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  1. Not at all. What I suggest is to ask for input from our buyer on how to improve our service better. This is a standard practice when our customers are dissatisfied with our services. Not to request the buyer change their review. and another point: The seller allows the buyer to be reminded to leave a review. Even the Fiverr Success Manager encourages us to do so. What is not allowed is to ask for five-star reviews or ask to change their review (this is a review manipulation).
  2. If this buyer wants to order again, ask the buyer why he is not 100% satisfied. Ask the buyer for input on how to improve our services further. Remind the buyer that the review below 5 was actually hurtful to our gig performance, and we need input from him/her to make our service better. This way, buyers will take note and mostly leave a 5-star rating on their next order. (NOT 4.7 / below)
  3. Be professional. Be patient. Some Buyer need time to discuss the delivery with their team/leader. It can took time. Just be patient and do good jobs. If everything works well, you can get loyal customer. DON'T ask you BUYER to fasten their work pace. It can upset BUYER and leave you less than 5 star.
  4. Well, mine happened long before when Seller could see Buyer's Review first. (around 3-4 years ago) I'm a seller, and once able to change my Seller Review. I asked CS help to change my review from "Bad Mad Seller Response Review - to More Professional Response" Fiverr CS is willing to help change it.
  5. Hi there. I think you are overconfident with your gigs. For SEO title GIGS: The thumbnail is blurry. Wrong choice of type font. Embossed 3D Youtube logo for this kind of business gig??? In the third image, most of your image is poorly made. Lots of unfinished editing there. Black and Yellow Theme for this gig theme? You should learn more about marketing techniques and color phycology. Second GIGS: same problem. and your descriptions are not convincing. Very standard. Just my two cents. Best of luck.
  6. If you are UNLUCKY.., You always can boost your luck by ordering "LUCK BOOSTER" GIGS. 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Hi there. Order rating is the average of 60 days. Not on a daily basis.
  8. Hi there.., Try to check the payment status at your payoneer account. (Maybe Pending) In mycase.., Payoneer need additional data/id.
  9. Hi there About this "After a few hours, he came to me saying that it's not good it's not responsive for mobile. I told him the design you sent is not possible on mobile but it's responsive for all devices above 500px. " Part of this is your fault though. As professional Sellers, we should check the task throrughly and provide Buyers with an accurate explanation of the project. Don't accept the order, and at the end told the Buyer that it's not doable. Of course Your Buyer not happy about this. Next time, you should explain upfront to the client. 🙂
  10. Hi there. When I start my journey 5 years ago.., I didn't start with $5. (even though fellow new seller offer $5) I look for my main TRS competitor and offer my gigs with $20 (New seller) As long as you are great with your services, people will recognize you and will make an order.
  11. Hi there. Nothing to discuss here. THIS IS 100% A SCAM.
  12. Hi there. For me is a BIG NO. Explain to the Buyer kindly, that the Seller can't start working on the project before BUYER accept the offer or make an order. Second: Explain that Buyer pay the project after Buyer accepts the delivery. If Buyer didn't satisfy with the delivery, Buyer can ask for revisions. If after this explanation, Buyer still insists on not making an order, it's better to pass the project.
  13. If you want to avoid this.., then you should look for a higher-rate buyer. Don't spend your talent on a $5 job. Higher Buyer Rate --- Fewer Revisions --- High Chance of Repeat Order --- Fewer Problem. Lower Project Rate --- More Revisions --- Less Chance of Repeat Order --- More Drama like Korean Drama Series.
  14. Hi there. Fellow designer here. My traffic gone bat at Feb and March 2023. After i make zoom meeting with my SM, update my thumbnail, eveything going good again. Got many order lately.
  15. Permanently Disabled The account was disabled and will not be restored. When this happens, the customer cannot log into the account at all, and the reason it was disabled was due to a serious violation of our Terms of Service. Sellers with funds available for withdrawal will need to wait 90 days to withdraw, as described in our Terms of Service. Sellers will then receive an automatic email that allows them 7 days to withdraw the funds. Buyers can receive an immediate refund of any funds available on their Fiverr Balance. So.. NO.., You can't get your account back.
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