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  1. hi everyone,i have a big doubt about " paypal or payoneer" is most sellers used for payment in fiverr and in which platform can get good exchange rate
  2. I think spamming is the process to gain rank level in forum,which is done by very poor comments[eg-yes, no etc] to others post
  3. it's true. but most people doing these for geting more orders
  4. i think some wrong elements in your gig please find and remove it fastly 👍
  5. first you must study about the importance of doing SEO in your gig
  6. i think your words used in these post are not comfortable, please rewrite it
  7. you cleared my doubt neatly thankyou
  8. Hello,i am newseller in fiverr i have a doubt someone clear to me " i have a seller account in here but i want some service from fiverr" what should i do for complete these process?please help
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