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  1. They should be proud what they are currently, no doubt. They are already TRS, %1, having highest scores compare to other sellers in market. But there's another factor, target. I have seen guys even earning 3-6K+ a month, complaining. and some are even happier with $5. Depends on brain, location and category. Sparrow is happy for just being able to fly and eagle isn't happy, even cutting sky. lol
  2. They still might be getting orders, but maybe not how they used to be earlier. They might experienced instability income wise after update.
  3. Can someone explain please. I have confusion about buyers editing their reviews. Did it mean, if a seller submits their review, buyer won't be able to edit their review ? If yes, how buyers will edit in case of mistake ? specially when they say even CS won't edit.
  4. First one points to disputes among orders. (Revisions,tensions and pulls in some orders...) Second need improvement in stars of value for money. Third states some clients shown dissatisfaction or anger in Inbox. There's also private reviews, which we won't be sure as they hidden. Please understand that AI lacks common sense. It calculates weight using force level and then sorts by date. I hope following is enough to explain
  5. This look harmful Can you show screenshot of metrics affecting score ?
  6. My factors: - Overload (more overload, more high rate) - Mood (Sometimes I'm not in mood for work. So I raise to take breath) - Value (how much project gonna provide value ? How many of competitors are capable of doing same job ?) First strong profile (great reviews) that attract client to DM Then strong Communication to grab (by hitting the client's concern/questions they raise) and charge whatever you want! and fulfilling your promise on TIME, to re-begin loop
  7. You gave 10 years on Fiverr and I hope you know what you are doing. But maybe isn't it better if you let it run as a side business, instead of closing completely ? There are many guys using all fiverr, upwork and other marketplaces... Initially my score on one gig was 8. Gradually it decreased to 5. I noticed my private ratings weren't good, some profiles can show hidden metrics like "quality of delivery" and "value of delivery" So I started asking happy buyers for private reviews. and now it increased to 8 now. I understand current leveling system is more tough. But I'm happier, because its cleaning competition for me. From time to time, I'm understanding algorithm and improving score. I'm sorry for you. Hope your decision would be based on calculations, not emotions.
  8. @ebturner Do you still have same issue ? I guess they fixed it. Because from yesterday, inbox working fine.
  9. Thanks god, found at-least one person having issue like mine 😅 Can you tag some relevant product team you may know ?
  10. Fiverr app works very good. But I can't use it. Because most of my work is on Windows side, I have to copy paste etc... Also I fear tiny keyboard of mobile is no match to my thumb size. Maybe I would need to use android emulator, if inbox keeps going like that...
  11. I'm experiencing this bug consistently since yesterday. I chatted 5-6 guys so far in that period, it persists. Maybe something issue on Fiverr's end. Because my browser and overall system is the same for many months.
  12. I tried typing on addressbar, Whatspp web, chatgpt, gemini etc They all are working fine.
  13. bandicam 2024-05-15 20-55-45-820.mp4 Notice that I finished writing when I moved my cursor. But it showing letter by letter, very slow. I'm using Firefox on Windows. I even tried Chrome, same result. I want to make sure if you all guys are experiencing same on Website ?
  14. So you mean, sellers you contact become quite when you offer budget ? Maybe budget is lowest, such that they don't even bother to negotiate. or maybe they don't want to risk their stats from new buyer. (Why: Order cancellation or low rating throws a seller out of search engine making almost low or no chance of selling again, except repeat buyers) Its not needed. Even if you have reviews from good sellers, that would work. By the way, seller plus package also expose buyer's average order range. Not sure what's your way. If I were you, I would write my requirements and launched a brief. Then you will be contacted by many serious sellers with their possibilities.
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