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  1. Virtual Summit, eh? That’s different. Well, I suppose most things are different at this strange time!
  2. Well, since I haven’t been on the forum in a LONG time except to occasionally help mod, why not the COVID thread? Hello all. I’m doing okay. Hope everyone out there is as well as possible and staying safe!
  3. There is no one answer to this, you really just have to learn as much as you can about personal marketing or hire marketing experts to help you. Fiverr search changes all the time and there is no way to know how or if it will work for you. Results vary, so I recommend marketing and using multiple avenues for income streams. You can now check on the status and search availability of any of your gigs by going to the following URL. Note that Fiverr does not guarantee that your gigs will stay in active status and they do not guarantee that you will appear in search in a specific place or at all. Fiverr search is a “perk” only. Check your gig status HERE.
  4. Sellers should not offer services in the introductions category. Buyers should discuss services with sellers directly through private message (forum or fiverr.com) and not on the public forum.
  5. They are all over the forum. Once staff tells you that your account won’t be reinstated, it probably won’t be. That’s my personal experience and I really can’t tell you anything else.
  6. I don’t really have one. Once they tell you that your account won’t be reinstated I am not sure there is anything you can do. The only thing that is in your favor now is that your profile still shows up on Fiverr (without gigs) but that doesn’t mean a whole lot. Good luck.
  7. Apparently they didn’t find your documents to be suitable proof. I’m not staff and I don’t know why - I would be guessing. Perhaps they thought the docs were false or belonged to someone else. Perhaps the copies were low quality and you didn’t resubmit in a timely way. I don’t know. It’s between you and Support now. Their message says that your account will not be reinstated, so… The forum can’t really help you.
  8. It means that they have doubts about the authenticity of your profile and whatever documents you submitted didn’t pass their inspection.
  9. I’m unclear on how it would be useful to keep funds on Fiverr anymore. You pay the same service fees whether you buy gigs from your Fiverr account or Payoneer or whatever. I just withdraw all my funds when I wish and if I want to buy a gig, I buy it with PayPal or a credit card.
  10. Most of the time accounts are restored within a few days or they will not be restored at all. There is no set time, though, as others said. There have been rare cases where accounts were restored after months but those are not common situations.
  11. I can’t be sure this will work, it depends on what you mean by post, but try this: https://forum.fiverr.com/u/jeffreymille681/manage_requests?source=header_navigation
  12. I have often noticed that cheaper gigs sometimes draw in troublesome buyers. It’s not all the time, but sometimes the bargain hunters just want everything. Even so, it’s smart for most sellers to work cheap and do the best possible job until they have several good reviews. Once you build some reputation you can raise your prices a little and you may find that you’ll make more and have less trouble. This doesn’t work for everyone or all the time, but it may work for you eventually. Good luck!
  13. What person, in their right mind, buys from a ghostwriter (or copywriter or article writer) and doesn’t check the work to see if it’s original? She is clearly lying and most people will detect that. I don’t think we will feel even as much as a small wave from this. Ghostwriters existed since the first book published and they will still exist as long as there are arranged words in pretty format to sell. 🙂 I’d say it’s nothing to worry about, even if you work on Fiverr or not. And while I didn’t saw many authors communities, I noticed that the majority of them are pretty negative when it comes to ghostwriting, simply because they can’t monetize their hard work while the latter can. TBH, I find it a bit strange that some people are so angry with the whole ghostwriting idea. While it’s perfectly normal to know that there are writers behind any music, ad, movie or flyer, it’s baffling for some that there are writers behind writers. 😁 In reality, there are cases where there are even writers behind writers behind writers. Haha This shows my age, but it reminds me of when I was a kid and I read all of the Nancy Drew mystery books. They all had the author name “Carolyn Keene” (I think that was it) and I thought the books were fun. Looking back at them, some of them were pretty awful, actually. 🙂 Anyway, there was no internet then either so I didn’t really look into this author but one of my high school teachers eventually told me the truth. There was no Carolyn and there wasn’t even one ghostwriter. The books were written by many different ghostwriters who knew how to go by the formula. The author name was always fictitious. I’m sure ghostwriting has been going on as long as books have been written. 😃
  14. Buyers cannot change feedback anymore. The screenshot displayed was from 2017.
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