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  1. Every user sees different search results. What you see, is not what other users see. Being shown as online does not guarantee orders. It is, therefore, best not to worry about these things, and just focus on being a great seller, whose gigs are eye-catching, and whose deliveries are top-notch and on time.
  2. Multiple gigs do not guarantee orders, just as having one gig doesn't either. There are not order guarantees here on Fiverr. If you want orders, the content of your gig matters most. Figure out how to appeal to your target customers, and be the seller that out-competes your thousands of other competitors.
  3. There is no rank in the Fiverr search system. That is not how the system works. You (or any seller) cannot control where your gig appears in the search system, so it is best not to worry about it. Instead, research your target customers, and determine how best to reach out to them, specifically, and convince them to hire you.
  4. We freelancers are not your target customers, therefore, advertising on this forum is likely to be relatively useless indeed. We are not going to hire you, because we are not the people you need to be marketing your services to.
  5. Well, what actions (other than responding to buyer requests, or spamming your social media pages) are you taking to try and earn orders? Are you thinking like a businessman/woman, and actively reaching out to your target customers?
  6. I'm curious..... why do all of your gigs feature artwork representing that same young man in a blue hoodie, which is clearly not you? If I were to look at your gig images as a buyer, I might think that is supposed to represent you (since that man is on all your gigs). I might become confused, then, when I see your profile image showing someone who is clearly different. Just an observation.
  7. There are no doors to knock on. There are, therefore, no "knocks" on Fiverr. There are, however, messages. If a buyer liked your offer, they might send you a MESSAGE. This "knocks" thing is getting a bit silly. How about we start calling them "messages" instead. 😉
  8. We cannot get your more orders; that is your job as an independent freelancer. What do you think YOU can do to earn orders? Hint: Think like a businessman. And, for the record, none of us can help you get more impressions either, because impressions are only gained when a buyer looks for services like yours, and your gig shows up in the search results. Impressions are, therefore, entirely dependent upon buyer interest. You cannot control their interest, just as you (or any seller) cannot manipulate the search results. Clicks come from buyers who decide to visit you gig. The only thing you can do to increase the CHANCES of gaining a click, it so have an eye-catching gig image and gig title. Keep in mind, though, you are competing for attention from thousands of other competitors offering the same exact services you offer. As a result, there are no guarantees of orders here on Fiverr. To succeed, you need to out-compete your competition.
  9. What is a "nock"? Is this some type of food that you are growing in your garden? Perhaps this is some kind of mail you are expecting in your mailbox? There are no "nocks" on Fiverr. There are no "knocks" either. Sellers here, receive messages, communication, and orders. If you want any of these, you are going to have to be a great seller, who has an eye-catching gig, that offers a better service than your thousands of other competitors. Fiverr is not an easy get-rich-quick website. That's not how freelancing works.
  10. I'm confused. Your Fiverr profile states that you have a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce, and that you are skilled in content marketing. Are these not professional skills/knowledge that you could use to find orders for yourself? In addition, your profile says that you had a delivery 14 days ago. Fourteen days is not "2.5 months". Your profile clearly notes that you have had work, and you have had at least one recent order.
  11. I AM a seller. Therefore, to my knowledge, I have no notable conflicts with other sellers. Your questions seems to be quite odd. Why do you ask this particular query?
  12. It might be helpful to use a different word. "knock" means something completely different than how you are using it. You won't get knocks from buyers, but you could earn responses and messages -- IF your seller offer is better than the dozens of other sellers trying to win those same projects. Just because you (or any seller) sends a response to a buyer request, does not guarantee that you (or any seller) will gain any orders. You are competing against other sellers. Be the best seller for the job.
  13. It might be more helpful for you to worry less about trying to manipulate the search system with repetitive keywords, and focus, instead, on making your gig description and image as top-notch as possible. It is the content of your gigs that will lead to orders, not how many keywords you can use to trick the search system.
  14. We cannot help you improve your skills, because those are YOUR skills, and only YOU can improve them, through actions YOU take on your own.
  15. There is no suck thing as a set rank in the Fiverr search system. That's not how the search algorithm works. You can earn your first order, by being a great seller and promoter of your work (wherever your target customers are located). No. Staying online, on Fiverr, all day, does NOT guarantee more orders. This is false advice. Please stop sharing it.
  16. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You are unlike to earn your orders, or success, with immediate speed. If you want to earn orders, focus on being a great seller.
  17. If you don't know how to succeed in business, then you aren't ready to become a freelancer. You should have strong business goals, a path to reach those goals, a determined work ethic, and an eagerness to get started on all the work required to succeed. People who want to be successful, don't have to ask other people on forums "what [is] a real way to succeed?" Fiverr is not an easy get-rich-quick website. Attitude and determination is everything.
  18. I would be thrilled to have found a freelancer by the name of @jonbaas, and I would be excited to hire him to help solve our corporate needs. 😎 In all seriousness, though, I would probably be a bit concerned at all of the freelancers desperately trying to sell their services for just $5. I would wonder why there are so many sellers who don't value their work, time and services. I would then, most likely, be motivated to find other sellers who have a better understanding of their services, prices, and a higher rate that reflects more professional-level skills and abilities. Desperation does not look good on any freelancer.
  19. Like I said, my experience will not be the same as that of another seller, therefore, how I connect with my target customers will not guarantee anyone else gets the same kind of order that I have. You need to research, experiment, and figure out what works for you. As for tips, you'll find plenty shared all over the forum.
  20. That depends upon what you define as "effort". What actions do you think a successful seller would take to earn orders?
  21. Unfortunately, none of us can control who looks for your gigs, and which of them click on your gigs. These metrics are 100% determined by buyers who choose to look for services like those you offer. Only buyers determine impressions and clicks. We are not your buyers, nor your target customers.
  22. I will wait and congratulate you once you are actually productive, and become a successful seller. 😉 This is not the forum to bring up vaccination. There is a "Covid-19 Discussions" forum for that.
  23. I take it English is not your native language. It might be wise to you to improve your English language skills before you start asking how to best communicate with buyers. Most buyers will not work with someone with whom they cannot communicate well.
  24. No. Staying online "as much as you can" does not guarantee more orders. Sellers do not have to be online in order to earn orders. Oh, good heavens no. Your offer should match the needs of the buyer. And I'm sure you value your work more than trying to give it away for a cheap price. There is no low-price requirement in order to send an offer to a buyer. Absolutely not. Unlimited revisions is an open door to allow buyers to take advantage of you. Unlimited revisions means that you have to keep revising your work, as many times as the buyer wants it. Surely you value you work and time more than that, right?
  25. I recommend that you start your quest for words by getting the name of this site correct. This is "Fiverr", not "fiber".
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