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  1. I don’t see him saying that anywhere. Maybe you provide quality work but your communication is not professional. When you are a freelancer it’s not only about your work but about the experience that you give to your clients and delivering on time and great communication is part of your service. We are not in kindergarten where you miss a deadline, you apologise and it’s all cool. No, your client also has his deadlines and he also expected you to deliver on time. You never know what will it cost him because you had a delay, maybe he will be loosing real money because of you delivering late. You were the one rude 😉 I don’t see your client being rude.
  2. Wow. Just wow. I am really surprised that you think that your buyer was rude. To be honest it’s all in you and your communication. You missed a deadline and client was still ready to pay you and wait till Tuesday. you were EXTREMELY unprofessional and you were the one who was unnecessarily rude. If you think that it’s nice offering to do it for free when missing a deadline then it’s not. I know you might not like it but it is on you and fiverr might even give you a warning for that kind of behaviour.
  3. If you set 10$ price on your gig then anyone can order it anytime.
  4. Here you go, an official reply from fiverr staff
  5. Spamming is what you are doing. you are posting comments like “yes”, “nice” “active fiverr” that has nothing to do with the topic or a post. sometimes it’s so ridiculous like this one 👇 somebody asked a question in “fiverr questions” category and you relied best of luck, nothing to do with the question, not an answer in the question, just spam. and please stop spreading misinformation about “staying active” that wouldn’t help you and it wouldn’t help others
  6. Well, you definitely should stop spamming forum with the comments that have nothing to do with the topics you are spamming. That wouldn’t help you to get orders. All you will do is to show potential clients that come to the forum that you have zero understanding what people are talking about on the topic and just posting spam, no clients would like to hire sellers that wouldn’t understand their requirements.
  7. Who is the “knock” and why is he not coming? 🤔
  8. It is a lot of effort however it’s not the effort of staying online, it wouldn’t make any difference.
  9. Yes! that’s how they grow the same as @miiila we used to collect them in the forests (but we also grew them in our garden) alongside with blueberries (but of course smaller blueberries, not the big ones that you can find in the supermarket 🙈). Same here 🙈 Though I would still eat them just from the plant in the Forrest. That’s when they are the tastiest and I don’t have patience to bring them all the way home and wash them
  10. Unfortunately it’s impossible to help you with getting orders. You didn’t describe what you do, what service you provide or what kind of help you need. mid you need help with your gig then you can post a link in “improve my gig” category here and ask sellers to look at your gig and suggest you what you can improve in it
  11. There is no functionality for getting buyer requests alerts as far as I’m aware. right now there is a seller plus program and you can get BR notifications only if you are accepted and participating in Seller Plus program
  12. I have a couple of berries that I really miss and couldn’t get them in Europe or in Asia. we had all of them growing in our garden (apart from cloudberry, it’s a wild berry) I’ll write a list: 1. gooseberries 2. sea buckthorn 3. cloudberry 4. Small strawberry (it’s not really a strawberry, it’s way smaller and much sweeter) 5. honeysuckle 6. red and white currant
  13. Oh my phone just a couple of days ago reminded me of a picture that I made from my home town in Russia. Most people have their summer gardens there and we had loads of fruits growing there. It was such a pleasure coming there and eating fruits right from the plants. And the picture is of strawberries, we had so many of them that every weekend we would collect this huge amounts of strawberries 🍓 eating them fresh, making jams, freezing them for the winter. Sometime it was even too many for us to handle it. we would get this amount of strawberries every weekend 👇
  14. Well, fiverr is made for buyers to find you not all the way around 😉 there is buyer request section we’re you can apply for buyer requests but fiverr is mostly made for you to open your gig and clients that are interested connecting with you or placing orders directly
  15. Being a freelancer is not easy. It's basically like running your own business and no one can guarantee that you will be making money. when you open your gig, you only let your services to be visible of a marketplace however it's a very different story how attractive your services are, how many pinpoints can it solve for your clients, what is the quality of your service and if your potential clients can see it just from your gig and from your gig pictures. It's a hard work figuring out how to earn money while being a freelance and just staying online wouldn't do the trick.
  16. Do you mean pictures are not shown in your gig gallery or your reviews disappeared completely from your profile? if it’s not shown in your gig gallery then most likely when you were editing you gig you pressed live portfolio button which reset your life portfolio to zero and kept only your 3 sample images
  17. You don’t have to delete your account. Fiverr is made to have only one account and you can just switch your account into buyer or a seller mode. You can check fiverr help page or reach out to support on how to add selling option
  18. And that’s exactly the point: first you need to grow your target audience on your social media that you chose and then you can share your gig links on YOUR profiles to the audience that you already attracted.
  19. Nice picture that you took from the internet for your profile 👍 does the guy know that you are using his identity? 

    1. maitasun


      I wonder if @listing_guys knows he can get a warning, or even get banned, for using a fake profile image... 🤔

  20. It’s super easy: you just need to install fiverr app 😉 you wouldn’t need to come online to check every day if you got any messages and just receive an app notification when someone will message you
  21. A lot of this "advices" are quite questionable and some even break fiverr TOS. I saw you were also asking for a feedback on your gig in other topic and here you are giving advices on how to create a gig. It's great that you are participating in the community however it's better to read fiverr rules first and forum rules too, because I saw you posting your gig links here on the forum in the category were it's not allowed. Just a tip: every category has a description of hat should be posted in each to make it even easier
  22. That’s first of all wouldn’t help in getting orders and secondly that’s not what the person asked
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