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  1. Hi there. There are couple problems with your gigs. 1. I saw that someof your thumbnail was from other website? It's opposite with your 100% no plagiarism. LOL 2. Thumbnail is bad. Did you not see that your thumbnail got cut? 3. Do not use same thumbnail for your each gigs. 4. As an professional, you need to be focus on 1 type of services. Do not mentions logo design if your claim is writing expert. 5. Poor gigs descriptions. 6. Profile description layout is messy (check again.., you accidentally add p space. Anyway, based on what i saw, you will having hard time getting order. Instead of worrying about impressions, you should focus on fix your gigs first.
  2. EPIC Answer. LOL I bet someone still doesn't understand why you answer it like this.
  3. @abdheshkjha WHY YOU POST your gigs everywhere? This is kind of rude!!! and considered SPAM!
  4. Bad suggestions. Spend more time in forum doesn't have any effect with your gigs. Because of this myths (staying active at forum can help gigs) lots of new seller try to post as many as they can and makes this forum full of SPAM. Forum is just place to gain tips and knowledge to improve your gigs. Stays active in forum, BUT didn't willing to improve fiverr gigs is useless.
  5. Hi there. This is an everyday questions with same answer again and again. If you want to be an successful freelancer, you need to change your mindset. Instead of waiting for help, try to solve the problem yourself by learning. Anyways.., if you want gain impressions, you need to have correct tag and deliver good result. To gain click, you need to have good thumbnail.
  6. Why you are punish your wife like that? Lol... Staying online on fiverr won't help you increase gigs performance. Instead of staying online idle doing nothing.., do something that can improve your skill and build your portfolios.
  7. Hi there. Agree with @smashradio You should double check the error from your side first. Check with other browser, refresh it. and based on your screen shot, you have a poor customer services. You can't leave comment just "?". It could offend your buyer. It will upset your buyer. ( I think Your buyer already upset a little by saying "Now Sit Back .....")
  8. @salimhasannPlease do not fill this forum with this useless SPAM. Others can report your post as SPAM Do you know what SPAM is? @faisalseowriter Instead of worrying buyer request.., you need focus on improve your gigs. Right now.., your gigs thumbnail is bad. Layout is messy. Poor choice of color. Only have 1 thumbnail. FAQS is poor. Overall...., with your current gigs, you won't get decent order even if you send many buyer request. Suggestions: Need to greatly improve your gigs. Watch this course: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller
  9. You can't inbox any persons and suddenly offers them your services. Same as with fellow seller. You can't ask other seller and ask for a job. This kind of seller.., 100% reported. No mercy from me. Lol
  10. Do you know what SPAM means? Most of new member doesn't know what "SPAM" is... Just read Fiverr TOS and don't violate it again.., and check @lloydsolutions post. Nothing you can do other than this.
  11. Hi there. Instead of worriying about your gig page rank.., check how your impressions is.. If you regurarly check this forum... you will find that Fiverr periodically rotate all the gigs. So that every seller will have same chance of getting order, no matter NEW, Leveled or TRS. If you have great impressions and good click.., you shouldn't worry too much. BUT.., if impressions and click down bad then you need to change something. Have you tried Fiverr PPC Ads? It can help.
  12. Hi there.. Here is my honest review: 1. Your 3D animated character gigs portfolio is great. BUT..., your attitude toward your gig is extremly BAD. Gigs Descriptions is too short. Even your "Basic" GIG says : "Quality of animated video will be below average. " People don't want to spend any money for something below average.. 2. I will create architectural visualization images. I have experience with 15+ years. So.., i know which one is good render or not. Sorry.., BUT.., your price does not match with your works. and again.., GIG too short.., 3. 3D logos.., same as #2 gigs. Sorry to say this again.., but your works is not good. I don't think you understand how a good 3D logos, and HOW to present your portfolios to your potential customer. Overall.., to be honest.., i think you are over confident with your skill. (Beside the 3D character animations --> is great) PLUS.., you need to learn how to build a successful gigs. Suggestions: watch this course provided by Fiverr for NEW Seller like you: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller I definitely can help you. Wish you luck,
  13. Because : Most of the new seller didn't have it takes to be a good seller. I have tried to hire new seller before.., BUT in vain. Can't find any good new seller. Why? 1. They didn't have good profile picture. 2. Their gigs thumbnail is bad 3. Their gigs descriptions is bad. 4. Their attitude towards their own gigs is not good. ( NO FAQS, only have 1 gigs) 5. Lack of good customer services. Too eager to get order. Pushing buyer to order soon. Resulting buyer to hesitant 6. Lack of communication sense. Start by saying, Sir, Bro, Brother. 7. Can't explain their service well. It shows that they didn't understand their fields 100%. 8. Slow response.
  14. LOL. This is epic! You are correct. @sadark You claim yourself as a professional digital marketer and lead generation expert, but still struggling with this problem.., don't you feel weird? anyways.., Fiverr already provide a huge help for every NEW "Expert Seller" Check this link: https://learn.fiverr.com/courses/online-freelancing-essentials-be-a-successful-fiverr-seller It definitely can help you.
  15. What did you do on August 30 ? Why you get so many impressions just on that day? If you able to get so many impressions like that.., just keep repeat what you did. Anyways..., to get many impressions, you need to have a correct tag and correct gig fields. and then just keep deliver a good results. another problem: 1. Instead of worrying about gig impressions, you need to improve your skill first. Your thumbnail is bad. Wrong choice of font. and the second thumbnail.., did you just grab a free template from your banner? It's a bad move. 2. Please note that having 1000 impressions means nothing if your click are zero
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