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  1. What about your gig is compelling enough to make someone choose you over the 27,847 other people who are already offering this service?
  2. They do have the feature but it is only allowed for VID buyers and PRO sellers.
  3. I know. It won't work. Just like spamming Facebook for sales.
  4. This is sompletely false. Please don't give out false advice. It is not helpful ot others, and it shows that you don't know how fiverr works.
  5. Fiverr is not a social media site, It is a freelancing marketplace. The last thing I want is someone chasing me asking if I read their message or not. If you don't hear from someone, that's your answer.
  6. You get orders from Fiverr, not Quora.
  7. That is not quite the question you should be asking. The real question is, with 2,051 sellers already offering landing pages, why should someone pick your gig? What can you do that the others can't? You have to create a gig where people can see that ordering from you is better than the others.
  8. Actually you can't. You are saying if everything is OK, then leave feedback. This implies that if it is not good, not to leave feedback. Also, using the spelling feed.back to avoid detection shows that you are doing something dishonest and against TOS
  9. Those are 2 separate questions. First, sitting in front of your computer all day staring at the screen does not get you more orders. Have you noticed that the only place you see people suggesting to stay online always is among the same group that posts all day long that they are not getting any sales? As far as a better position, you have to have better conversions from click to sale. Which means you have to have better quality than your competitiors. So many think that showing up with a gig means that sales will come. No, you have to be better than the millions of other sellers to succeed. What is better about your gig than the rest?
  10. If you are asking if you can go back and cancel orders actually did deserve a bad review simply to sanitize your reviews, I would suggest that that is fraudulent. If people can go back and just erase the bad reviews, what's the point of having reviews at all?
  11. Congos, for spreading false information. This is wrong, and it not only wastes the time of other sellers, but it tells everyone that you have no idea how fiverr works.
  12. Those would be impatient, flighty customers more concerned with rushing, than with quality. You can have them.
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