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Hello expert.

I only write approximately 150 characters that are legal. But Fiverr is not approved.

Video attached.

I try things like: change devices, try incognito, and remove AdBlock, but they are not approved.

In my description, I only have 500 characters that are all alphanumeric and do not contain illegal words. But Fiverr also denied this little description. I contacted Fiverr Support but couldn't get my problem solved. What should I do


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Try removing the text in the description until the message "description contains illegal characters" no longer shows. Even until the description is empty. You could copy the description to notepad so you have a copy of it. You could also try it with the Chrome browser on PC if you haven't already. If it still doesn't work after removing the text and re-typing it you could try removing cookies etc. It's most likely characters like tab that might be causing it.

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