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  1. Hi, here's an article that explains it better. https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010509437-Live-Portfolio-and-Project-Portfolio Live Portfolio Your live portfolio is an important feature that allows buyers to see the work you’ve done on Fiverr. Buyers love seeing examples before ordering, so we strongly recommend having an active live portfolio for all your Gigs. The live portfolio is activated by default on all Gigs, however, if you wish to disable it, follow the instructions below. Note that in certain categories, such as Graphics & Design, the Live Portfolio is mandatory and cannot be disabled. To disable your Live Portfolio and keep your deliveries private: Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click Gigs. From within the Gig list, click to open the drop-down to the right and uncheck LIVE PORTFOLIO. Notes: - If you selected LIVE PORTFOLIO, the buyer will have the option to display or remove your delivered work. - Once you activate your live portfolio, it takes effect from that point on and does not show past work samples. - If you wish to prevent a specific order from creating a work sample, you can deliver the work in a compressed folder, or using a third-party file sharing service that does not require you to share emails with the buyer. Project Portfolio The Project Portfolio is the place where our Top Rated Sellers and Pro Sellers can showcase their talent to the Fiverr community. When potential buyers arrive at your Gig page, your Project Portfolio can help set yourself apart from others, and give buyers an idea of the benefits of working with you. To create a Project Portfolio: After you log in, click on your profile picture. Select Profile. Go to the My Portfolio section on the left-hand side and click the Create Project link. Click Upload Your First Project. Fill in your project title, and add a short description of your work. Select a Category, and a Sub Category if applicable. Drag your images in, or upload them from your computer. Note: You can add additional files by clicking +Add Files in the top right-hand corner. Click Save & Publish when you're done.
  2. Wait til what Aunt Linda has to say about this! 😂 It is likely the audience of the "how to get unlimited" order videos are the people who barely get any orders at all. That side of Youtube with "Fiverr gurus" has a looot of videos spreading misinformation going on. Teaching people to use auto-refreshers to stay online, etc.
  3. Is it impossible for new sellers to make it on the platform? No. Is it hard? Yes, especially in saturated categories. I would go with a newcomer even if he has no reviews if they can communicate well with me and am confident they can provide what I'm looking for. The problem is that these kinds of new comers are few and far between. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Is it the best platform? That's another discussion altogether. I find it a nice place in a sense you don't have to bid for so and so and just get orders directly from people searching. They have put a ton of money into marketing so there are new buyers coming in everyday. Sadly, not as fast as the no. of newcomers signing up. I think they give some sort of push for new sellers. But then there are so many new sellers, so I don't know how much of a difference that makes. A service you certainly are capable of delivering. You're actually an established seller so I'm sure you can give some suggestions to your friends as well. Yes, this is true. Hence the phrase, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  4. I think he means don't show the buyer's name or account on the image. Usually you can't share stuff unless you have permission to do so by the buyer. Seems like she was happy to share your gig though and is a public post! Congrats on the good work. 😄
  5. Your last order was likely a month ago, considering your last delivery is 26 days. Maybe you need some sleep.
  6. Because they can choose to not a leave review -- simple as that.
  7. the name shows up if you use buyer requests on mobile. Anyhow, the name is the least of your concerns. You can just say "Hi/Hello" -- your offer, your gig and your communication skills will ultimately be the one that gets you the order.
  8. Then you will have the answer that staying active for 24 hours will not get you an order. Focus on improving your gig as best as you can. Try to make and offer on the buyer requests so you can gain some initial orders. That may help potential buyers searching for your gig if you have a few good reviews already. Try to attend this free course by Fiverr, maybe you can learn something and apply to your profile/gig: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller
  9. Because being active 20 hours a day will not get you an order. Consider getting more sleep if what you mean by online 20 hours a day is literally staying awake and waiting for an order. You can try getting work through buyer requests to get some momentum going.
  10. I agree, why would you charge something more than what is advertised for the exact same scope. It's misleading.
  11. Haha, the kind of people who insist on going into the movie house right away even if the movie has yet to start in an hour. But not to discredit some who really just might be in a rush! I've noticed a lot of them just want to be attended to first.
  12. There actually is no official answer to your question. What you mean by rank decrease is likely gig placement. Note that gig placement is not permanent and may change daily. It's mainly because of the individual gig's performance but maybe even conversions (the more gigs you have with no orders the lower your conversions would be) may be affecting gig placement. Again, this is not an official answer because there is none. It's all just guesses and theories.
  13. My profile on Fiverr has only ever had two profile photos. And both were cartoon drawings! It had never been an issue for any buyer at all. In fact my profile photo now was done by an artist on Fiverr. However, if the service you're providing is let's say a ... spokesperson. I would think then it's definitely important to put your face. But let's say if your gig is on cartoons, I think it would be cool to have a profile picture that may even reflect your style of drawing, etc. Random side note: I actually had a video meeting with one buyer and they made some commentary that the cartoon version of me doesn't do any justice to my beauty! (LOL) We were both laughing, super funny conversation. They have been a repeat buyer ever since but it still cracks me up. 😂 😂 😂
  14. I think Google play credit only works for Google play services. https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/6080850?
  15. How long should you wait? Imagine how many gigs are on Fiverr under Data Entry, surely can't fit everybody at the same time I guess...
  16. You mean you searched your gig after editing or are you theoretically asking.. Anyway, if you just searched for your gig right after an edit it may not appear. Give it 3 days at most, then look here https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig --> My gig doesn't appear in search --> Select Gig If it says active and you're relatively receiving impressions/clicks then your gig is appearing in the search results..............
  17. You can have same IP address but you have to inform Customer Support first. Then wait for their approval. Once they approve you, they will only allow you to share the same IP address as long as you have different gigs. I see you are offering SEO services, so your friend who lives with you and shares the same IP address with you cannot be having gigs in that category or same service as you.
  18. Are you posting this again? I think I commented on a similar post of yours with this content earlier.
  19. You can initiate the cancellation on your own, I think there is a category "buyer ordered by mistake". If you don't want it to affect your stats, you will have to explain to Customer Support.
  20. You can make the maximum amount of allowed gigs in your level on the same day if you mean. Is it suggested? I'm not sure. Maybe one or two gigs with your best skills should be done then venture to more when you find out other possible gigs.
  21. It said to contact them, click on the blue "contact us" button and fill up the request.
  22. That's gonna take you a lot of time to pay back with several orders. Anyway, you can get a second loan as long as you paid for the first one. Are you almost done paying for the first one? Note: Only when your cash advance is paid in full, will you once again be eligible for another cash advance (of course, this is dependent on your eligibility status remaining relevant).
  23. There's a feature if you're enrolled in the Seller Plus program regarding keywords. Optimize your Gig based on the specific keywords that buyers are using to search the marketplace, and understand your Gig’s sales rates with the data provided by a comprehensive Traffic Analysis report. Read more: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360020207238-Advanced-Analytics?segment=seller
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