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  1. You are right. No doubt you made concrete efforts. Some times we miss a simple basic point in platform hidden policies. you can get help from fiver support articles.
  2. Sorry to hear about your sad experience with Fiverr's automated system. It's understandable that you feel unfairly treated, especially given your loyal customer history and prompt resolution of the bank error. You should try to contact Fiverr's support team again, explaining the situation clearly and providing evidence of the resolved dispute and your bank's confirmation. You may also want to reach out to Fiverr's support channels or consider opening a ticket through their help center. It's essential to remain calm and professional in your communication, highlighting your positive history on the platform. The community is here to support you, and I hope you get a fair review and resolution soon.
  3. Updates are always taken to correction of errors and improvement of ideas. So it should be taken as positive showing the interest of reviewer.
  4. This matters a lot to have chosen warm welcome greetings but your next response to comprehend and response to the expectations of the client has a lot of value. Therefore I may think to give more attention for understanding the client's goals and challenges, asking insightful questions for clarification, provision of relevant information about solutions, giving enough time to client for understanding the situation and then showing empathy and willingness towards the job.
  5. Congratulations! That's amazing news! Being the top-rated seller in the dance lessons category on Fiverr is a fantastic achievement, especially considering you've only been on the platform since May 2021. Your hard work and dedication to providing excellent services have clearly paid off. It's great to hear that joining Fiverr has been the best decision for you. It's a testament to the platform's potential for connecting talented individuals like yourself with clients looking for high-quality services. Keep up the fantastic work, and here's to continued success on Fiverr!
  6. Welcome to Fiverr! Congratulations on taking the first step by creating your account and setting up your services. It's completely normal to feel concerned about getting noticed, especially as a newcomer. Here are some common tips we all advise to one another to increase visibility and attract potential clients. a. Craft a clear, concise, and attractive gig description, highlighting your unique selling points with attractive keywords especially in title while creating gig. b. Set competitive prices for your services, considering the market demand and your expertise. c. Focus on providing exceptional work to build a strong portfolio and encourage client reviews. d. Leverage Fiverr's features like Pro Services, Gig Packages, and Extras to enhance your offerings. e. Building a successful Fiverr career takes time, so keep improving and promoting your services. It's common for newcomers to face a slow start, but with persistence and quality work, you'll increase your chances of attracting clients and growing your business on Fiverr. Good luck!
  7. It sounds like a complex situation with multiple Payoneer accounts and Fiverr accounts involved. Also you have taken good step to contact fiverr team. Even then you should you should follow your case and some guideline is here. 1. Gather all relevant information about your and your cousin's account with all realities, circumstances, security information and documents. 2. You can also contact Payoneer support for required additional documents against your and your father's account. 3. Be prepared to provide detailed explanations and evidence to support your case. May be you have to escalate your case the support team doesn't succeed to provide a solution. 4. Reach out to Fiverr support and explain the situation, highlighting the connection between your Fiverr account and Payoneer account and ask for their assistance in resolving the issue or providing guidance. 5. As you've purchased Seller Plus, utilize the priority support and schedule a call with your Success Manager to discuss your situation and seek their advice on how to proceed. 6. Be prepared to provide additional information or verification to resolve the issue. Instead of getting frustrated you should stay calm and professional during your communications with support teams. Keep detailed records of your conversations, including dates, times, and the representatives you interact with. This will help you track progress and ensure a smoother resolution process. Good luck with resolving your issue!
  8. Warm Welcome! May you find joy and a peaceful mind.
  9. it could be a miscommunication or a technical glitch .It's possible that Fiverr's system sent a faulty notification. You can try logging out and logging back in to see if the issue resolves. May be a buyer might have placed an order, but it was cancelled or expired before you received notification. It is possible that you might have a draft order or proposal that you haven't completed or submitted yet or Fiverr might be sending a motivational message to encourage you to take on new orders or complete pending work. for your satisfaction you can consider reaching out to Fiverr's support team for clarification. They can investigate and provide a more specific explanation.
  10. This is nice way to show case the work. But naturally every one knows it and ignore it. So a little number following these steps get outstanding.
  11. There's a key difference between passion and profession. As a professional marketing and presentation play key role in your work. As of production becomes just in industrial role. While passion doesn't care marketing, presentation or production. It is just your inner satisfaction. So the basic difference of artist and labourer may be assessed here.
  12. Account restriction and subsequent block might be due to the ID verification process, but it's not necessarily because of your Italian passport. However you may check discrepancies in the ID and selfie. It may be security measures to prevent fraud or suspicious activity as you're based in London but have an Italian passport, it's possible that the system flagged your account for additional review due to the different locations. In any case you should try to reach out to Fiverr's customer support directly, explaining your situation, and providing the necessary documentation to verify your identity. They'll be able to assist you in resolving the issue and unblocking your account. Remember to stay calm and patient, and I hope your issue gets resolved soon!
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