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  1. it takes as long as it takes, and the time is of different lengths for each seller. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website.
  2. Quora is not an advertising website, so it is unwise to do any advertising there, as well as to expect sales to come from there.
  3. There is no such thing as a set rank in the Fiverr search system. You can't be "de-ranked", because your gigs didn't have any rank to begin with.
  4. Your Fiverr profile pages says that you have 275 seller reviews. The title on this forum topic says you've completed your 280th order. Therefore, I question the fact that 98% of all of your orders gained a review. Most other sellers, with as many orders, usually do not have as high a reviewed orders percentage. And it is factually impossible for you to have completed a total of 222 orders, when your profile says you have more 53 more reviews than orders (i.e., 275 reviews). So, if you want us to celebrate with you, would you be willing to clarify your claims?
  5. I can, but Maitasun is also correct.... my advice already exists all over the forum. If you read through the forum, I bet you'll find some. Consider it a fun little hunt of sorts. 😉
  6. Yes, a 4.7 rating is a good rating. I would even call down to a 4.0 a good rating. The problem is, though, many sellers get so caught up in the whole "I need a certain rating" thing, that they expect perfect 5.0 ratings from buyers, and anything below that makes them angry. In reality, anything from a 4.0 up would be admirable in my book, with a 3.0 being average. If you do a good job, you'll usually earn a rating somewhere between 4.0 and 5.0. The more positive reviews you have, the better your overall seller rating will be.
  7. New sellers can read this in the Fiverr Help & Support link. This is something every new seller should do.
  8. Keywords do not define your gig. And trying to pack as many of them into your description is a bad idea. Describe your business in your gig description. Don't focus on the quantity of keywords. Trying to game the search algorithm will not work. In fact, who's to say the algorithm isn't smart enough to identify keyword-packing? Perhaps doing that will result in your gig being shown less in the search results. Your gig is not about how many keywords you think you need to use, it's about the SERVICE you can offer to your target customers.
  9. Yes, and? You posted this in the "Fiverr FAQ" forum. "FAQ" means: "Frequently Asked Questions". What kind of question were you trying to ask?
  10. I'm glad to see you sharing my advice, but let's not take it too far. You're right, social media sites are usually where we have connections to just our friends and family. Friends and family are not our target customers. But to say, "don't share your gig anywhere", is actually bad advice. Share your gig wherever your target customers are located. That may not be our social media accounts, but there are plenty of other places where our target customers as located. Those customer locations are where you need to promote your services.
  11. I recently saw a new seller write this on the forums: "[I have the] pleasure to inform all of you that I have completed [my] 1st order with 5 stars and and excellent review." Well, congratulations. That's great! However... Telling the rest of us, here on the forums, whenever you get your first order, is not going to make you a better seller, nor will it bring you more orders. We are not your customers. We are not the people who will hire you. We can't do anything to make you have "more orders with 5-star reviews". That is something only YOU can do, and it will not happen if you just sit around and wait. Fiverr was built for doers. Fiverr's tagline is, "In Doers We Trust"..... take action, be a doer, not a "celebrate and wait around-er". We're happy that you're here on the forums. We're happy that you earned an order. BUT, you don't need to announce each order to the rest of us. Dozens of sellers are doing that. Imagine how annoying it would be, if all of us veteran sellers -- who have earned hundreds and thousands of orders -- eagerly announced our 1,232nd order.... our 1,233rd order.... our 1,234th order... our 1,235th order.... our 1,237th order..... our 1,238th order..... and so on. Yikes! That would be forum overload, and other users would run away from here as fast as they could! We certainly don't want that. So, how about a compromise. How about you try something a little different. Why not try setting some longer-term goals -- why not try setting a higher order milestone -- and then share your excitement with all of us, when you reach 100 orders, 500 orders, or even 1,000 orders. Success takes time, and it usually results from hard work, strategic marketing, and an ambitious mindset. So, here's a powerful seller tip.... Step back, set some goals for your freelance career, and then train yourself to look further down the road. Be ambitious. Be driven. Be more excited about earning your 100th order, than you are about announcing your first one. Think bigger. Work harder. Be a Doer. Success does not come to those who wait. And it certainly doesn't come to those who celebrate one order, and then do nothing productive to earn order #2. Be hungry. Give us all something BIG to celebrate. Look beyond your first order. Successful sellers set ambitious goals, and then work hard to reach them. If you want to be successful, celebrate the bigger numbers.
  12. Keywords do not determine the success of your gig. A well-written description that catches the eye of your target customer, describes your service, and convinces buyers to hire you can. Quality matters far more than quantity.
  13. jonbaas


    Taking a test could define and improve your skills. It will not, however, guarantee that you get more orders. There are no order guarantees here on Fiverr.
  14. There is no set rank in the Fiverr search system, nor are sellers guaranteed any specific placement in the results. The algorithm gives everyone a chance to be seen, unique to every search, and according to the algorithmic factors connected to the person searching. Perhaps now might be a good time to go find some of your target customers, and tell them about your searches (i.e., effective marketing), and bring them to you, instead of expecting Fiverr to provide all of your customers. Marketing and promotion are things every good independent freelancer needs to be willing to do on their own. You are the only person responsible for your success.
  15. The order timer is the very core of how this site works. Once a buyer starts an order, you must complete it within the timeframe the buyer purchased. You cannot change the timer, since it is set, and determined, by that order. If you think that the time you list for completion of your orders isn't long enough for you to complete your orders, than it might be helpful for you to set a longer order completion deadline.
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