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  1. I have been considering it, but it’s always hard to make myself take the plunge and just do it! I do think it’ll be time soon, since I’ve been here for two years and my last real increase was a year ago now. Thank you so much for the kind words and advice!
  2. That’s been my policy lately. In the beginning, when I still had only 100 reviews or so, I was so nervous about offending someone and them retaliating by giving me bad reviews or cancellations, that I’d bend over backward to do whatever they want. Now though, I pretty much say that if they need discounts to afford my services, they’d probably be better off looking for someone else who is within their budget. This doesn’t happen too often anymore, because my higher pricing has weeded out a lot of the lowballers, luckily.
  3. Hey! This is just out of curiosity. When I started on Fiverr, my prices were… Absurdly low. Very very low. I did this so that I could get a few reviews, build up my portfolio, etc. I did note in my description that my pricing was for a limited time, and my rates slowly increased over the months and years. While some of my most loyal clients have been perfectly happy with this (I still work with the client who gave me my very first order!), other clients are pretty demanding that they get discounts. I’m happy to give discounts here and there for regulars, but some clients insist on pretty significant discounts, every time. This happened today, and he insisted that because ordered from me 4 times in 2019, when my prices were about 3x less than they are now, I should give him a 50% discount. How do you guys deal with your regular clients when you raise your prices?
  4. As someone who misses the industry, this is a pet love of mine - hence the copious posts from me! I can vouch for the AT2035. I’ve used one before and they offer great value / audio quality for the price. Also, the SM7B is generally regarded as a bit of a classic - but to my mind it’s definitely at the upper end of the beginner market. Generally speaking the more you pay for a mic, the better the audio quality. But doubling your budget for example, doesn’t mean double the audio quality. It instead tends to result in a very modest improvement that can (and again, audio purists will reel back in horror at my suggestion) to a certain degree be replicated using a cheaper mic with careful audio processing. To be clear, my budget suggestions aren’t aimed at someone looking to do commercial grade recordings. But they will be perfectly good enough for someone finding their feet and wanting to try their hand at a few low end voice over jobs through Fiverr for YouTube videos and whiteboard animations in order to discover if they have a talent for this. I agree with everything mentioned! To clarify, a $400 mic certainly isn’t just a “starter” mic, the Shure is a mic that you could absolutely use for years without a need to upgrade. I included it on the basis that it’s what some people would consider affordable enough to get off the bat, depending on their own economic situation, and is still much cheaper than high end $1k+ Sennheisers or Neumann’s for example. As I wasn’t sure of OP’s budget, I decided to include it (as well as mics covering a range of budgets), especially due to their high resale value and longevity. While it is a hefty starter investment, it is something you could easily resell if it wasn’t for you. ☺️
  5. Hey! There’s already been so much great, thorough advice given here. I know when I started becoming serious about voiceover, I found it to be pretty overwhelming because of the sheer volume of STUFF, so hopefully this will be a really easy starting point, where you can get an idea of some good starter mics depending on your budget. For room treatment, consider acoustic panels. If you google “diy acoustic panels booth junkie”, Booth Junkie on YouTube has a great tutorial for making acoustic panels (and is a great resource for voice over in general). These are amazing for cheap sound treatment, and I’ve used them myself. Way cheaper than something you can buy online, and leaps and bounds more effective that those typical foam stick on tile things you can get. Then, I’d recommend getting a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface (second hand is fine), and one of these XLR mics, depending on your budget. I would say that the price reflects the quality, but all of these mics would be a fine starter mic: $​75: MXL 770$​100: Audio Technica AT2020$​130: Audio Technica AT2035$​200: Blue Spark$270: Rode NT-1$​300: Warm Audio WA47jr$​400: Shure SM7BA lot of these have decent resale value too, so if your husband decides it’s not for him, or wants to upgrade later on, you shouldn’t have too much trouble reselling them. And buying second hand is often a fine option too as long as the equipment has been treated with care! Edit: Just want to add that these are just recommendations based on what I’m familiar with - there are plenty of other great audio interfaces and mics out there at similar price points to what I’ve listed, and starting with a good quality USB mic like the $​90 Samson C01U for example would also be totally acceptable. I started with a USB mic myself, but you will get better quality with XLR most of the time
  6. But the gig was never sent to ‘hard deny’ it’s still sitting at ‘soft deny’, which confuses things even more. I can post what I have already for my description in a minute - I have food on the stove atm I would definitely ask for a different CS representative - they don’t seem to be able to help you because they may not be too well versed in what is/isn’t allowed. According to Fiverr’s own TOS, you’re definitely allowed to communicate outside of Fiverr if it’s necessary for the gig, they just don’t offer protections for doing so. Personal contact details may be given via the order page if it’s necessary for completion of the gig.
  7. Sorry - I think I was unclear. When I said “sellers in this kind of category”, I simply mean sellers offering live video services, not live tours. I think it’s likely that just reframing the gig as a virtual tour guide gig, without specifically mentioning the video platform that you will use, would probably help. To be honest, if you could post the gig title and description you had used, we may be able to help offer suggestions on what was flagging an issue for CS.
  8. Hi there. Yes, models can and do make money on Fiverr. However to work out things like “average price per order” you will need to do your own research. You can browse fiverr as a buyer, searching for modeling gigs, and do some research based on that.
  9. Have you tried posting the gig without mentioned the actual name of any video service platform, and just stating it will be conducted by video chat? Fiverr’s TOS do state that you can give out contact details if it’s necessary for the gig, which in this case it would be. I second theratypist’s suggestion of seeing how other sellers in this kind of category navigate this. I think it’s fine to ask to talk to someone else, while also referencing the part in the TOS mentioned above.
  10. Perhaps I’m missing something here, but a lot of people are talking about how this is stating you might get priority selection for things like rising talent, fiver’s choice, or even TRS, because you are enrolled in the program and are a paying member of “seller plus”. While I’m not a huge fan of this program (I think the cost is prohibitive for a lot of the people that would need this - namely, sellers that are NOT doing too well on their own and those from developing countries), my interpretation wasn’t that you get any kind of priority for these programs, but rather that because you have a dedicated Success Manager, who knows how the algorithm works, they can guide you to establish the right practices that the algorithm likes. In other words, someone not in the seller plus program who is already doing all the right things won’t be at a disadvantage compared to a paying member. To me, I would assume this program is more geared towards those who actually need help because they aren’t getting great sales, not those who are already doing excellently on their own. I could be way off base, but that’s how it came across to me.
  11. “As in, the service is provided via video based communication” - I understand that, I mean what is the service specifically? Is it video lessons, is it moderating a digital meeting as per your example, is it offering live counselling… There are a plethora of different services based on video communications, and the solutions to how you can go about having a gig for it on Fiverr will vary depending on the actual service.
  12. Hi! Some context about what you’re actually offering via your gig would probably help in figuring out the cause of the issue as well as potential solutions. What do you mean when you say it’s a video based communication gig?
  13. Since me and my fiance broke up, I’m planning on treating myself to an UNHEALTHY amount of chocolate for valentine’s day, so I’m deifnitely taking notes about the recommendations in this thread! :spiral_notepad:
  14. I did also make over $20,000 last year, but I don’t live in America. I did for a short time, but I was not a permanent resident, and I moved back to England a year ago
  15. I’m not really sure I understand what this means haha
  16. Do you like the salted caramel ones? I had them for the first time over Christmas. I really enjoyed them. Very moreish. Oh I love those too! I also really enjoy the sea salt ones, and the dark chocolate too. But honestly I just really like all of them haha!
  17. This makes me so happy, thank you for sharing this story! I’m honestly a FIEND for ferrero rocher. I buy those giant 48 piece packs like… Once a month at least 😅
  18. I received that email today as well. “The password for the Form is the last 4 digits of your SSN/EIN.” Me, a British girl, living in England:
  19. Your own English isn’t good enough for that. In fact it might even be worse than OPs! Your message should have said: “I can fix your issues by proofreading your title, description etc (if you hire me). Thank you.”
  20. If you go to your contacts, you can see the total of completed orders, the amount spent, and the date of the last order with a specific buyer. Screenshot1646×742 46.4 KBDoes that help? Yes, this is perfect, thank you so much!
  21. I can see previous orders, but with this specific client I have over 1000 orders with him haha. So if I wanted to individually tally up the earnings, it would be QUITE difficult. Clicking on previous orders via the inbox doesn’t bring up any detailed info such as total earnings etc
  22. I’m really sorry, but I’m not going to proofread your entire page for you. There are online tools you can use for that, or you could hire someone on fiverr to do it! 🙂
  23. You are offering design services but only show 1 example of your work. You have 3 images available to upload for each gig. You need to use all of them. Also, your gig image and description are contradictory - half of your text emotes show 7 or 8 letters, but in your description you limit the amount of letters to 5? This is really odd, and makes it seem like the work displayed isn’t yours, since you’re stating you can’t do something which is shown in the image previews. Also, the gig images aren’t exactly very eye catching. A giant black screen with a few pops of colour probably won’t stand out very much. You should showcase your work examples better, and make them bigger - the tiny size makes them look pretty low-quality. Even though text emotes need to be small, if you’re showcasing your ability, people need to be able to see them. Your gig images also look kind of “stretched” in an odd way. Not sure if this is just the font, or a resizing issue, but these kinds of things really are not acceptable when you’re advertising design services.
  24. Firstly, you have linguistic errors in your gig titles. For example, you say “I will design 4 minimalistic logo”, but there are four of them, right? Because there is more than one, it should be “logos”, plural. There are other grammatical errors throughout your gig pages. All that said, gig ranking is intentionally rotated by Fiverr’s algorithm. That means, one day you will be at the top, another day you will be on page 10. This is normal. It is done intentionally. You cannot avoid it. They do this so that all sellers have a turn being on the front pages, so that everyone has an opportunity to gain clients. If only a few were on the top page, and it was like that permanently, new sellers or sellers who only have a few reviews would never be able to catch up.
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