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What is SPAM when it comes to the Fiverr Forums?


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Reply to @chellevanhoy: That’s a tricky one. It would really depend on which moderator saw it and what they thought - some things just aren’t black and white. If the other post was clearly a promotion, it would certainly be spam to link to it in Tips. However, in my opinion your “helping” post isn’t promotion if it does bring you clients. If that were true of every help post on the forum would be spam. 🙂

My suggestion would be to watch for sellers who post asking for help or gig checks and when you see someone who has errors in their profile, reply to them and give that person a link to your offer. Personally, I would not suggest starting a Tips post with a link to your other one unless you are really going to write out a thoughtful posts with tips that are related to the same topic.

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