. I don’t know how to put the titles, sorry. 😐
  7. image1920×1080 395 KB hi, may I know what is the problem here??? Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, how can I put basic offer for my video subtitles gig?? I am thinking of charging $5 per 2 minutes of video, and for 1 day delivery. Only my voice over gig has the option to set basic offer where it will be $5 for 500 words. Please let me know about this. I hope Fiverr is flexible enough to make changes for setting gig prices too. 🙂
  9. Welcome to the Fiverr community. My reason to start Fiverr business is because I need stable income asap. I know I am still long way from securing stable long-term work relationships with clients, and I am still working on them. I am looking forward to start more gigs soon, I have been thinking on making animations and (still long way) learning the essential skills. 🙂
  10. $20 for payoneer (bank transfer) I do recommend Paypal tho, it is much flexible and the communication part is better when it comes to mail… just saying
  11. hi, may I know do you check buyer requests? how about you can check facebook or linkedin to look for possible clients? just be mindful when they ask your contact info
  12. welcome to my work life balance in summary 🙂
  13. I do assume nobody really wants to comment on my post somehow…mmm.
  14. Hi, I have this thought on my mind for a very long time, and it is concerning my voice over gig. To clarify, I am from Malaysia, and I do offer English and Chinese voice over gig. Here is the link to my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/KwX9k4 The thing is I do have Asian accent due to the place I live. Malaysia is known for people with bilingual ability, and English is part of the most used languages in the country. The problem is I hardly find any voice over gigs that do request neutral accent or Asian accent. The requests I mostly got are for “native American”, “British”, “Australian”, etc. I know Fiverr is the global marketplace, but I wonder why there isn’t such request for Asian accents then? Maybe being native English speaker do make the pronunciation sounds professional. I just wonder are there any possible buyers who do prefer Neutral English or Asian accents then? P.S. I do have one buyer that like my Asian accent and gave me five stars for my offer, and I am grateful for him. But this is the only offer I have who comes for Asian accent so far.
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