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  1. You would need to share referral link everywhere. Whenever someone Visits that link Create new account Buys an product You will get %20 commission of bought product price. Note: The referral reward will be changed to 10% soon. Learn more: https://www.fiverr.com/referral_program
  2. Sure, But currently I don't think I'm mastered skilled. I'm just an student and as I get around a year experience on fiverr, I will surely apply. Because responsibility will become more hard after when I get approved.
  3. But that sale is more than a monster. Imagine where you don't really have to mess with different types of customers. With just 2-5 business customers. you earn $700+ for just an small task with time of your choice. They also have some extra privileges that normal seller won't have. And Thanks @shadiya646, from visiting link, I got to know it seller without a level or even 2 sales is eligible for pro verified. They just need to enter their CV and details about their work. Its like you are applying to a job. But remember, seller needs to be master skilled to get approval.
  4. Your gig title and paragraph requires simplicity. Buyers like to read less. 1. Simplify title I will do background removal, clipping path, and photoshop image editing to I will remove photo background There's no need to mention photoshop in title, because you already using its category named Photoshop Editing. 2. And the last note of your gig Important Note: Please send me a message for any Bulk images, Custom or Complex Photo Editing before you want to buy my service. to Note: Please contact before placing order. These were just examples. You can improve whole gig for getting killer attraction.
  5. I seen some sellers are colored "Caribbean Green" and are labeled as "Pro VERIFIED" . And their prices are atomic bomb even for small task. Now my question is 1. How to get this badge ? 2. What are requirements ? How can I be eligible ?
  6. 1. Don't include irrelevant details e.g "I have x year of experience", "I have been working here on fiverr", "I make all buyers satisfy" ... Buyer doesn't have to deal with what you are. Instead, he want to know what you can do about current request. 2. Show that you read the whole request Try to include same keywords that buyer did in request. Suppose he asked "I need small android app which download data from website...". Now to tell him "I will make android app that will web scrape data from website. I'm excited to have done this job, Let's discuss further at chat." 3. Don't write story Try to be minimal writer. Don't write long paragraphs that causes buyer to NOT read whole offer. that's what I learned as a student on fiverr. And rest, ether I forgot or still need to learn. Thanks
  7. Go and bid on `Buyer requests` cleverly and concisely. The buyers will trust new sellers only when they have low budget or seller rating is high.
  8. From the start of joining fiverr, I noticed some buyers always put some unmeaningfull or nonsence while starting the request. like So what you think what its cause ? Why they do so ?
  9. There were many opinions, all were in same direction that move to next order instead of sticking to previous one. Although, if buyer don’t wanna rate, you can’t really force him to. There is no trick, no hack here. So my suggestion would be simply if you have nice no. of clients, then choose those, which are best in giving you 5/5 rates. And also set prices, which you think is your right. You can less that for regular buyers, if they want.
  10. Ok guys, I sum up your opinions into decision to move on to other projects than previous. And I was doing job at low price, just because to get quality level fast. And after I would blast the bomb. Thank you all guys. I’m very happy to see getting helped in alone time. ❤️
  11. Actually, at start, I work hard and waste my full weeks just on $5 projects. And I just need 5/5 review. And even if I don’t, its really de-motivate me for quality work. I was wondering to get nice no. of reviews in quick time.
  12. There are some users, where I work hard and keep on providing support with smallest price even after when project marked as complete. I hope my buyer should be that nice too, they should provide 5/5 review if I had completed job with quality. But there are some buyers, that even after project completed, they says I didn’t tried the code you sent, and I will write an review when I see it working. Or some says, I’m busy, but will let you know when I’m free. Many weeks had been gone, but now no response from them. So what’s the legal action I can take to get an review ? Although, I can’t ask, nor I can force them. Its very difficult situation.
  13. Your both ideas are nice. I should ask buyer for time and budget before telling. It look promising. Thanks all guys. Love you all. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  14. Thanks a lot. By this way, I do get good reviews. But NOT sure whether I should make them to read time and budget using creating offer or text based. The text based looks to doubt.
  15. The thing which makes me to think is that the price and budget that I state is same I said on offer. And also they don’t discuss and just went away. If they discuss like please lower the budget or time, then I won’t be that upset.
  16. But I don’t think they may mistaken. Fiverr is quite old site. If they didn’t added these words on chat, it makes me to think. But its clear we don’t need to remind buyer for review because fiverr do this itself as before madam mentioned.
  17. Hi guys, Very proudly I say, I always receive response from buyers when I bid on request. All things always went fine, but mostly a problem occurs when buyer is about to give order but sudden went out and no reply. Mostly, when I say, estimated time is xx days and budget is $xx. Even offer remain same as I offered on request page. Can you explain why am I failing ?
  18. CVS is text file format like txt, doc etc. “Export to CSV” means send all result to email. This result will include all data about your earnings.
  19. So, if you got a warning when you wrote this, why would you be on the forums advising someone else to do this!? Either way, refrain from asking buyers to review your work, rate your work or anything else that hints at giving feedback on your work. That is, unless you really could care less if your account ends up in a black hole somewhere and you cannot offer services here any longer. GG Please accept apologies. I guess last line wasn’t read. Please can you explain this ?
  20. NO! Please refrain from giving “advice” even if you mean well. If this person or anyone else reading your post were to send a message like this, it can lead to an account Warning. Buyers do NOT have to be reminded by the seller to give a review - Fiverr does this FOR YOU already - when the buyer receives their order, they are prompted to accept it and give a review as well as a tip if they want. If the buyer does not review at that time of opening the order, Fiverr reminds them again a few days later - so, imagine the seller sending a message asking for a review and Fiverr doing it also - it would be annoying. Again DO NOT mention reviews EVER. Just deliver the best work and let the buyer decide if they want to review. Some buyers do not leave reviews EVER, even if they like what you have done. Could be they don’t want others to know how they rated someone, could be they just never leave reviews. Leave buyers alone. GG Thanks a lot. If fiverr reminds then we don’t need to. But I didn’t understand why, I got warning when writing an text which includes “rating” on order page. But I won’t get that warning on chat.
  21. Clicks & impressions are useless. Buyer rarely contact through that. So try to focus and bid on buyer requests. Your all gig looks fine except your prices are high. At start, buyer won’t experiment with such amount. So my suggestion is, at start go with lower prices, most buyers prefer low prices. And when you get some level and reviews, blast the prices.
  22. just adding my 2 cents The Exposure Buyer Some buyers do say, I need trading bot and if we will earn well, we will reserve %xx of the profit to you. So don’t apply for them. These are clearly frauds.
  23. If feature isn’t listed in agreement, then try to communicate about this to buyer. And be remain polite. In this case, aggression will result loss to you. And if revision is small, then you can do it, that will make sure buyer will rate you 5/5. Last option would be contact fiverr resolution center. But remember, order cancellation will impact on your level.
  24. Did you tried to bid on buyer requests ? First try to get level by doing $5 projects.
  25. This won’t help them. Because they are getting impression from seller, Not buyer.
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